Stunning Edge (绝色锋芒)

SE Ch.71/Ch.91


So we decided to continue the story in addition to making up the missing chapters

Chapter 71 Part I
Chapter 71 Part II

yes it continues the story if you know what i mean……

since things seems to have calmed down, we will be putting a little more attention on A Tale of Two Phoenixes. The synopsis is a little weird but it’s a great story that enjoys many, many readers in China (even more than Stunning Edge) so check it out!

have fun <3~~

9 thoughts on “SE Ch.71/Ch.91

    1. nah not really it is chapter 91 and 92 according to the raws buzz uses although the official raws is ch.71. I tried to put ch.71 on novelupdates but they wouldn’t prob b/c ch.90 was already up so yeah i had to say it was 91. it technically is though


    1. kk it’s “in addition to making up the missing chapters” we can’t really just stop the story and focus on the missing ones can we? i mean they will be added but most of you already read the content so there’s no point in focusing only on that


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