Stunning Edge (绝色锋芒)

SE Ch.71/Ch.91


So we decided to continue the story in addition to making up the missing chapters

Chapter 71 Part I
Chapter 71 Part II

yes it continues the story if you know what i mean……

since things seems to have calmed down, we will be putting a little more attention on A Tale of Two Phoenixes. The synopsis is a little weird but it’s a great story that enjoys many, many readers in China (even more than Stunning Edge) so check it out!

have fun <3~~

9 thoughts on “SE Ch.71/Ch.91

    1. nah not really it is chapter 91 and 92 according to the raws buzz uses although the official raws is ch.71. I tried to put ch.71 on novelupdates but they wouldn’t prob b/c ch.90 was already up so yeah i had to say it was 91. it technically is though


  1. Wow, I didn’t really care about the split and having multiple groups translate but release sniping is just scummy. Do it on your own progress.

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    1. kk it’s “in addition to making up the missing chapters” we can’t really just stop the story and focus on the missing ones can we? i mean they will be added but most of you already read the content so there’s no point in focusing only on that


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