Ghost Invasion (有鬼来袭)

GI Ch.12

Okay this is an example of an unplanned post  🙂

I know I’ve been slacking off on GI these days but here’s Ch.12 so enjoy! Btw there will still be another update on Sat. (yay!) If you haven’t read it yet go check it out it’s pretty interesting   ->_->

TL: Woof
Check & Revision: Meow

2 thoughts on “GI Ch.12

  1. Okay, you got my attention now. I just saw this today, 12 chapters in one big swoop! When I read the title at first I felt skeptical. What the heck is this? Reminds me of one episode from ‘Master’s Sun’ the Korean drama. But it’s promising to be an interesting read and the story is a bit refreshing (I haven’t read any ghost romance yet). Is it possible to resurrect a ghost husband? Who or what was that thing or person who took Zhoadi’s first time… Hhmmm.

    Thanks again translator Woof and editor Meow! Looking forward to how the story will end. 🙂

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