A Tale of Two Phoenixes (凤囚凰)


Hehehe look what Chuyu found :^}}}

so our views hit 200,000 sometime yesterday yayyy
weird story, i actually started this site because for like three days in my life i binge watched this youtube sensation and wanted to be a youtube celebrity… yeah i know pretty wretched but still –> so i was thinking about how to get publicity; and making a site, gaining readers, then broadcasting my channel seemed like a good idea :^) kk so now we do have a site, have readers, but there’s no youtube thing and i’m probably not going to do it… cuz yeah…

And now! i take this chance to say thank you guys so much for making this site a great success, and we appreciate every single one of you… that sounds super cliché but whatever
it’s you readers (which includes my younger sister who bugs me everyday to keep translating .-.) that keep us going! Yup, sounds ambitious let’s just hope we can continue managing all this once school starts

That’s all of my rant. Enjoy the story~~

TL: Meow
Check & Revision: Woof

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