A Tale of Two Phoenixes (凤囚凰)


lalala Chuyu is having fun learning about her men

btw thanks to some comments 🙂 i learned that there’s a manga translation of ATOTP and to match up with the names in there, Willow will be Liu Se, Astilbe will be Mo Xiang, and Daisy will be You Lan. I don’t think they appeared in this chapter but I went back to change the previous ones. Thank you to everyone for tolerating the frequent name changes .-.
speaking of the manga, do you guys know where to read it? and is it fully translated/translating in progress? cuz like when i first started translating this novel, i had also translating the manga in mind. Thanks!

TL: Meow
Check & Revision: Woof

8 thoughts on “ATOTP Ch.13

    1. i only have the chinese version and it’s on an app. also curious about the english one; someone commented there’s an english version i also want to know where i can read it so yeah i don’t have it :^)


    2. Internet Browsing 101
      If googling ‘Tales of two phoenixes’ doesn’t give you a manga link and you’re smart enough to have already tried ‘Tales of two phoenixes Manga/Manhua’, then try the associated names (which I conveniently obtained from Novel Updates, thanks again NU) Feng Qiu Huang

      And now here’s the link to the translated manga posted on MangaFox that I could find.
      Yes, yes I know that sites like mangafox, mangahere are not usually looked at with good eyes since they are reputed to steal translated works and so for good people like you guys here’s the link to batoto

      The mangafox link is just for people like me who to this day, still have no freaking idea how Batoto works………….tutorial anybody?
      All credits to papermoon scanations who took the time to translate this manga, spread the love and show some support guys so we can get an early chapter2

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      1. It seems like they translated the chapter 1 in february/march or sth; do you know if they are still doing it? NO INTENTION OF POACHING OR ANYTHING but if they’re not translating it anymore i would really like to consider doing it myself

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      2. I went to their site and it says chapter is coming, they haven’t dropped it. But I bet it’ll be late. Maybe you can ask them if they can give you the project if they don’t like it that much… I for one, am anxiously waiting for the next chapter *heavy breathing*

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