Ghost Invasion (有鬼来袭)

GI Ch.17

Eavesdropping is always the way to go……

Btw, I’m happy to announce that Ghost Invasion will be updating three times per week now! On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! (see Schedule) I know it’s kinda boring right now but things will get interesting quickly…… So be patient 🙂

TL: Woof
Check & Revision: Meow

One thought on “GI Ch.17

  1. Yay, I thought I had to wait for a long time, I just finished catching up to latest chapters the other and could not wait and trying to read raw and like you said things will get interesting later since there’s more than 100 chapters total and each chapter isn’t very long. So I can understand that the 1st 10 or so chapters are really just like a long introduction, right now is when the story really starts. So I’m really thankful and longing forward to the upcoming translated chapters, I can’t read chinese and have been reading it through Google translate but it’s just not the same. I’m so gonna reread this during 8/3-8/17 2016, my grandparents told me thats when the ghost festival is going to be accordingly to the lunar calendar.

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