A Tale of Two Phoenixes (凤囚凰)


this is a long post but… read it…

Like it when the mc is smart. well sometimes they get too smart and it’s a little annoying; but then there are novels where the mc is normal person which makes things kinda boring (Ghost Invasion .-.) well i guess the plot gets really interesting (why would we translate a boring novel…) ahh shameless advertising

Sooo! more name changes (thank you guys so much just keep tolerating me tyvm). due to reader comments and other factors (manga?), “the Princess of Shady Mountains” is weird and from now on Chu Yu will be the Princess of Shanyin. <– yup “Chuyu” is really “Chu Yu” cuz Chu is her last name and Yu is her first name; i used to write it as “Chuyu” b/c to keep in consistency with the princess’ name “Liu Chuyu” but yeah i now decide to write her name the way it should be… don’t ask me how much time i spent on these freaking name changes wordpress allows Ctrl + F but there’s no “replace all” after that cri…

MANGA MANGA/MANHUA MANHUA i’m so excited!! so i contacted the translators of the ATOTP manhua asking them if they would consider giving the project to me since their first (and last) chapter was posted in like february/march and there was nothing else after that… and guess what? …………… nope they haven’t replied yet :^) hoping hoping

TL: Meow
Check & Revision: Woof

7 thoughts on “ATOTP Ch.14

  1. Thank you for going through that hard work of replacing the names!

    And that Manhua seems a little different me at least the synopsis because it said Chuyu’s life was targeted? Maybe the Manhua reveals more since they are usually more fast paced.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yup the manhua changed things up a little bit i.e. switching events’ orders… and ofc it’s more fast paced but it’s really pretty hhh


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