Ghost Invasion (有鬼来袭)

GI Ch.20 & 21

Nothing really happened in 20 so I thought I’d put up 21 too…… So that means two chapters today!

Hmm…… what do you guys think about the ghost husband? And his brother?

TL: Woof
Check & Revision: Meow

One thought on “GI Ch.20 & 21

  1. Thanks for your hard work. The story is quite compelling..does this have a happy ending?I can’t see how the husband and wife will be together though unless they pull off a k-drama stunt! (The spirit of a coma patient wandering around kind of thing?)

    Hmmmm…about the brothers..they apparently are deeply affectionate of each other. I suspect Yun Li first aimed at the elder brother, and having failed to land him, married the father, entered the house, and toyed with younger brother as her revenge for being ignored by the elder brother? Will ghost husband fall for his wife? and the brother too falls for his sister-in -law?Where does that pregnant lady come in? Will Yun Li get her comeuppance? Will our plucky girl be able to finish school and have a normal life?Arghhh…so many questions!!!

    Looking forward to your updates! 🙂

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