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The Long Long Post of Mass Updates

ok! so this is kinda a surprise update, but for those of you reading Stunning Edge you should already be expecting this post 🙂 🙂 🙂
btw it’s a little past midnight here so it’s technically monday already… sry but the SE took a long time so y’all will forgive us :^)

Wow so many comments on the intercourse between Jiang Yan and Huan Yuan :^}}
sry my bad they are actually normal friends/bromance, so to show their intimacy i put intercourse, definition “communication or dealings between individuals or groups”
ofc it can also mean what we all think it means -.- but yeah
extra chapter this week as a treat! enjoy~~

Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18

Yay the story’s finally getting on track, things are starting to happen (hopefully more interesting?) The chapters are also getting longer sooo……

Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27

ahhh finally done. this really took a long time but here are the results! Have fun telling yourselves to read one a day but actually finishing all of them right now~~
*Note: on the previous chapter we accidentally put “Hua Yisen”… he is actually called “Hua Yilin” so yeah

Chapter 88 (Part I)
Chapter 88 (Part II)
Chapter 89 (Part I)
Chapter 89 (Part II)
Chapter 90 (Part I)
Chapter 90 (Part II)

Okay so since a lot of you requested a picture of the stunning Claire…… Ta-da! Here you have one! A fabulous (awful) picture drawn by Woof.
*Disclaimer: this pic is for entertainment purposes only. Please DO NOT scroll down if you don’t want to ruin the pure, beautiful, stunning, goddess image of Claire in your mind 🙂 *

TL: ATOTP-Meow, GI-Woof, SE-both
Check & Revision: ATOTP-Woof, GI-Meow, SE-both again :^)






13 thoughts on “The Long Long Post of Mass Updates

      1. Me i imagined claire alike to Iris from the ‘common sense of the duke’s daughter’. She just look sooo effin beautiful. ❤


  1. THANK U THANK U VERY MUCH FOR THE MASS UPDATE. Fancy the drawing but in my mind ive always imagined claire to look similar to Iris from ‘Common sense of the duke’s daugther’ but with the blonde hair instead of silve although i still
    PRefer her with silver.


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