Stunning Edge (绝色锋芒)

SE Ch.91 (Part I)

Okay I know you guys have been waiting all day for this, so here you go~

We are very, very sorry for the late post but we just got back yesterday night and then something sudden turned up this morning and this was the earliest we could get the chapter done and up, so…… Pls no shade 🙂

And some bad news to announce: school is almost starting, and we are starting to get busy, so from now on, I’m very sorry to say that we can only do three chapters a week…… Yeah, we miss the daily chapters too but apparently life decided we have other things to do too…… So yeah…… Sorry guys, we’re trying our best

2 thoughts on “SE Ch.91 (Part I)

  1. Yaaaaaaaaassss thank you! Three chapters a week still sounds amazing to me 😭
    Good luck and all the best with school!


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