Stunning Edge (绝色锋芒)

SE Ch.94 (Part I)

Oh look we’re on time today~~

Sorry to say (again) that from now on, SE will only be updated twice a week, due to school starting tomorrow. Well, we’re not exactly sure about that, if school workload is not as bad as anticipated we will revert back to three per week quickly; but for now, updates will be on Thursdays and Sundays. Thank you guys for all the support you’ve given us, maintaining this site will continue to be one of our top priorities (and we’ll try to be on time in the future too)

Btw, for those of you that read ATOTP, Meow forgot to say in the last ATOTP post that there will probably not be an update on Monday–school is starting TT. She will try to make the Thursday update though, and if worse case scenario happens, there will definitely be one on the weekends to ensure at least one chapter per week

TL: Woof
Check & Revision: Meow

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