A Tale of Two Phoenixes (凤囚凰)


wth is with this title idk don’t ask me

so yeah… sry not posting last week had too much on my plate… cri
same for woof we have psat testing this week so schedules are like temporarily fluctuating (basically this week) but i assure those of you who read stunning edge the chapter will be up by tom. and hope the thursday one makes it too but if not it will be up some time this week… dw we won’t cut chapters w/o notice :^)

i just realized how freaking long it takes to post a chapter — get english only version doc ready, make page, tag links, esp if there’re footnotes those are super tedious, blah blah, allow comments, write post, add to novel updates and reddit and stuff, blah blah, etc…

TL: Meow
Check & Revision: Woof

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