Stunning Edge (绝色锋芒)

SE Ch.106 (Both Parts!!)

Hi guys. Sry we have been gone for like the past 2 weeks but, it’s all school’s fault (me trying to push the blame) and we are back!! hopefully we can stay alive til winter break~~

Claire is clearly not happy now.
Part I
Part II

oh and btw. we added WordAds to our site; hopefully it’s not too bad. honestly idek what is looks like yet if it blocks the content or is very inconvenient we’ll prob just remove them.
reasons to we added ads:
1. more incentive to stay on schedule 😛
2. when you desperately need money for stuff and ur parents decide no allowance
3. when all ur friends are making money but u spend all ur time on schoolwork and translating so u have no job rippppp
lol i have bad excuses but whatever…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING guys!! ATOTP should be following… i think…

4 thoughts on “SE Ch.106 (Both Parts!!)

  1. thanks for the chapter
    i am really a big fan of this novel
    so i wanted to ask if it is ok to make a pdf/epub file for the 106 chapters.
    if there are no problems on your side it would be a great help if you could give me the doc-files for the chapters


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