ATOTP Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Uncontainable Beauty
Chapter 2: My Soul Is Still Here (I)
Chapter 3: My Soul Is Still Here (II)
Chapter 4: An Elegant Young Man
Chapter 5: Bid Goodbye to the Past
Chapter 6: Afraid of Wasting Springtime
Chapter 7: Fragrant Beauty (I)
Chapter 8: Fragrant Beauty (II)
Chapter 9: Keeping Calm in All Situations
Chapter 10: Green Bamboos with Buttonwoods
Chapter 11: Expose the Hidden with Evidence
Chapter 12: Plaything’s Game
Chapter 13: Young Man Jiang’s Talents Have Not Been Used Up
Chapter 14: Killing Three Birds With One Stone
Chapter 15: An Overt Plot Between Fingertips
Chapter 16: The Strongest is the Easiest to Break
Chapter 17: A Real Snob
Chapter 18: The World is a Furnace
Chapter 19: Racing Madly on the Streets
Chapter 20: Beasts Oh Beasts
Chapter 21: Last-Minute Cramming
Chapter 22: Three-Day Heart-Lock Pill
Chapter 23: Fragrance Filling the Bed
Chapter 24: Toasted Wine and Punished Wine
Chapter 25: The New Ninja Turtle
Chapter 26: Flowing Water Yet Not A Poetry Banquet
Chapter 27: A Gathering of Handsome Men
Chapter 28: The Wang Family Had Yizhi
Chapter 29: Exquisite Thinking
Chapter 30: Able to Come Up with a Thousand Lines on a War Horse About to Go Off to Battle
Chapter 31: Thou Was Originally an Excellent Person
Chapter 32: Master Thousand-Gold Xiao
Chapter 33: Complete Planning

13 thoughts on “ATOTP Table of Contents

  1. 26 Chapters down! 262 Chapters more to go! LOL! I’m going crazy waiting for updates. Only able to look at the original Chinese novel longingly. Really wished I could read Chinese..

    Liked by 1 person

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