Ch.25 The New Ninja Turtle

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To avoid too much attention, like last time, Chu Yu again left from the backdoor. The four walked out and came to the alley behind the Princess’ Palace; this alley was very deserted, and usually, no one used it; but today, they heard a series of hoofsteps.

A person and a mount appeared at the mouth of the alley at the end. Along with echoing hoofsteps, the person already came up to them in just a moment’s time, as if a racing wind.

The rider halted his steed and stopped. Only at this time could Chu Yu see his appearance clearly. Because he had been galloping, his garments were a little messy, and his hat slid down to his shoulder; but the first impression he gave wasn’t an untidy one, instead a tall and confident feeling; his handsome features carried no emotion as he gazed down at the four from on his horse, his figure upright. To put it in modern day’s words, he looked very cool.

“Sir prince consort1 .” Liusang muttered, slowly letting go of Chu Yu’s arm, which he had been hugging.

That was He Ji, the prince consort whom she hasn’t met yet all these days? The supposed husband of this body?

Even though Chu Yu’s standards had already been greatly brought up by Rong Zhi and the others at the palace after these days, and she didn’t find it amazing or anything if she saw handsome men, Chu Yu still had to admit, that He Ji’s appearance was one of the finest. He’d be able to become the Princess’ husband just with that face.

He Ji rode back to the palace, and saw a person who he seemed to have never seen before standing not far from the door; beside that person was Yue Jiefei, Huan Yuan, and Liusang. He raised his brows slightly. Was this some new male concubine the princess brought back? Well, he’s not all that attractive. But when He Ji looked more closely, that person seemed familiar; and after even closer observation……

He Ji’s expression changed slightly. He dismounted and came to before Chu Yu, and saluted her: “Greetings, Princess.”

When she first saw He Ji, Chu Yu thought he would roll his eyes at her. After all, as the Princess of Shanyin’s husband, he got so many green hats stacked on his head; any man wouldn’t be able to stand this. Even if he couldn’t divorce his wife, at least he’d put on an arrogant or disdainful attitude, and walk past pretending this wife didn’t exist, like how Jiang Yan behaved.

But this prince consort He’s reaction was greatly out of Ch Yu’s expectations, making her suddenly not know how to respond.

He Ji looked up to see Chu Yu’s lost gaze, and immediately showed a caring expression, coming up and holding Chu Yu’s hand, asking worriedly at the same time, “Has the Princess’ body not recovered yet? A few days ago I heard the Princess was not well; but I, as the prince consort, couldn’t come visit the Princess due to business. Thinking about it today, I really am ashamed.” As he said this, the corners of his eyes wetted, as if he really was moved.

When he held her hand, Chu Yu immediately came back to her senses, then praised in her heart: acting skills! What was acting skills? This was true acting skills. The acting skills of this prince consort, was definitely on the level of an oscar winner’s! So detailed acting of demeanor, so moving recital of lines; if one didn’t know what was really going on, from the perspective of some outsider, one would definitely think this was a couple that loved each other dearly.

Chu Yu would never believe that prince consort He didn’t mind his wife keeping male concubines, or that he was magnanimous enough to forgive her; in fact, no man would be able to not mind this type of thing at all. She even believed that, if her identity wasn’t a princess, she’d already be murdered ten thousand times by prince consort He, ten thousand times. But, there were still two male concubines standing right beside her, yet prince consort He could still speak so movingly……

Slight chills enveloped her heart, and even though her hand was being held warmly by a handsome man, Chu Yu didn’t feel warm or sweet at all. She could only exclaim to herself, able to tolerate what ordinary people couldn’t tolerate, if such a person didn’t possess great wisdom, he must have something he wanted and a great plot. From today on, she must be very careful of this person.

She smiled gently and pulled her hand out of He Ji’s grip, replying, “I’m fine; if the prince consort has business to deal with, no need to think about me. I’m okay with having Liusang and Huan Yuan accompanying me.”

He Ji hesitated for a second. Seeing that Chu Yu’s expression was indifferent, he said some more caring words, then claimed to be in a hurry, handed his horse over to the guards, and walked into the Princess’ Palace. Even though his garments were messy, with his elegant demeanor, he seemed to be one wearing neat formal attire.

After the doors behind her shut, Chu Yu let out a long breath. With his head lowered, Liusang once again hugged onto her arm, mumbling beneath his breath: “Princess…… Master, I don’t like the prince consort.”

Chu Yu smiled, finally couldn’t resist reaching her idle hand forward to touch his head. The hairs under her hand were soft and meticulous as she asked: “Why do you not like him?”

“I don’t know.” Liusang shook his head, puzzled. He then habitually rubbed Chu Yu twice, “I don’t know why, but I just don’t like him.” His eyes were clear and innocent, rippling and sparkling.

Chu Yu blanked for a second, then immediately understood: a child’s heart was the most sensitive; he could feel the hate hidden underneath He Ji’s disguised appearance, and instinctively turn it into his “not liking him”.

Spontaneously laughing out loud, Chu Yu patted his tender cheeks. The soft and tender feeling was so good on her hand, that she finally couldn’t resist pinching it: “It’s okay, I don’t like him either, so we can not like him together.”

Hearing her say this, Liusang laughed very happily.

Chu Yu also smiled, but a trace of heavy worry couldn’t help appearing at her brows.

Even though He Ji had a very handsome appearance, and his manner was elegant and graceful, making people unable to dislike him from any angle, with just one meeting, Chu Yu immediately raised his danger level in her heart to only under Rong Zhi’s.

He Ji was the prince consort, the son from a prestigious family, a person with an official position. He wasn’t like the male concubines at the Princess’ Palace, who didn’t have backgrounds; such a person, didn’t need to act according to the Princess’ feelings at all. But he was so tolerant, even not hesitating to pretend to love the princess dearly. What did he want?

Only upsetting herself with this thinking, Chu Yu decided to put the matter down for now, and not disturb herself with it. But her thoughts immediately turned to another direction: this sir prince consort received so many free green hats from the princess, that he was naturally a big green turtle. But not only did he not explode, he was actually so tolerant, and could pretend that he really loved the princess; he was virtually superhuman. To show her respect, she decided that from now on, she would in her heart give him the honor title of ninja turtle2 .

Also to remind herself, that she must have guard against this prince consort.

So tolerant, he must have something he wanted.

1. Prince consort: a princess’ husband. I know this isn’t very accurate but I can’t think of anything better… Do you guys think just “prince” will do? Please leave any suggestions in the comments if you have one, it’d be very appreciated!!
2. Ninja turtle: Chinese translation is 忍者神龟(Ren Zhe Shen Gui); intended as a pun. 忍(Ren) by itself means tolerate/tolerant, 者 (Zhe) means person, and 忍者(Ren Zhe) together means ninja(due to its pronunciation). 神(Shen) means god/superhuman, while 龟(Gui) is turtle. Hence the nickname :^)

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13 thoughts on “Ch.25 The New Ninja Turtle

  1. It would be funny if she accidentally calls him Ninja Turtle later on. It would also be entertaining if the prince does fall in love with her and with her trying to avoid him, maybe he will get jealous. Only time will tell. Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. ……. Pretty sure that she will end with Rong Zhi…unfortunately, because I don’t like robots very much (and there is definitely something wrong with him).


  2. Sigh just when I was settling in and getting comfortable with Rong Zhi’s masks, now we have a prince consort who would probably win the Oscar. Princey has money and women no doubt, what does he want from Chu Yu? The only element missing here is power. Maybe that’s what he wants. Either that or he is building up for some really sick revenge for all those green hats on his sorry head.

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