Ch.6 Afraid of Wasting Springtime

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“Yue Jiefei, come on a walk with me.” Chu Yu beckoned to the youth clad in blue, tight warrior clothing. She didn’t wait for his reply before stepping onto the crooked pebble path.

The youth named Yue Jiefei had a tall and handsome frame. His tight-fitting clothes also showed off his beautiful long legs, narrow waist, and broad shoulders. Although he didn’t have the prettiest face in the world, he had a soaring handsomeness.

Chu Yu still remembered that when she just arrived in this world, the first time she left the room, Yue Jiefei materialized beside her as if a ghost. She almost had a heart attack, but later she found out that Yue Jiefei was her personal bodyguard and she calmed down, realizing that this was probably the legendary QingGong1 , appearing and disappearing at will.

Every time she left her room, Yue Jiefei would immediately appear beside her, no matter day or night. Similarly, no matter what time, whenever Chu Yu returned to her room, Yue Jiefei would automatically disappear, not wasting a single second. Chu Yu had attempted to suddenly burst out of the room early in the morning, but the moment she stepped out of the entrance, she would see the very recognizable broad shoulders narrow waist and long legs beside her. Chu Yu had to admit that the protection Yue Jiefei gave her was 24/7 without any vacations.

Chu Yu had been wondering to herself that by providing such close protection, where did Yue Jiefei usually rest? Did he sleep on her roof everyday? What will happen if it rained? It’s a shame that ever since Chu Yu travelled through time, all the showers fell during midnight, when she was deep asleep; so of course she couldn’t climb up to get answers.

Ever since she decided to face life, Chu Yu opened her arms to enjoy all that originally belonged to the Princess of Shanyin. The land that the Princess’ palace took up could be described as vast, as if land didn’t even cost money. In her previous life, every inch of land cost a fortune in the modern cities, extremely expensive. Some people work for their entire lives to save up for a single apartment, but right now, when Chu Yu looked out, the pavilions, the gardens, the woods, the rockery, everything was her territory. Every time Chu Yu thought about this she was elated.

And the clothing and food for the Princess was more luxurious than imaginable, too. Thirty to forty dishes was the most basic breakfast or midnight snack, while lunch or dinner consisted of at least a hundred dishes. And this was when Chu Yu ate by herself. As for clothing, everyday was unique. All brand-new, and not any two days did she wear the same thing. Chu Yu had asked You Lan about it before, and learned that all those exquisite garments, the Princess of Shanyin usually only put on once; after she wore them they were sent to a warehouse and collected dust. Chu Yu felt sorry for them.

After getting used to life without modern technology, especially without computers, Chu Yu lived an extremely comfortable life.


“Luxurious, so luxurious!” Chu Yu exclaimed while enjoying the material comforts brought by her time travel resurrection. She embraced everything her new identity owned, except one — Men.

Although she stepped out of the room, Chu Yu didn’t go anywhere far. She had forgotten to renounce her ban, so all the male concubines that came to see her were still prohibited from entering like they were a few days ago. Until today, Chu Yu still didn’t see a single male concubine of the Princess of Shanyin’s besides Rong Zhi; although there were four others on the day she first woke up, their faces were blurry in Chu Yu’s brain.

With good food, good drink, and good sleep, Chu Yu devoted all her attention into tasting the natural and unpolluted foods of the ancient times. Excess nutrition speedily made up for the thinning a few days ago caused by her depression: in just a couple of days, Chu Yu’s cheek returned to its gentle and moving luster. If she kept on  eating like this, she suspected that her body shape would move towards expanding horizontally.

So Chu Yu stopped. Not only was it to keep her figure, but also to exercise her body, and to meet some of the other people living in the Princess’ palace.

And a very important part of that was those male concubines.

It had been raining last night. Although one whole day had passed, cool moisture still persisted between the pebbles paving the path. A beautiful green covered the new leaves on the trees in the courtyard; such a fresh color could only exist in the spring seasons of Jiangnan2 .

After just two or three steps, Chu Yu realized that if she, as the Princess, eagerly went to visit her own male concubines, that would probably be too weird. She paused her steps to summon You Lan, and told her that she was going to set up a Spring Banquet in the palace.

You Lan asked carefully: “Are we still going to let Sir Rong arrange it, like usual?” As far as she knows, many important things inside the Princess’ palace were assigned to Rong Zhi to manage.

Chu Yu hesitated for just a second, then nodded her head, smiling, “Yes, let him arrange it.” Now that she was still unfamiliar with most of everything, assigning the matter to an experienced person would be the easiest. But at the same time Chu Yu pondered in her heart, wondering, did the Princess of Shanyin give Rong Zhi too much authority and privileges? Not only can he ignore her bans and walk anywhere in the palace, he also administered many of the Princess of Shanyin’s businesses. There must something about him that was different from the crowd of male concubines.

But Chu Yu wasn’t planning to take any action right now. Anything should be planned detailedly before carrying out, so she decided to continue considering for some time.

Right after Chu Yu released her order, Rong Zhi went to execute it. He was quite efficient; after only half an hour, the banquet opened in the middle of a forest of apricot trees. Between a profuse array of flowers and trees, two rows consisting of short tables measuring one Chinese foot tall spread out; on top were food and wine. All the beautiful or handsome youths seated themselves one by one.

Chu Yu quietly sat at the head of the banquet. As the Princess, she had no need to arrive so early, but Chu Yu had been plotting her own scheme, so she let You Lan lead her here, and was one of the first ones to be seated. Sitting on the brocade cushion behind the long bench, she silently watched the entrance of the courtyard; she observed every single guest, and judged them with her own eyes.

During this time period, although chairs had already been introduced from the nomadic tribes, they weren’t popular yet. When people needed to do something, such as conversing, doing business, or eating, they knelt. And it was the type which the two legs were placed together and the heels touched the buttocks.

Therefore, when the Princess held a banquet, even if it’s the Princess herself, she still had to kneel.

Chu Yu shifted her legs, stiff from kneeling, to lessen the numbness; at the same time cursing this time period which chairs hadn’t become popular yet. Although a soft cushion was placed under her legs, after being sat on by the weight of her body for a long time and blood circulation slowed down, this was still a very painful thing.

After only a short period of kneeling, Chu Yu couldn’t bear it anymore. But when she turned her head to look at Rong Zhi, who had already finished dealing with all the trivial stuff and was now seated at the head of the right side of the table, his expression was peaceful and mild, not showing any sense of discomfort. She twitched her mouth: How come all these ancient people wouldn’t feel numb from the kneeling? Or was it that too much numbness made them used to the numbness?

Chu Yu had only had a little bit of time to let her imagination fly, for people were starting to get seated, and she diverted her attention.

1. QingGong: 轻功, a skill which allows one to jump really far/high, almost like flying. Supposedly part of the ancient Chinese Kung Fu, but more likely made up… We don’t know if it really existed or not.
2. Jiangnan: 江南, a geographic area in China referring to lands immediately to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, including the southern part of the Yangtze Delta; literal tl: south of (the) river.

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  1. Wait, a Western name out of nowhere? I just dropped everything I was doing to read ATTP. Can I entice you guys to drop me an email at volaretranslations @ gmail? Thank you! 😀


    1. ok i’ll send an email in a sec. btw i named that guy jeffrey because his chinese name is 捷飞 which in pinyin would be “jiefei”


      1. I think it would be easier on people to read the names as Jiefei instead. At least I would… Keeping the names in character with the era helps with the atmosphere with the story…. Reading Jeffrey in an ancient Chinese era makes me want to stop reading it. It’s like having random oc names in Naruto fanfiction be Sarah and Destiny or something. Ick.


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  2. Just got here! What an interesting story based on a real historical character. This is really something very different. Thank you! X)


  3. Eh!!
    At first I was scared to read this since ‘harem’ usually meant unrequited love, jealousy and tears. But this wasn’t so bad! It’s interesting! I’m glad I started after it was mentioned above Stunning Edge. Thanks for the translation Meow!


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