Ch.8 Fragrant Beauty (II)

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Liu Se and Mo Xiang also noticed that Chu Yu was different from before. Not daring to get too close, they cautiously kept a distance of more than a foot and knelt down at one Chu Yu’s two sides to wait upon her. What Liu Se didn’t expect was for Chu Yu to immediately turn her head towards Mo Xiang and look at him incessantly, completely ignoring him.

Compared to Mo Xiang’s rejoicing, Liu Se cursed in his heart, but he couldn’t show it. Usually, at this type of gatherings, he and Mo Xiang would always wait upon the Princess on her two sides. Although Mo Xiang would always fight for the Princess’s attention with him, his better looks would not let him down; he would never have been neglected like this. But today……

As Liu Se dwelled in his anger, Chu Yu continued to stare at Mo Xiang. Moments before she only thought their match of colors was amusing, so she didn’t pay notice to their countenances. Now, as she examined them closely, Chu Yu couldn’t help but be amazed. Seducing features, the corners of his eyes curving upward, giving off sweet fragrance, with perfect skin, his pores invisible even at such a close distance. Such a beauty must be rare on earth. Except, uh…… doesn’t it seem a little too weak for a man? She now felt her gender identity had been flipped. This man was even more coquettish than most women! Chu Yu almost started thinking that she was the man, and this seducing youth before her was the one hundred percent female woman.

So the Princess of Shanyin was into this type? Chu Yu pondered in her heart. She glanced around at the others at the banquet, but when her eyes fell on Rong Zhi, she vetoed such a thought. A male concubine as well, Rong Zhi’s elegant demeanor was so distinctly different from that of Mo Xiang and Liu Se. The others at the banquet also had all kinds of dispositions and appearances.

Their attitude towards Chu Yu were also different. Some, like Liu Se and Mo Xiang, were attentive in every possible way; some not so earnest; still others, with stiff complexions and resistant looks, were obviously forced into becoming male concubines, refusing to surrender.

Yet among all these, the most unique one was Rong Zhi. His expression was so leisurely, calm, and mild, as if all the commotion around had nothing to do with him; as if he were alone, strolling in the quiet woods.

“Princess.” The voice showing slight resentment reminded Chu Yu of Liu Se. She turned her head, and saw Liu Se holding a glass cup with both hands, his enchanting facial features, his watering lips opening lightly, “Princess, when you shut yourself in your room a few days ago, Liu Se was so worried about you. Liu Se didn’t know what else to do, so Liu Se begged Rong Zhi to go see you. Please don’t punish Liu Se for that.”

As she examined him so closely, Chu Yu realized that Liu Se’s looks were even better than Mo Xiang’s, like the most gaudy clump of a sea of spring Liu Ses. Charming, big eyes; long, dense eyelashes; seducing lips; collar slightly opened, exposing a small patch of his pale and smooth chest; and under the shadow of his collar, beautiful collar bones…… In two words, stunningly beautiful.

The good thing was she had just been staring at Mo Xiang, so she possessed some immunity. Or else she might have gaffed right then and there. Pulling herself together, Chu Yu lifted her brows slightly, and casually replied, “Oh. So you asked Rong Zhi to come see me. Why didn’t you come yourself?”

Liu Se paused for a moment, but then smiled, “Princess, are you joking with Liu Se? How dare we trespass when you have forbade us to see you?” He then shifted to a complaintive tone, “Princess, you’re not being fair. Rong Zhi can see you whenever he wants, but Liu Se has wait when missing you.”

Glancing over Chu Yu’s shoulder, Liu Se could see Mo Xiang sneering. Their sights meeting, Mo Xiang disdainfully lifted his head, and mouthed: “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning. Haven’t you always wanted to enjoy the same privileges as Rong Zhi?” Since the first time Mo Xiang and Liu Se met, they‘ve been competing against each other. They both completely understood the other’s thoughts, so the second Liu Se spit out these words full of implied meanings, Mo Xiang knew what he was scheming.

Ignoring him, Liu Se smiled sweetly at Chu Yu, kind of to piss Mo Xiang off.

After giving it a moment of thought, Chu Yu said slowly, “You’re right……” As she paused between words, Liu Se felt his heart suddenly beat faster. Originally, he didn’t expect to receive the same treatment as Rong Zhi, just hoping to use this as an excuse to request some benefits. But now, listening to Chu Yu’s tone, she seemed to approve his words. Liu Se couldn’t help but become nervous, guessing that maybe the Princess was going to give him the same privileges as Rong Zhi?

After the short pause, Chu Yu smiled, then continued, “You’re right. I should treat everyone equally.” Just when Liu Se mentally prepared himself to movingly thank the Princess and express his utmost gratitude, he heard the Princess speak lightly, “From now on, cancel every privilege Rong Zhi has in this palace. Then everyone would be equal.”

The instance these words left her mouth, nearly everyone at the banquet reacted.

Liu Se was caught on surprise, and extremely disturbed. He had not expected that not only he didn’t receive any benefits, but his words led to Rong Zhi losing all his privileges. This probably wouldn’t affect Rong Zhi’s position in the palace, but would it mean that Rong Zhi would bear a grudge on him from now on?

In addition, Rong Zhi was very well respected by many of the male concubines. If he was harmed by him, Liu Se would probably become the target of a joint alliance formed by a majority of the people.

Liu Se started panicking. What he just not only hurt others, didn’t benefit himself, and could even attract enemies for himself. Such an unwise move.

In contrast to Liu Se’s restlessness, Mo Xiang was rather chuckling to himself.

The reactions from the others at the banquet were different too. Some looked at Chu Yu indignantly, some glared hatefully at Liu Se, still a few others gloated and looked satisfied by the arrangement……

Chu Yu lowered her gaze, a smile flashing across her face. Just one sentence, yet it seemed like a boulder sinking into the water, evoking turbulent waves. Sudden and unexpected changes can often catch people off guard, resulting in unconcealed reactions. And these reactions were just what Chu Yu needed to initially determine their attitudes toward the Princess and Rong Zhi.

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  1. Oh wow she’s so clever and mean XD
    I feel bad for Rong Zhi

    Thanks for this super interesting chapter!


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