About Us


We are just normal students who want to try something new. We love reading light novels and really enjoy translating it.

You’re welcome to comment novels you want translated and we will consider those when starting a new story. Have a great day!

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. As long as you guys are able to communicate and work it out, then im totally cool with it! (tho a leechers opinion doesnt really matter…)

    Thx for the good work!


  2. Hey Woof and Meow. Seems like Buzzbanana posted an announcement. If you guys haven’t seen it, check it out!
    It seems to me like you guys are having a misunderstanding because your and her arguments don’t add up.
    Work it out! Although a lot of readers pick a side when conflicts like this arises, but I’d like to think I support the story and I believe that the power of Stunning Edge is strong enough so that you all remember why you all got together to work on this project in the first place. And I think the argument stems from your strong desires to work on this project together, but this fight is leaving a negative experience to everyone involved, don’t let this be the reason why you have a fall out with the story itself. translation as a hobby should be fun, not a competitive sport. Think about it.
    Godspeed (and thank you for the translations 😀 )


    1. mm… I agree with Rose, u guys started Translating SE cuz of the great story & it’s not a competition!
      If u have worked together on the project & for whatever reason/fault, be it slacking off like buzzbanana said or excluding u guys on her own like u said, anyone left out will definitely be hurt.
      It probably did not work before cuz there was no set schedule… Maybe none of u could commit a regular number of chapters etc. cuz of real life stuff. IDK m just guessing.

      I believe having multiple Translators for a project can be both good & bad!
      BAD – Some end up working more – getting less credit – Quality fluctuates
      GOOD – u guys can discuss which chapters to TL on days specified to you & have multiple releases every single day!! (*_*) Sorry I got dazed by the thought!
      Just think of the numerous releases there could be if u all worked together

      I would strongly suggest working it out. Since if both ur sites are gonna continue with SE its kind of a waste of time… Even if that ends up being the case, it’s up to u all but it’d be a shame


  3. JML just posted up to twenty chapters she seemed pretty ticked off ……*cough cough* well this is awkward


  4. Hello !
    I’m really enjoying Stunning Edge and A Tale of Two Phoenixes, your translations hardly have any grammar mistakes and the flow is really nice, you’re great, thank you very much !

    Seeing that you don’t mind female MCs I thought I might suggest you to pick up a series :降贤淑男
    with a hot-blooded female MC and her submissive fiancee who she doesn’t want to marry , I’d love to see you guys pick up this series ><
    plus it only has 50 chapters (?)
    Raws: http://m.xsw5.com/info-35857/


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