Ch.10 Uncle’s Stand

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At dinner time, the chair besides me was empty. It should have been Huo Xiaojin’s place. I glanced at it and lowered my head, replaying what Yun Li said to me in my mind. Without Huo Xiaojin, the table seemed strangely quiet. The only thing that didn’t change was uncle Huo Ningen still getting Stepmom food smilingly.

Sitting besides Huo Ningen, An Qiang was still dressed in black with her eyes red. She stared but never talked. I’m starting to think that maybe she’s dumb?

Putting down my bowl, I couldn’t stay here anymore. I returned to my room. During the day, Matron Wang had asked if she could help me clean my room, I told her no, because I couldn’t let anyone in this family know about that glaring spot of red on the bed sheets!

I removed the bed sheet and told some servants to get a new one. I took the old one into the bathroom and started washing it myself. I kept swallowing and tears rolled down my cheek. I lost my virginity last night and I don’t even know who did it!

I wiped away my tears stubbornly, telling myself, don’t cry, you can’t cry, they’ll pay it back one day!

“Mistress, are you there?”

I heard Matron Wang calling me. I looked at the time, it was already nine o’clock at night. What was wanted of me at this time? Did Stepmom want to rebuke me again?

I let go of the bed sheet and wiped my hands on my clothes, then opened the door: “Is there anything?”

Matron Wang looked at me, puzzled. I knew my eyes were red and smiled awkwardly. She spoke: “Mr. Huo wants to see you. He’s in the formal living room.”

I nodded, and as usual, Matron Wang led the way. I wasn’t surprised at the luxuriousness of this house anymore. This was the Huo house, and it’s not strange for them to have so many rare stuff!

“Zhaodi! Come, sit down!” Uncle Huo Ningen was still smiling gently, and not only did he tell me to sit down, he also poured a glass of water and handed it to me. I was a little surprised; he was the only person in the Huo family to be so nice to me.

I stood up and asked quietly, “Uncle, is there anything?”

“Don’t be nervous!” He patted my shoulder, then indicated for me to sit down. I nodded and sat down obediently. But only I knew how tightly I was gripping the glass.

“Zhaodi! It’s understandable if you are not used to here yet since you just came. Well, I’m now one of your seniors. And I’m the only person supporting this Huo family now!”

Hearing this, I was confused. This sounded like what Stepmom said to me during day. The only difference between them is Stepmom’s cold and harsh attitude and his soft and gentle words.

I didn’t dare look at him. Staring at the glass in my hands, I nodded. The only thing I didn’t understand was, what actually happened in this family? And why did I, a girl who married a dead person, feel like I was in the middle of it all?

He patted my shoulder again and said, “I hear that Yun Li has already talked to you, but I still want to warn you. A person is called a person because he has a brain. You need to first understand some things, but I won’t say too much. Just remember, the family name will always be Huo!”

From the beginning till end, I never made a sound, even when Uncle told me to go back to my room. I was still confused. Yun Li warned me that she controlled this family, but Uncle reminded me at night that this family will always have the last name of Huo! Suddenly, I felt like I had inexplicably walked onto a thin wire……

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