Ch.11 He Came At Tweleve O’clock Midnight

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Listening to the tick-tock from the bathroom, looking at the photograph Stepmom ordered to hang on the wall, I lay on my bed. To someone naive as me, this family was too mysterious, too confusing!

Tap, tap, tap……

The sound came from the hallway, but sounded like it was pacing in front of my door. I sat up nervously, staring at the door. I glanced at the clock, twelve o’clock at night! This was a sensitive time…… Ghosts!

It can’t be, I comforted myself. But the hands that were clinging tightly to the quilt betrayed the fear in my heart.

Inside the room, the temperature started dropping quickly. Still feeling stuffy the moment before, all the hairs on my arm stood up now. Of course, I understood clearly that although it was getting colder, fear was the real reason.

“Who’s there!” I yelled, because just now, from looking at the gap between the door and the floor, I thought I saw a shadow standing in front of my door.

Knock, knock, knock! Three times, someone knocked on the door three times. Every time the knock sounded, I trembled. My forehead was wet and cold. I got off of the bed hesitatingly, quietly creeping towards the door. When my hand touched the cold doorknob, I could even hear my own teeth chattering.

Knock, knock, knock! Three times, three times again! I almost screamed and pulled my hand back, but I put forth all my courage and opened the door

“Why, why, did it take you so long to open, open the door! Are you hiding a man, man inside?”

I stared at the drunken Huo Xiaojin in front of my door, my head buzzing. Not until he pushed past me and walked into my room did I come back to my senses, “What are you doing! Why are you in my room in the middle of the night!” I shouted, trying to stop him from lying on my bed.

No use! I found out that he was much stronger than he looked, and although I used all my strength I couldn’t pull him back. I could only watch as he threw himself onto my new bed sheets.

“By, by marrying into the Huo family, how much money did they give you? How much?” He laid on the bed and laughed, like this was some extremely funny story. Truthfully, I myself thought it was funny too. Money? The Huo family did give money, but not to me! I didn’t get a cent

And from the beginning, this marriage was a complete joke. A living person marrying someone dead for a month. If this wasn’t a joke, what was it?

“Get out!” I yelled. He had trampled my dignity. Even if this really was a complete joke, he Huo Xiaojin still didn’t have the right to make fun of me!

I pointed at the door. I didn’t need to be nice or polite towards him, especially since I’ve always hated these drunk and smelly men.

He raised his head a little, moving the pillow besides beneath his head and looked at me, his gaze unfocused. He didn’t say anything, but goosebumps rose all over my skin. “Did you hear me? Get out now!” I increased my volume.

Originally, I planned to go up and pull him out, but I sensed danger from his gaze. So I could only yell even louder, not only wanting wake him up, but also hoping that someone else in the house might hear! My brother-in-law sleeping on my bed on the second day of my marriage. If Stepmom knew about this, how would I even live here in the days to come?

And I was hoping that when she was happy, she might let me leave the Huo family!

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