Ch.12 The Brother-in-law Who Came at Midnight

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He started laughing, but his hand moved to unbutton his shirt. His tan skin, covered with a thin layer of perspiration, was exposed completely. More exasperating, he gaze towards me had that implication!

His unfocused eyes squinted. His handsome nose was like an arrogant mountain; his red, slightly thin lips were as red as an apple. My gaze fell on those crimson lips, watching his breath coming out of them.

“How about this! Do you want me to love you tonight?” His voice was very soft, but my face instantly boiled. I knew how red my face must be even without looking. I swallowed, and focused my gaze on his eyes.

“Huo Xiaojin! Get this straight, I am your sister-in-law! By doing this, are you living up to your older brother’s wishes?” I pulled out the husband I hadn’t even seen, just to make him go away.

He paused, but that was only for one or two seconds before he slightly shifted his position, his hand unbuttoning another button, all the while replying lazily, “My brother is already dead. If I could give you a child, it would be a good deed for the Huo family, wouldn’t you say so?”

He was asking me, but I took a step back, frightened. Was there not a single normal person in this house?

“What? Are you afraid of me?” This time, he pulled off his only shirt and threw it towards me.

This was the first time I saw the body of a man. Although it was only the upper half, I still covered my face, embarrassed. But I was also afraid he might leap at me, so I could only peek at him between my fingers. Of course, by doing so, it was unavoidable to not see that perfect body.

He ruffled his hair restlessly, then looked at me. He extended his finger and signaled me to come over. My heart first stopped for a few seconds then lost its rhythm, jumping around in my chest blindly……

What I usually say: if you can’t tolerate any more, then don’t tolerate anymore! I stopped covering my face and picked the damp shirt from the ground, covering the space between me and the bed in a few strides, grabbed that annoying hand, tugged hard, and he rolled off the bed onto the floor.

“Remember this you brat! I’m your sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!” Saying this, I threw the shirt on his face. To tell the truth, I didn’t know where my courage came from either. I was just really mad then. But as I saw the surprise on his face, I realized that the more afraid I was of him, the more unscrupulous he was.

Good! I grabbed his hand, pulling and tugging him to the door. The only thing, when I pulled him, I found that he was much lighter. When he came in, I had tried to pull him out with no avail. He was as strong as a bull back then; why is he so light now?

Although I was puzzled, I still gladly threw him out the door. Before closing the door, I didn’t forget to yell at him, “When pressured, even rabbits can bite! So don’t pressure me to that point!” Finished yelling, I closed the door angrily. Actually, to be more accurate, I didn’t close the door, I slammed it!

Clap, clap, clap…… Just as I closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief, applauds came from behind me! My body froze and my mind turned quickly, but I didn’t know how to process this information! Because there shouldn’t be anyone else. So what did this clapping mean?

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