Ch.13 Ghost Invasion

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“What? Where did your courage go?” It was a man’s voice, an extremely attractive man’s voice, hoarse yet cold.

My eyes haven’t blinked since a few moments ago, and my body became so stiff that I couldn’t control it. The voice besides my ears was ethereal, like it was a dream. I started planning in my heart, should I open the door and run out and shout, or should I turn around to see what was going on in the room? But if I turned around and saw what was happening, will I still have the chance to escape?

All kinds of thought flew through my mind quickly. Suddenly, the zipper on my chest started moving. I reached out fiercely and grabbed the sliding zipper and turned around, but my hand never left the door knob! Leaving an escape route is always correct.

What I saw was a familiar yet strange face, but he didn’t look real. I stood there, not knowing what to do. The scent in my nostrils was that sweet fragrance of the sea from my dream! It was him!

My feet suddenly gave way under me and I almost fell to the ground, but I was still leaning on the door so I managed to stand up. I tried my best to support my body. My everything, he took away what I treasured the most!

“Who are you!” I tried to keep my voice without emotion.

He looked at me, one side of his mouth curving up. He pointed at the photograph on the wall and answered coldly, “Don’t tell me you don’t know who he is!”

“When, when did you come in!” I tried really hard to suppress my scream. In my world, there weren’t ghosts and witches. Looking at a face a hundred percent similar to the photo, I still searched for a flaw, even though I clearly saw his ethereal figure, even though I was almost sure he shouldn’t be on this world!

He humphed coldly and raised his brows: “When? Do you mean when I went to your house to pick you up, or do you mean here last night when we…… ” He paused meaningfully, looking towards my neck. I immediately raised my hand and put it there. There, right under my ear, was a hickey from last night!

“I don’t need to explain your duty anymore, do I?” He frowned slightly, his finger slicing the air. I only felt something slip away from my hands and a cold air pummelled my body. I looked down and saw the jacket I was holding tightly in my hand had fell to the floor.

I blushed and stooped down to pick up my jacket, but suddenly my whole body flew up into the air. To be accurate, I floated up, like the earth had no gravity! I screamed, putting the blame on the man sitting on the edge of the bed, “Let me go! Let me go!”

When I was thrown heavily onto the bed, he disappeared, but reappeared a second later, his voice besides my ear, “Since you refused Huo Xiaojin, I will love you even more tonight.”

The voice was very soft, still so unreal, but when I turned my head I saw that ethereal but pale face. Cold sweat covered my hands and the blood in my body felt like it was frozen. I couldn’t even feel any warmth in my body. Except the cold, I couldn’t feel anything.

His hand moved to my chin, slowly tracing, that sweet fragrance of the sea enveloping me. No! I shouted in my heart, but my mouth only moved without making a sound……

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4 thoughts on “Ch.13 Ghost Invasion

  1. I really do not know what to make out of this….A horny ghost? Can ghosts even feel lust? Is this for real or hallucination on the girl’s part? I’m getting curious now as to what the author has in mind!

    Thanks again translator woof and editor meow!


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