Ch.14 Can We Please Talk?

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Bang! Someone hit the door hard. He suddenly stopped what he was doing, and because that loud noise and his momentary pause, I was able to extract myself and wriggled the door knob desperately without even bothering to pick up my jacket on the floor.

But that door……

“You think you can escape?” His cold voice was full of ridicule and contempt.

“Open the door! Open the door for me!”

Huo Xiaojin was yelling outside of the door, but I didn’t have time to think about him. With my back to the door, I closely watched the man lying on the bed. It was him, it was definitely him last night; the scent of him was my biggest evidence. But…… I glanced at that black and white photograph.

He suddenly started laughing, but that laugh didn’t sound good. I could even hear the danger in it.

“He is I! And I, am Huo Xiaoran!” He stated confidently. Apart from pride, I could also hear a sliver of hatred in his voice. I shivered uncontrollably, my teeth chattering. I tried my best at getting used to look at him.

“There isn’t hate without reason or debts without debtors. I don’t owe you anything, why do you keep bothering me!” All the while repeating continuously in my heart, I didn’t do any bad things, so I’m not afraid of ghosts!

Suddenly, he disappeared from my sight, like he never existed. On the empty bed, except for the imprint caused by my lying on it, there wasn’t anything else. I didn’t dare to blink, looking around nervously. Nothing, there really wasn’t anything. I was almost persuaded that everything that just happened was my imagination!

“Open the door! Do you hear me?” Outside the door, Huo Xiaojin was still yelling and shouting, but I was too lazy to bother. I let out a breath once I heard Matron Wang persuading him to go away. Although there was a door between us, I suddenly felt safe again.

Looking at the clothes on the floor, I picked them up slowly. Was it really my imagination?

I leaned on the door and relaxed. Suddenly, someone griped my hands firmly, and a cold feeling started creeping up from my wrists. I started screaming, “Help, help…… Umpf!” I couldn’t even finish shouting.

Kisses! I felt his lips upon mine, his cool yet agile tongue pushing into my mouth before I realized what was happening. His tongue tangled with mine while I tried to escape. I even thought of biting down hard, but before I could put that thought into action, a cold hand grabbed my chin.

Struggling, I was struggling to escape. But my body was as if it was nailed to door. Help me! Matron Wang! I wanted to shout this, but until I heard Matron Want pull Huo Xiaojin away, I still wasn’t able to make a sound.

“So, how did you like my kisses?”

I stared at him, breathing heavily. I really wanted to slap him, but my body couldn’t move, so I could only glare at him. If gazes could kill, I would kill him without hesitating!

His hand fell upon my ear, sliding down slowly, stopping on my shoulder. It was cold, bone piercing cold. I sucked in my breath because my shoulder really started hurting.

“So you seem to like yesterday better, and I…… like your nervous and frightened breathing!”

“No! Wait, !”

Not that I wanted to surrender, but I didn’t want to repeat what happened last night. If we could talk, then I wanted him to understand that there was nothing between him and I, that we don’t have any relationship!

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10 thoughts on “Ch.14 Can We Please Talk?

  1. So mysterious. That Huo family seems to have a lot of scars. No one seems to be happy, except maybe the grandfather (?), and there’s so much hate…
    Usually, if there’s a young stepmom in a fictitious story, she’s got something going on with one of her stepsons. Wonder if that’s the case here, I mean even though the female lead wasn’t asking for anything, the sentence “Don’t be greedy for what isn’t yours” seems to be hinting at the ghost-husband – at least, that’s how I interpreted it.
    Ghost-hubby seems to find it pretty convenient to have a wife, I wonder if he was really forced into the marriage…. Gah, too many mysteries and questions. Please update soon!

    I’m so happy I found your blog. ATOP and GI are so unlike all the other Chinese stories getting translated, it is really refreshing and interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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