Ch.15 Striking a Deal

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Suddenly, my body felt light and I could move again. But he vanished, and like last time, there wasn’t a trace of him. Only one thing, it was still cold in the room.

“Come out! I know you’re still here. It’s not scary anymore if you play the same trick twice!” I yelled. I moved across the room cautiously, knowing that hiding doesn’t help. Right now, I understood clearly that he really was a ghost! Although I still couldn’t quite accept it, the facts before my eyes forced me to believe his existence.

I moved quietly, without making any sound. I looked at my surroundings nervously, but even until my balled fists became numb, I still couldn’t find him.

“Very well then! Tell me, what can you do for me?” His sudden voice came from the desk in the room. Startled, I turned around and saw his finger moving through the air, and on the bookshelf not far away, my diary was floating in the air according to his finger’s movements.

Nervous, I took a few steps back, trying to maintain a steady distance between me and him. When I made sure he wouldn’t suddenly appear around me, I cleared my throat and said, “There’s nothing between us, I only want you to let me go!” Yes, today was the first time I saw him! Of course, last night was a mistake.

He only glanced at me and didn’t speak. But his icy gaze made me shiver, and after swallowing I tried again, “Go find whoever owes you, I Mo Xiaoya, has always been open and straightforward in my actions.” My voice was a bit louder. Courage, I needed courage, I need courage to face him! When I got to the “open and straightforward” part, I even stood taller.

“Interesting!” He empty and cold voice sounded, with a hint of laughter. Without any movement he suddenly changed direction. He crossed his arms and looked at me. The corner of his mouth was slightly lifted, as if he was smiling, but more like pride originating from his core.

“You dare say you don’t owe me anything?” He raised one of his brows.

I paused, not anticipating such a question. After staring at him blankly for a few moments, I nodded my head nervously. I didn’t owe him anything!

“So that woman Yun Li is trying to play along!” He suddenly started laughing, but his icy laughter sounded more like hatred.

I didn’t know how to respond, so I could only stare at him. There were too many strange things in this family, too many mysteries. I didn’t want to get involved in any of them, but I suddenly found that I was getting closer and closer to the eye of the hurricane. Danger, I sensed danger. I watched him nervously, asking quietly, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Based on the will that I left, you are the heir to the Huo Corporation. She didn’t tell you that?”

“Huo Corporation! Heir?” My mind was blank as I repeated these words.

“As I expected. So she decided to burn her bridges. Even if she got the person she trusted the most, it still wouldn’t be as easy as buying a totally harmless person. Smart!”

He tilted his head, his eyes squinting. The chair beneath him only stood on two legs! I swallowed again, turning my gaze away from the chair and started thinking. There was a lot of information in his words!

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2 thoughts on “Ch.15 Striking a Deal

  1. Interesting. Will it be business intrigues next, or more family drama? I wish the MC build her spine faster…
    Thank you for the translation ^^v


  2. Thank youu!!!

    I also want the MC to wise up fast. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to find out more about her dead husband and his family. It’s not like she has any hope left of leaving that house anytime soon, and since she’s obviously already in the middle of getting accosted by her brother-in-law and has the Stepmom and the uncle drag her into the middle of their schemes, I’d think she’d like to protect herself. I really hope she doesn’t turn out to be a dumb MC…


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