Ch.16 Why Can’t I

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He suddenly stood up, but the chair was still standing on two legs. I watched him fearfully, afraid that he would do something, but he only moved his finger and another chair moved to behind me so fast I nearly missed it’s movement. I looked at it and understood that he wanted me to sit down.

After giving me a satisfied glance, he sat back on his chair and said coldly, “Have you chose your side yet?” He voice was so unemotional it was frightening. A sense of dignity came off of him that I didn’t dare look him in the eye but lowered my head and stared at my fingers.

I really didn’t understand what he meant by “sides”.

“Think about it carefully, if you choose her, after tonight, I won’t let you see tomorrow’s sun.”

I paused, stunned. I forgot to be afraid and raised my head to look at him. His meaning was very clear, he was going to kill me! When I saw his impassive, handsome face, I wondered if I misheard. But as soon as I frowned, his voice floated over clearly.

“You did not mishear! If you choose Yun Li, I would without a doubt…… kill you!” His voice was even colder than before, and a killing intent appearing in his eyes.

I shook my head unconsciously. No! I didn’t want to die. This was my survival instinct.

“Very good! Then unravel the truth with me!” I wasn’t able to follow his sudden switch of topics. Maybe because I didn’t answer, he asked, annoyed, “What?”

“Nothing!” I shook my head like the wind blowing the willow branches. But I knew clearly in my heart, that something must have happened between him and Stepmom, but I……

“I don’t want to get involved!” I said this without doubt. I hope that he could understand my feelings and added hurriedly, “To the Huo family, I’m an outsider! And I want to leave after a period of time, to have my own life. I came here unwillingly!”

Although I didn’t mention the details, I wanted him to know that I wouldn’t become a pawn for Stepmom but I also wouldn’t work for him! I only wanted to stay here until I graduate, then just vanish from the Huo family, get a new name and start a new life. That was what I wanted!

He suddenly started laughing, like I just told a really funny joke. His body was even shaking. I frowned, confused.

But then I got impatient and shouted, “What’s so funny?” My voice was really loud, so loud that I scared myself.

The good thing was that he stopped laughing, but his gaze towards me was very complex that I couldn’t explain. But my eyes were full of determination. This was my choice: not Yun Li, also not him, but myself!

“Because of your courage, I want to warn you on one thing! Did you think if you were obedient she would let you go? Did you think you could leave after coming to the Huo family? Did you think that you still had a choice?” He covered his mouth and chuckled quietly, while I stood there like a log. Why??

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6 thoughts on “Ch.16 Why Can’t I

  1. Seems to be getting interesting, thanks for translating, and it fits that it’s almost the ghost festival soon based on the lunar calendar. I’ll definitely reread this during then to get more into the spooky feels.


  2. Thank you!
    Sigh, I wish she’d try to find out more about her situation already instead of childishly sticking her head into the sand… She intends to leave but doesn’t even know how to go about it. I’d respect her a lot more if she’d at least look up an attorney….
    Hope she gets more proactive as the story progresses.


  3. So far I like it. More pleaseeee! I am also very curious to why he can manifest physically. Because ghost just don’t do that in most cases.


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