Ch.17 The Will

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“This is my choice, and I choose myself. Not you, nor her! Solve whatever is between you yourselves, but I have my own life to live!” Yes, I haven’t yet been in a romantic relationship, I haven’t even met the man that I love, and I haven’t experienced the joy that everyone should enjoy.

He looked at me without emotion, not moving for a long time. I didn’t dare to move either. To tell the truth, I was still very afraid. He was a ghost! In my knowledge, ghosts could do anything, including taking away my life!

I really couldn’t bare his look at me anymore. I sniffled and stood up suddenly, shouting, “Even if you kill me, I won’t get involved!” I also had my bottom line, and that was untouchable. The first half of my life was ruined by my father, and the other half was my only hope.

“Kill you?” He looked at me sideways, but his expression was more like looking at a plaything, full of amusement. “I won’t, but Yun Li might make you wish you were dead!”

I paused, my stubbornness vanishing in a second. Although I didn’t know Stepmom really well, but as a girl only three years older than me who managed to marry into the Huo family and take control over everything, her methods…… Are pretty self explanatory!

“Well, I have already said what I needed to!” He pointed at his face, his eyes slightly squinting.

I knew what he meant. He will wait to see what happens. Even though I didn’t know the deeper meaning of his words, I felt it wasn’t good! But so what, I believe that no one would be so cruel as to kill an innocent person! So the only thing I needed to do now was to please Stepmom, then plead with her to let me leave.

And about this man in front of me right now! No, this ghost! I would try to stay as far as possible away from him.

I didn’t know when he disappeared. Just when I finished planning what I should do next, he had vanished from the room. I’m sure he really vanished, because the temperature in room was back to normal, no more silence or coldness!

I don’t remember when I fell asleep, but when I turned over sleepily, the sweet scent of the sea enveloped me.

The first thought coming to my mind was him! But I couldn’t wake myself up, so I couldn’t know if he was really there!

When I woke up in the morning, I carefully examined my body. Good! There wasn’t anything that shouldn’t be there. Today, I must try and talk to Stepmom again.

From asking Matron Wang, I found out that after breakfast, Stepmom would be in her study dealing with business of the Huo Corporation if she didn’t go out. Looking at the door in front of me, I raised my hand hesitatingly, then lowered it. I had thought about what I was going to say for a whole morning, but it was still unknown if she would be willing to listen!

“Yun Li, maybe we should tell her the truth and pull her to our side, isn’t that better?”

“Absolutely not! She’s only a pawn. Even though she’s just a country girl, but when faced with such a large fortune, no one is dumb enough to let go of such an opportunity!”

The sounds of arguing came from inside the study. I frowned. Those were the voices of Stepmom and Uncle Huo Ningen!

“Don’t think of a good person like that. The larger the fortune, the more afraid she will be. She’s only a country girl.”

“Ningen! A woman’s heart is like a needle in the sea, you never know where it is. I was also a country girl, but isn’t the Huo Corporation in our hands now? Regarding that will, before I make a decision, you must never tell anyone. Nobody in this family can know of it’s existence! Do you understand?” Yun Li’s voice was pretty and sweet, sounding coquettish.

But I! Didn’t have time to think about their dirty relationship, because all my attention was focused on the word “will”!

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3 thoughts on “Ch.17 The Will

  1. Every time I read I’m always shocked by the male lead’s behaviour. I get so shocked I don’t know what to comment on but now that the MC’s circumstance is becoming clearer, I’m really rooting for her!
    What can she do but to side with her husband?
    She can’t possibly take control of the assets herself. She’s got no backing. She should probably discuss things with her ghost husband, then slowly pull the two people to her side. Those two people that hate Yun Li and he uncle= the uncle’s wife and her husband’s brother.
    But…they might get greedy too and try to con money/assets from her.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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