Ch.18 The Large Belly of a Lover

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“Miss Chen! Miss Chen! You…… ”

Matron Wang’s voice sounded from downstairs and I hurried away, afraid that Stepmom and Uncle might come out and see me, afraid that they will find out that I had overheard their conversation.

When I got to the first floor, I saw Matron Wang trying her best to block the way of a woman with a large belly!

“Call Yun Li out! Who does she think she is? This child inside my belly is the rightful heir to the Huo Corporation!” The woman was wearing a Western style maternity dress. Although her figure was bulky, you could still tell the clothes were pretty expensive.

Matron Wang was very anxious, her hands blocking the way fearfully yet carefully, all the while repeating, “Yes! Yes! I’ll go find Madame right now, can you please wait here for a while?”

Not until the big bellied woman sat down on the sofa did Matron Wang sigh, shook her head, and walked up the stairs. When she passed me, she only glanced at me. I nodded at her, but she didn’t respond. But before she got to the top of the stairs, I could already hear Stepmom’s voice.

“Chen Ningxin, what are you doing here?” The high heels on Stepmom’s feet clattered on the floor. Before she could walk down, I had already ran to the first floor and hid behind the stairs, not daring to make a sound!

“What am I doing here? I’m here to show you the rightful heir to the Huo Corporation!” The woman sitting on the sofa stood up, lifting her chin, and pointed to her slightly bulging belly.

Stepmom smiled, and sat down across from Chen Ningxin. “Ridiculous! The child’s the heir just because you said so? Get Huo Xiaoran to come and prove it! Who knows which man’s bastard is in your belly. And you have the audacity to come yell at the Huo house? ”

Bang! A loud noise sounded. When I looked over, I saw the front door pushed open by some sort of force. I almost forgot to breathe when crowds of people rushed in, flashing their cameras.

“Mrs. Huo! Is Miss Chen’s child really chairman Huo’s?”

“Rumors say that Huo Xiaoran, chairman Huo has died a month ago in a car accident. Is it true?”

“Please answer!”

“Mrs. Huo, because of chairman Huo’s death, will the Huo Corporation collapse?”

Numerous voices started speaking along with the flashing lights. I pulled my head back a little. I had seen such occasions on television, but this was the first time in real life!

The expression on Yun Li’s face flickered for an instant, but then she stood up gracefully, flipping her long hair over her shoulder, and gave an expert smile.

“Everyone! About chairman Huo, the Huo Corporation will soon hold a news conference and explain everything.”

As soon as Yun Li finished speaking, someone else shouted, “Then what about Miss Chen Ningxin? Rumors say that Miss Chen is pregnant with chairman Huo’s child. If chairman Huo did pass away, would Miss Chen become the heir to the Huo Corporation?”

I didn’t see who asked this question, but the woman called Chen Ningxin smiled like a flower, turning her slightly bulging belly towards the news reporters, changing the angle continuously, so everyone could see.

“Everyone! About whether the child of Miss Chen Ningxin is Huo Xiaoran’s or not, we can only wait until the child is born. But Huo Xiaoran already has a wife. So if Miss Chen insists that this child is chairman Huo’s, I can only say one thing, that Miss Chen would only be a lover, well-known but without a title!” Yun Li looked at Chen Ningxin and started laughing.

I stared at her, scared, reevaluating Stepmom in my heart. No wonder she could stand her feet in the Huo family, no wonder she could control the Huo Corporation behind a curtain — so ruthless!

“Matron Wang, go ask Mistress to come down!” Yun Li’s voice was like thunder on a sunny day. I clenched my teeth, all my blood rushing to my head……

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4 thoughts on “Ch.18 The Large Belly of a Lover

  1. Thank you!
    This story is a bit frustrating so far. Every chapter brings more questions and it still doesn’t really feel like the plot has started…. Can’t wait till the chapter when the confusing family situation gets explained. 🙂 I hope the hubby makes an appearance again soon. He agreed to the marriage, right (I mean he had no problems with sleeping with her..), but I really wonder why he had to marry even in death and why it had to be her? Did hubby stipulate in his will that he had to get married and stepmom chose the bride (thinking she is easy to control)?
    Can only repeat: Too many questions… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I agree the beginning chapters only brings questions and not answers…… But all of them all answered eventually, so wait and see! (And yes, the plot hasn’t really started but it’s going to start soon!)


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