Ch.19 The Rightful Heir

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When Matron Wang found me and pulled me out, the clicking of the lights surrounded and buzzed about my ears until Stepmom pulled me to her side. Her hand held my hand tightly.

“This, is Xiaoran’s legal wife. Come, greet everyone!” Stepmom’s smile was beautiful as she called me. But how could I speak, my panicked gaze couldn’t even find one safe spot to look at.

“Please tell us, when did you get married to chairman Huo?”

“Did you not know that Miss Chen Ningxin has always been chairman Huo’s girlfriend?”

“Now that Miss Chen is pregnant, what will you do about her child? Will you give the child his rightful title?”


Hundreds of questions pelted me so that I didn’t even know which to answer first. I opened and closed my mouth, until the sound of laughter sounded besides me, “Yun Li! Where did you find such a counterfeit? Look at her rural appearance, how could Xiaoran marry her? Even if you want a counterfeit, shoudn’t you find a more legit one?”

But Yun Li only chuckled quietly. “My daughter-in-law is just a bit shy, but her marriage with Xiaoran was legalized a month ago! As to whether it’s true or false, I’m sure all of you have your own means to find out.”

Chen Ningxin’s almond-shaped eyes glared at Yun Li, but Yun Li only raised her brows, “Okay! Please leave now! As for the Miss Chen’s child which you all so care about, I don’t want to make statements too early. We’ll wait for her to give birth to the child! When the child is born, we can do a paternity test. If it really is a child of the Huo family, I will definitely take care of it. But the prerequisite is that it must be a child of the Huo family!”

The crowd started muttering among themselves. Some talked about whether or not the child is from the Huo family, and some started pointing at Chen Ningxin. Chen Ningxin’s face darkened, her gaze moving around, as if searching for something.

Trying to hide from the uncomfortable flashing lights, I also moved my gaze further. There, in the hallway to the dining room, I saw a black figure. Astonished, I realized that it was Aunt, the aunt that has never talked!

I remember her name was An Qiang. Turning my head, I saw that Chen Ningxin was also looking at An Qiang. There seemed to be some sort of relationship between them, but when I looked towards the hallway again, An Qiang had disappeared.

After the reporters left, Chen Ningxin didn’t stay for long either. She threw down some threats and left. But she didn’t look like a proud peacock anymore, instead like a wet dog without an owner.

“Zhaodi, come to the study!” Stepmom stood up and walked upstairs.

I didn’t have a choice, following her like a pathetic little dog.

“Since you are public now, you’d better have some sense. Although…… ”

“Madame!” Matron Wang knocked on the door, interrupting Stepmom’s words.

Stepmom glanced at the door, annoyed. I opened the door hurriedly, and saw that Matron Wang had brought a plate of fruits.

“Madame! This…… ” Matron Wang looked at Yun Li questioningly. Stepmom only told her to leave it, and Matron Wang left. Stepmom stood in front of the window, rubbing something onto her hands.

“Actually, I won’t say anything unnecessary. Most importantly, you must know your place! Although I acknowledged you, you are still only a decoration, do you understand?”

I nodded. I knew that even without her saying it. Stepmom started to pick up the fruits on the plate, but because of the lotion or whatever on her hand, stopped and shook her head. I hurriedly picked up an apple and started peeling it with the fruit knife prepared there. I cut the apples and set them on the plate, placing a fork besides them.

“Then I’ll be leaving now!” I want her to understand that I won’t become an obstacle; I won’t get involved in any of those conflicts.

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3 thoughts on “Ch.19 The Rightful Heir

  1. Thank you! I wonder if that Chen Ningxin is going to play a bigger role in this novel. Really curious why they didn’t make her marry ghost hubby if she really had been his girlfriend for a long time (though if she’s really carrying his child, I guess it would make sense for stepmom to prevent her from marrying into the family).
    I kind of hope that the silent Aunt is going to become an ally to the MC; she’s in desperate need of one, after all…. 🙂
    By the way, doesn’t the MC have any friends? And do we ever get to see her attend classes at university? I thought she’s continuing her studies or did I forget something already? :’D


    1. They didn’t make Chen the ghost while cuz Chen wants the inheritance. Yun Li got the innocent MC to get the inheritance for her while Yun Li takes control of the money.


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