Ch.21 Could He See

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He disappeared right in front of my eyes, like a fog dissipating. His figure became hazier and hazier until it disappeared completely.

I stood there for a long time, looking at the spot where he used to be standing until a cold wind blew in the window. Everything that just happened seemed like a dream. I pulled my jacket tighter, my legs wobbling. Only when I took a deep breath did I calm down.

I returned to my room. Huo Xiaojin was still sleeping on the floor, but his red cheeks made me frown. Perspiration covered his forehead, his tightly closed eyes seeming in pain. Every once in a while he would shake his head violently, opening and closing his mouth, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t. His chapped lips brought compassion to my heart.

Only with all my strength did I manage to drag him onto the bed. Why did he seem so light the other day when I dragged him out of the room? He couldn’t have put on some thirty pounds in just these days! Looking at his perfect body, I shook my head. No extra fat anywhere! Really!

I found a random towel, wrapped up some ice cubes found in the refrigerator and set it on his forehead.

“No, no, please, don’t…… ” His voice was very weak, but these strange fragments made me unsure what to do.

I wiped off the perspiration from his forehead again, complaining, “Really, is there not a single normal person in this house? A full grown man, yet he has to come to my room every night to make such a big fuss. Can’t you fall asleep without this fuss? Really!”

“Yun, no, I, I love you, please, don’t!”

Watching him, I shook my head. I picked up the wrapped ice cubes and felt his temperature. The fever seemed to have left. I pulled the quilt around him and threw the ice into the sink in the bathroom.

“Now who did I offend!” I spoke coldly. Good, so what now? To prove my innocence, I had to leave the door open. And my bed is now occupied by him, so where do I sleep?

“Little Jin!”

His voice sounded suddenly in the room, scaring me. I ran out the bathroom without completely wringing out the towel. But what I saw was him sitting besides Huo Xiaojin, his pale hand caressing Huo Xiaojin’s black hair. His face looked a bit painful and I chuckled coldly. So his face could show emotions!

Huo Xiaojin was still sleeping on the bed, but his expression relaxed, as if he was used to it. His slightly red cheeks even showed a sense of enjoyment! Watching such a scene, I felt it was sad but beautiful at the same time. I felt sorry for his death, and suddenly all the negative thoughts about Huo Xiaojin disappeared!

Instead, I felt sorry for him, my heart aching for him!

“Yun Li, I won’t let you live easily! Little Jin was so innocent, but now he’s in such a state. Everything was because of you, because of your greed!”

“Yun Li?” I asked, confused. But I covered my mouth the next second, because of the hatred in Huo Xiaoran’s eyes. Frightening, his gaze was too frightening, as if he was going to peel and eat me alive.

I wanted to say something to comfort him, but Huo Xiaojin, still lying on the bed, spoke first. “Elder brother!” He kept repeating, his hand moving to the top of his head. I sucked in my breath, amazed. Can Huo Xiaojin see him?

Watching Huo Xiaojin open his eyes slowly, my gaze got confused. I looked at the Huo Xiaojin with tears in his eyes, then looked at Huo Xiaoran who was still sitting on the edge of the bed.

“You…… ”

“Humph!” Huo Xiaojin’s gaze suddenly changed, and after glaring at me angrily, threw off the quilt and sat up before I could speak. He raised his his head slightly and looked at me. He wiped his forehand with his hand and said, “I warn you, leave the Huo family as soon as possible!”

Before I could ask anything, he actually walked out of the room himself. But Huo Xiaoran waved his hand and slammed the door shut before I could respond!

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