Ch.23 His Woman

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From that day on, I would glance at my finger from time to time. Although there was clearly nothing on my finger, that long red string was tied to his finger. I would never forget that string. It was on the day of my wedding, the string that the creepy old woman tied onto my finger!

“Mistress! The car is ready!” It was Matron Wang’s voice. Today was the day Yan Bei invited me to the party. Of course I would go, or I might not be able to see him anymore.

Even though it was romance that hadn’t yet started, I still wished, at least, to end it beautifully.

I got to the agreed place; it was a luxurious KTV in the city. Yan Bei seemed to have taken the biggest room. When I handed the card to the front desk, the waitress took me politely to the door of the private room.

Yan Bei was actually pretty rich. Heard that his father was in political office, and his mother’s family owned a powerful company. So I wasn’t at all surprised that he would choose to host his farewell party here.

Pushing open the door, I walked in. It was dark inside, and I couldn’t see anything, until with a bang, a beam of light lighted up the stage in the middle of the room. I could only faintly see someone standing there. Until my eyes got used to darkness could I see it was Yan Bei.

He didn’t talk but stood there, when something around his feet slowly lit up. When a heart shape appeared beneath his feet, I sucked in my breath. He took out a bouquet of flowers from his back, holding it in his hands. He smiled, that same smile he had when I first saw him, confident yet warm, like the sunlight.

I looked at him, staring dumbly, when applauses suddenly sounded besides me, and many people started shouting, “Together! Together! Together! …… ”

“Xiaoya! As I become a real man, as I can take up responsibility, on this day, I want to tell you out loud, I like you!” Yan Bei’s voice was clear, like his smile, giving others the feeling of the sun. But I was already crying, my heart not joyous, but painful.

If not for Father selling me into the Huo family, if I could be born in a ordinary household, if I could have a father who loved me, maybe I could have a beautiful married life with this man!

Around my ears, were my classmates’ shouts, “Together!”, but I didn’t even have the courage to accept the flowers, until Yan Bei grabbed my hand.

“Xiaoya, I only want to ask or a year’s time, I will let you see the man I become. At that time, I will take the ring of my lifelong commitment, and set it before you!”

“No! Why, why?” I screamed, my tears uncontrollable. I turned around and ran out. Why, why only I couldn’t have love, why!

I didn’t care about Yan Bei yelling my name behind me, but ran out of the building and came into a dark alleyway. Except for sobbing, I don’t know what other way could alleviate the pain in my heart.

“So, women all like these kind of stuff!” I was already used to this cold voice, and I knew it was him — Huo Xiaoran! Other than him, who could appear silently besides me; and he, was the sharp thorn deeply buried in my heart.

I had just turned around when a warm hug surrounded me, Yan Bei’s voice sounding by my ears, “Can you not cry? If I have troubled you, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“No! No, it’s not you!” I shook my head, but my arms moved around his waist, and I buried my head into his chest, greedily wanting more warmth. I knew clearly in my heart that this was what I wanted, he was what I wanted, but why, why did fate put this huge joke on me, why only we couldn’t be together.

The next second, I took a deep breath, pushing him away abruptly, wiping off the tears on my face. I looked straight at Yan Bei, “I’m already married!” Yes, and the person who became my husband, was right here besides me! I glanced at the wall near me out of the corner of my eye. He was leaning against it, watching Yan Bei coldly. I couldn’t describe the expression on his face, but it was not just cold.

But Yan Bei yelled loudly, “No! I know that’s all false, how could you marry Huo Xiaoran? What registering a month ago, that’s all false!”

It was the first time I saw Yan Bei like this. In my memory, he was always so calm, so steady, but the more he behaved like this, the more my heart hurt, as if it was being dug out of my chest forcefully. I also want to tell myself that those are all false, but that man was right besides me, constantly reminding me, that these were all true.

“It’s true! So…… ” After thinking for a long time, I still didn’t know how to confront Yan Bei. I could only keep my head lowered, repeating, “Sorry! Sorry!”

“No!” Yan Bei shouted furiously, pulling me into his arms again. He held onto me tightly, and I could only raise my head to look at him. Tears flowed out the corners of my eyes, and when I saw the tears glinting in his eyes, I started crying so hard I was shaking. His face expanded in my vision, getting larger, getting closer.

I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do, because Huo Xiaoran was still besides me! I knew Yan Bei couldn’t see him, but I could see him clearly. When I felt the coldness on Huo Xiaoran spreading, I started struggling.

“Let…… ” Before I could say “go”, my body was suddenly free, and Yan Bei was being lifted by some force and thrown against the wall, hard. When he fell to the ground, I started screaming, “No! No!” But along my screams, Yan Bei’s body once again floated into the air and was thrown against the wall fiercely.

“My woman! And he dare touch! Go die!” Huo Xiaoran’s voice was icy, even more frightening than when he talked about Yun Li. I was watching desperately, wanting to stop him, but not knowing how. Until Yan Bei’s fearful eyes closed slowly, I rushed over, holding onto him without caring about anything else.

“Stop! I’m not you woman, no!” I stared at him. The first time, my heart was filled with courage. Who was he to say that I was his woman!

He lifted his head and laughed coldly, his voice icy, “Well you to married me, and even if I don’t want you, you still can’t escape the fact of being my woman!”

“Let go!” His voice sounded like it came from hell. Not just icy, but tinted with death. I shut my eyes, shaking my head furiously, yelling, “No! Never!” A voice told me that if I let go now, Yan Bei would surely die.

“You!” Huo Xiaoran humphed coldly, “You won’t be able to escape! Don’t think you can leave the Huo family! And I…… ” He stopped. When I looked over nervously, I saw the red string on his finger, and he was also gazing at it.


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