Ch.24 Used As a Pawn

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Yan Bei, unconscious, was taken to the hospital by some classmates who followed us out. I didn’t even go, because of the cold and icy him behind me. I don’t know why, but he started appearing more and more frequently beside me. Returning back to the Huo house, I never went back to school. I don’t know what would be said of that day’s happenings. I couldn’t face it; I didn’t have the courage to face it.

“Stepmom!” I knocked on the door of Yun Li’s study. When her voice sounded inside, I pushed open the door and walked in.

Yun Li was sitting at her desk, managing some documents. After a long time, she lifted her head to look at me, “What’s wrong?”

“I! I want to talk to you!” I said these words with difficulty, with much more difficulty than I thought. But since I already said them, I couldn’t turn back anymore.

“Okay! Talk.” She set down the pen in her hand and waited for me to start speaking again.

I had thought about this for a long time; I wanted to know if she could give me freedom. If staying at the Huo family was only for a matter of time, then I would stay here obediently until the day of freedom came. If she couldn’t give me freedom, I would make other plans, but not wait here stupidly!

“The marriage with Huo Xiaoran, it’s only a matter of time, right?” I asked in a small voice, but hope shined in my eyes.

Yun Li paused at first, confused, but then a rare smile appeared on her face, her voice still attractive like before, “Yes! When the right time comes, you can leave the Huo family!”

Sure enough! Hope, there really was hope. I saw my free future not far from me! I smiled, and bowed deeply to Yun Li, “Thank you!”

“You actually chose to believe her!”

Beside me, Huo Xiaoran’s cold voice sounded. I almost turned my head to look at him, but Yun Li talked first: “Don’t worry! Oh, right, come with me to the company tomorrow. Xiaoran’s death will be announced tomorrow, and I wish you would be present. If they hear it from your mouth, the bothersome reporters wouldn’t doubt your identity anymore.”

I was shocked. I didn’t expect to go with her to the Huo Corporation!

“Hahahaha…… ” Huo Xiaoran suddenly started laughing bleakly. I slanted my eyes to look at him, but didn’t see him. He was there a minute ago! Without thinking too much about it, I turned my attention towards Yun Li. As long as there was a hope for freedom, I was willing to believe her. Regarding Huo Xiaoran, I was sure if I just had the chance to find that creepy old woman, everything will be resolved.

There must be a way to untie that red string!

This night, was the only night I didn’t see him. It was as if he vanished suddenly, but surprisingly, I couldn’t sleep, because my mind kept going back to that sentence: If you choose her, I won’t let you see tomorrow’s sun.

I believed that he wasn’t joking, so I was very worried, worried that he will materialize in the night and take away my life, but he didn’t appear at all that night.

In the morning, after breakfast, I came to the Huo Corporation with Yun Li. Yun Li had a grand air about her, her arrogant presence totally covering the fact that she was only three years older than me! Compared to myself, I deeply experienced what a world of difference meant.

The press conference was very simple. I still couldn’t get used to the constantly flashing lights. Although my brain told myself to get a grip and not to panic like last time, there were still a few incidents throughout. But the good thing was that I had a script Yun Li prepared beforehand, and reading made me much more relaxed.

But I didn’t think there would still be a board meeting after that!

“Today, everyone took the time to be here, so Yun Li thanks you!” Yun Li stood up and bowed slightly, then sat down and said, “Sitting here beside me, is the wife of Xiaoran. I’m sure you have all heard about their marriage. I believe you all know the reason why I brought her today. With Xiaoran’s death, his wife naturally becomes the first candidate for the next chairman!”

When Yun Li stopped talking, I stood up, and copying Yun Li’s actions, I said, “Hello everyone, my name is Mo Xiaoya!” Since going into college, I have never used the name Mo Zhaodi again. When creating an ID during the first year in college, I changed my name to Mo Xiaoya. Not because I didn’t like Mo Zhaodi, but because I don’t like the man who gave me that name.

When I finished, the room started getting noisy. Some people started whispering, but I couldn’t hear anything, because I was so nervous my ears were buzzing.

“We’re letting such a little girl take over the Huo Corporation?” An old man sitting across from me spoke up, obviously very displeased at me.

I didn’t even dare to face the cunning gaze of that old man. I knew that with Yun Li here, I didn’t need to worry about anything!

“Elder Chen is correct, I’m also worried. You can tell right now that’s she’s not even grown up. How could we put the Huo Corporation into her hands!”

“I don’t agree!”

The rest of the people also started clamouring. The first time being in such a situation, I got even more nervous. The smile froze on my face, and I even felt my forehead getting cold. I didn’t know what to do, so I could only ask Yun Li to rescue me. But when I sent my pleading gaze to her.

I was shocked. Her face, that smile! That smile explained everything. I understood, this was the real reason Yun Li brought me to the Huo Corporation today. She wanted these people to see how vulnerable I am. This was the real reason!

“So you’re not stupid! Did you see? This is what she wants. Only if you lower your head, can she have complete control of the Huo Corporation!” Beside my ear, an icy breath blew past. I was already used to these sudden appearances. I lowered my head, shut my eyes tightly, but repeated to myself in my heart, it’s okay, as long as Yun Li can set me free, everything would be worth it.

“Madame Huo! Compared to this inexperienced young girl, I’m more willing to trust you. At least, in this month, when Xiaoran wasn’t here, the Huo Corporation didn’t fare worse under your management! And I also believe that you can lead the Huo Corporation up to a better level.” The old man who attacked me before seemed very open to Yun Li taking over.

Same as before, after the old man said this, the others all started talking. Everything was said, what about Huo Xiaoran was pushing the Huo Corporation to its death by making such a decision, what about Huo Xiaoran not bearing responsibility…

In short, everything possible was said, but all of them ugly. I suddenly realized, that although it was Yun Li who bought me into the Huo family, all the blame was put on Huo Xiaoran! I glanced at his face; no emotion! If he had no emotion, that meant things were going to get dangerous!

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