Ch.25 Unexpected

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I kept silent the whole time, shutting my eyes tightly, controlling my emotions. Yes, before I came here, I had already made up my mind, that not matter what ugly things were said, I must still bear with it. Only if Yun Li felt I was doing my part will she let me leave.

“What, even if no one approves of you, you will still stay in that position?” Someone shouted. I got a shock and opened my eyes, but met the contempt of all the board members below me.

I stood up abruptly, my fists tight, “Sorry, please excuse me.” Not waiting for Yun Li to say anything, I turned around and walked out. In the restroom, I slowly breathed in and out, releasing all the unhappiness suppressed in my heart.

“Do you still not see? She’s only using you as a disposable pawn!” Huo Xiaoran stood beside me, making my eyes fly wide open. This was the ladies room. Did he forget about gender after he died?!

After checking all around me nervously, I reminded him in a small voice, “This is for ladies only!”

“Xiaoya?” The door was pushed open, and I saw Yun Li walk in.

I turned around, opened the faucet, washed my hands, but kept looking at the Huo Xiaoran beside me while answering, “Yes, yes, I’m coming right now.” I pulled out some paper towels to wipe my hands. I was still very unused to being the only person able to see Huo Xiaoran. But what time this guy disappeared, I really didn’t notice.

“Are you okay?”

Yun Li blocked in front of me. The expression on her face was that of worry, but in her eyes, the flash of laughter didn’t go past unnoticed by me. I nodded, telling her I was fine, but Yun Li grabbed my hand and said, “Relax, those old men are just like that. To them, the Huo Corporation is their everything, so it’s normal for them to doubt your skills.”

I understood, she was testing me. After frowning slightly, I asked, “Why test me, I have nothing to do with the Huo corporation. It’s good they’re all here today, I think it’s better for me to explain it personally!”

Yun Li, looking worried a moment ago, suddenly nodded her head in satisfaction, her voice uncontrollably happy, “Yes, that’s good, if you do so, you can have less pressure.”

Arriving back at the conference room with Yun Li, another familiar face appeared. It was An Qiang, who had never spoken at home!

Sitting down, Yun Li’s foot seemed to touch me accidentally. I understood, so before anyone could say anything, I stood up and looked straight at everyone, “Everyone, it’s true that I’m unable to balance the Huo Corporation on my shoulder. So since everyone approves of chairman Yun, I don’t disagree.” Finishing my speech, I sat back down. I glanced at the faces below; most of them were smiling, of course except aunt An Qiang.

“I disagree!”

This was the first time I heard An Qiang talk. Her voice was cold, a coldness that seemed to originate in her bones. Her iciness could rival that of Huo Xiaoran.

“An Qiang, the An family had long since withdrew from the three largest shareholders of the Huo Corporation. Does your disagreement have any value?” It was still that old man who disapproved of me first. I really didn’t understand why this old man Chen was so protective of Yun Li.

An Qiang slowly stood up, her long black dress wrapping her small frame tightly, her pale face white as a sheet under the contrast of her black clothes. Inside her dark eye circles, her eyes were still bloodshot.

“Everyone! I hope you didn’t forget one thing, how Yun Li entered the Huo family. I believe I don’t need to repeat it! And I hope, that after you’ve all seen this, you can still think Yun Li’s goal is simple!” Saying these, An Qiang threw the stuff in her hand down  onto the round conference table.

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