Ch.27 Showing Who’s Boss

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Last night, after chasing away the drunkard Huo Xiaojin, I still wasn’t able to sleep well, because Huo Xiaoran stayed in my room the whole night. I was afraid something like last time will happen, so I stared my eyes wide open  the whole night, because I was scared!

After breakfast, I went to the company together with Stepmom. Obviously, Stepmom was still upset over yesterday’s happenings, her face dark. And I became a lost puppy. Stepmom didn’t even talk to me.

Watching Stepmom press the button for the top floor, I didn’t ask anything, just followed. Out of the elevator, Stepmom left without giving any directions. Looking at the reception’s desk not far away, I let out a long breath. Seems like I can only go there.

“Hi!” I smiled at the pretty girl standing behind the desk, feeling very lowly; I wasn’t just a little bit shorter than her.

“Hi! May I ask who you are looking for?” The pretty girl’s smile was very standard. She wore a fitting short skirt, her working card hanging around her neck. She even bended down a little towards me.

Looking at the pretty, delicate face full of makeup, I felt once again defeated. Only after some time did I say, “Uh, I, I’m Mo Xiaoya!” Finishing my sentence awkwardly, I saw the smile freeze on the receptionist’s face.

“What? Oh! Yes! This way please, your office is this way!”

She led the way, and I followed closely behind. The Huo Corporation was a very large company for producing and marketing make-up products. There were many child brands under the company, the most famous being Hotday, a brand that only produces a limited number of each product. This brand was a luxurious item all the fashionable and upper class young girls chased after.

Of course, I only saw a few glances of it on television, but now I’m in the Huo Corporation. To think about it, it really was unbelievable.

The office was very spacious, even luxurious. After the receptionist girl closed the door, I heard an uproar outside. I knew, it must be because of my appearance. True, a person like me, sitting here, did look like a joke.

Almost the whole morning, I sat there doing nothing. No one brought anything in. In truth, I knew that all those would be sent to Stepmom Yun Li’s office. Well good, I like the peace!

“Is sitting here by yourself interesting?” His cold voice sounded. I didn’t think it was strange.

I glanced at him sitting on the sofa and also chuckled coldly, “It is interesting. Although I don’t look like the crown prince by wearing an imperial robe, but at least I wore it once, right?”

“Interesting!” His tone sounded like he was watching a show, looking forward to it yet disdainful! Very conflicting. When I turned to look at him, he already disappeared.

Originally, I thought I could be left in peace, but just a few minutes later, Yun Li came, the person behind her carrying a stack of folders. She didn’t knock; Yun Li barged in.

“Look over these. If there’s no problem, then sign them!” Yun Li waved her hand, and the person behind her set all the folders onto the desk in front of me, a thick stack!

“This?” I looked towards Yun Li, confused. I already made my position clear before, telling her that I didn’t want to get involved with the Huo Corporation. She was pretty happy then; what came over her today?

Yun Li didn’t even glance at me. She flipped her hair and said, “I heard that An Qiang promised to help you, so these, are your responsibilities!” Finishing her sentence and before I could realize what happened, she left.

Looking at the stuff in front of me, I was surprised. She knew that An Qiang came to find me last night? How? No one went up the third floor. Except for me, there was only that damn ghost in the room. Or did An Qiang tell her? No matter how I thought about it, this incident seemed like a mystery, unable to unravel or guess the answer.

But this pile of stuff in front of me…… I knew this was Yun Li showing me, telling me, that no matter at home or at the Huo Corporation, she was the boss. I didn’t even flip through the folders. I picked the stack up with some difficulty, and made my way to Stepmom’s office by asking along the way.

I knocked on the door, and waited for a response before entering. I set all the folders on the desk to the side, smiling helplessly, “Stepmom, yesterday, Aunt did come find me, but I know I’m only a decoration.” Seeing the pleased smile on Stepmom’s face, I let out a long breath in my heart.

“It’s not Stepmom putting you into a difficult position, but that woman An Qiang, you should keep your distance from her. Don’t believe what she says; her heart is darker than you can imagine. Do you hear?”

I nodded. Looking at the rare smile on her face, I thought she was in a good mood. As the saying goes, strike the iron while it’s hot, so I also smiled and asked, “Stepmom, I’m useless in the Huo family, so when…… ”

“I know, don’t worry!” She cut me off impatiently, waving her hand, signalling for me to get out. Helpless, I could only leave.

“Look! That’s that legendary Mo Xiaoya!”

“Really, there really is such a person. So atypical!”


When I walked past, their gazes were still on me. Although I was uncomfortable, what could I say? There was a cafeteria in the company, but I didn’t go there for lunch, because I didn’t want to be in a place where there were crowds anymore. I didn’t plan to go back in the afternoon either. I haven’t been out for a long time; the Huo house was the same as a cage to me.

I walked on the streets boredly, but saw a familiar figure. Not anyone else, but Chen Ningxin, who came to the house the other day and made a big commotion, the woman who was rumored to be pregnant with Huo Xiaoran’s child. Just a few days not seeing, and her belly was even larger than before.

I stopped, watching her enter the coffee shop by the sidewalk. Curious, and before I could decide what to do next, something even stranger happened right in front of my eyes. An Qiang’s car! Made a turn and drove into the parking lot beside.

“Coincidence?” I mumbled to myself.

“You think it’s a coincidence?”

His abrupt voice scared me. This was on the busy streets, yet this fellow stood beside me blatantly.

I glanced at him, speaking in a small voice, “She’s pregnant with your child!” I pretended to lower my head, searching for something in my bag, because I was afraid of people seeing me and thinking I was mad.

“Really?” He laughed coldly, but his eyes were looking into the distance. After some time he spoke again, “A friendly warning, in the Huo family, you should choose to trust me. An Qiang and Yun Li, with them, you would probably never get any benefits.”

In my eyes, no one in the Huo family was a fuel-efficient lamp. But why was all the fire concentrated on me made me helpless.

All say enemies will definitely meet, and this time, I believed it completely, because in the car that just stopped in front of me, was Huo Xiaojin! A coquettish beauty was sitting in his passenger seat, her career line1 almost bottomless.

“What? Became a puppy no one wants?” Huo Xiaojin took off his sunglasses and looked at me, the corner of his lips curving upward.

“Go away!”

Looking at that face, anger exploded in me. When he had a fever, I cared for him so meticulously. Was I sick that day? Such a detestable person; I should have let him died a thousand times!

“Who is this, throwing a temper at Master Huo. Heedless of consequences?” The fair, soft arm of the woman made its way up Huo Xiaojin’s shoulder, the sound coming out of those bright red lips able to numb a person all the way to their bones.

I looked at the scene inside and shook my head. I glanced at the Huo Xiaoran beside me, and chose to ignore him without saying anything. Compared to Huo Xiaojin, this ghost beside me, was much more cuter. At least he didn’t make me detest him!

In front of me, the car door was opened, and Huo Xiaojin ordered, “Get out!”

“Master Huo?” The voice of the woman increased in pitch as she glared at me. I just raised my brows; what the heck did it have to do with me?

When Huo Xiaojin got off the car himself and pulled out the woman in the passenger seat, I was scared and backed up a few steps. But before I could realize what happened, he stuffed me into the car.

“What are you doing!” I shouted, wanting to open the car door.

But the next second, watching the buildings speed past my eyes, I gripped the handle of the door nervously!

“Are you crazy! I don’t want to die yet!” He was driving way too fast. The car weaved through traffic. Every time he passed another car, my heart almost jumped out of my throat.

In the end, I could only yell and shout with my eyes closed, until the piercing sound of brakes sounded. Then his breath puffed out into my face, and when I opened my eyes, I almost screamed at the face that was zero inches away from me.

“Go away! What do you want?” I pushed at his body, wanting to increase the distance between us.

At first, I expected him to make some rude move, but instead, a very serious expression was on that usually flirtatious face. He looked at me for a long time, his body not moving, until he asked in a deep voice, “What is your real purpose for coming into the Huo family?”

I paused. What did he mean by my purpose?

“Don’t think I don’t know, my brother doesn’t even know you! What marrying a month ago, that’s impossible. Yun Li can trick everyone, but not me!”

“You’re crazy!” I used my whole strength to push him away. That face; I really wanted to slap him awake!

“Did you think I wanted to enter the Huo family? I was bought by Yun Li! Do you know now? Bought! And my only purpose is to leave the Huo family!” I almost roared out the whole sentence.

Watching the unbelief on his face, I got even madder. Was the Huo family very prestigious? That everyone wanted to enter? He was much too arrogant.

“If possible, I want to leave now, immediately! Instantly! I don’t ever want to return to that cage again, don’t ever want to watch her mood again!” Not to mention there’s this mad person who makes a fuss in my room every night! At last, I still didn’t say this sentence out loud.

He chuckled coldly, his gaze moving over me before saying, “Don’t say it as if someone tied a rope to you.”

I was completely angered, my face flushed as I yelled at him furiously, “I tell you Huo Xiaojin, if not for Yun Li threatening me, that without her permission I wasn’t allowed to leave, if not for her threatening me with the power of the Huo Corporation, I would have left long ago! You really think your Huo family is a golden apple? Well I, Mo Xiaoya, do not care!”

But he only looked at me in surprise, and never said another word……

1. Career line: the line between the breasts of a woman (supposedly big boobs help with a woman’s career lol).

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5 thoughts on “Ch.27 Showing Who’s Boss

  1. Thank you for the mass release. But chapter 23 seems to be the same with chapter 22.. and chapter 26 ending seems unconnected with chapter 27.. or is it my imagination???


  2. Wow, what a nice surprise! Thanks so much for the mass updates!! And that right before my six-week business trip to overseas. I couldn’t ask for a nicer farewell present. 😀

    Maybe it’s just me, but Xiaoran is starting to piss me off. Xiaojin I can forgive to some extent (though not the nightly attacks), he, after all, hadn’t known until now why she’s there. But Xiaoran can apparently materialize anytime and anywhere he wants, so he should know why she’s there. And yet he acts like a self-righteous asshole who doesn’t mind sleeping with her and ridiculing her for trusting even one person in the family while at the same time refusing to explain why or who/what she should trust or helping her in any way at all. I’m starting to hope he is just a figment of her mind due to her own troubled childhood, because otherwise he’d need a really good excuse for his shitty behavior.

    (Sorry for all the swearing. At the moment I really hate him. If it wasn’t for Xiaojin treating her no better, I’d wish they were the OTP. Now I’m hoping they have a distant cousin or an illegitimate brother she could fall her…)

    An Qiang is starting to scare me a little. For some reason I get the vibe that she hurt herself in order to manipulate our MC. If that’s true, I’d rather not know what else she’s capable of….

    What I don’t understand is if Chen Ningxin really isn’t pregnant with Xiaoran’s child, why claim otherwise? I mean, she would have probably got away with it 50 (?) years ago, when there was no DNA testing, but now? It would be so easy to expose her as a liar, so I’m really curious what she’s trying to accomplish with this and how she’s going to go about it.

    Phew, such a long review. :’D I’m looking forward to binge-reading the new chapters in September!
    Stay safe and well you two!

    By the way, chapter 22 and 23 of GI are the same. 😉

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  3. Every time I finish reading GI I become speechless 😵 The MC isn’t very smart and her mistakes create even more troubles for her. But I think it turns out better that way because she can gain the trust of XiaoJin. Now she just has to listen to her husband and become an OP director and surprise everyone.

    Thank you for the chapters! Couldn’t stop myself and read all of it at once 😭


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