Ch.28 Should I Thank or Hate

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Night came again. Today, my room was unusually quiet. I sat by the desk, scribbling in my journal; sometimes I didn’t even remember what I just wrote. Looking up, I glanced out the window. The moon was very round, very bright. The full moon that appeared once a month happened to be today.

“So strange!” I mumbled. It really was strange. Usually, by this time, someone would have started making a fuss outside my door, but today it was so quiet it was creepy. I felt as if a thunderstorm was coming, an indescribable agitation in my heart.

When the clock struck twelve, I let out a small breath. Rare, so rare; Huo Xiaojin that drunkard didn’t come, and that damn ghost Huo Xiaoran was nowhere to be seen either. Maybe he knew that I wouldn’t get tangled in his business, so he went to find someone else?

I set down the pen, about to close my journal, when I suddenly realized my body temperature was much too high! And this high temperature seemed to come instantly, without any forecast.

My body started to feel numb and weak. I breathed in and out quickly, walking towards the door. Although it was such a short distance, I spent a long time getting there and opening the door.

“Matron, Matron Wang!” I shouted, my voice echoing in the hallway. Just when I wasn’t able to support my body and slumped to the ground, I saw her figure appearing at the stairway, and thanked the heavens.

“Mistress, what happened?” Matron Wang pulled me into her arms, her hand moving to my forehead. Maybe because she felt my burning temperature, her face paled instantly.

“Madame! Madame!” She yelled. Not long after, Stepmom walked up in her nightdress.

“What are you yelling about in the middle of the night?” Obviously, Stepmom was woken up, her face upset. But Matron Wang hadn’t even begin telling her my situation when Stepmom turned around to leave. After a few steps, she instructed Matron Wang, “Take her back to her room. After tonight, there won’t be any more trouble!”


I saw the worriedness on Matron Wang’s face. After she asked in confusion, she looked back towards me, distressed, keep trying to use her hand to lower my temperature.

Right now, I couldn’t talk anymore. But I could see the calm expression on Stepmom’s face, as if she knew that I would become like this beforehand.

“Carry her back, don’t be meddlesome!” Looking at the ruthlessness on Stepmom’s face, I really was baffled. Before, I truly believed, that if I was a good pawn, she will return freedom to me. But what about now? What did everything happening right now mean? I started doubting. My body felt like it was on fire; my blood even started to boil like hot water.

My eyes red, tears fell down my face, and my vision blurred. I felt Matron Wang’s hand wiping my face, seeming to wipe my tears away. Then my vision went completely dark. I couldn’t see anything; although my eyes were open, I couldn’t see anything.

Lying on the bed, the burning pain already spread out from my body, expanding over my skin. I felt as if I was in a pot of boiling water. I pulled up the corners of my mouth coldly. I had a feeling, from the depths of my heart, that I won’t be able to live past tonight!

“Do you see reality now?”

Huo Xiaoran’s voice sounded by my ear. His cold breath touched my skin, and immediately, I felt much better. I don’t know why, but because of that feeling, I actually found some strength. I don’t recall how my hand climbed onto him, but that’s what happened.

When my skin touched him, the pain seemed to teleport away, vanishing! When close to death, humans always become true to themselves, yes! Even me.

Greedily, I encircled him greedily, wanting to lay him on top of me. Although I could hear his low sigh, I still acted according to my own account, my hands moving over his body recklessly.

Hot, I was very hot, I needed his coldness to ease the extreme pain of my body. “Save, save me!” I used up all my strength to say it. It sounded like a low mumble.

“Yin gu1 that is originated from me; of course only I can save you.”

Although his voice was still icy, to me, it didn’t sound like before anymore. Instead of being frightened, I accepted it and was much more relaxed. But I was stunned by the two words he said, “yin gu”. In my life, I had never heard of those kind of stuff. Gu, wasn’t that the legendary, creepy existence?

His cold lips started on my forehead. Don’t know if it was because of the kisses, but my body started trembling. Nervous, my body became uncontrollably nervous. The scene of the first night appeared in my mind; I was scared, scared that it might happen again. My brain told me no, to push him away, but my honest body pulled him even closer……

Even though his kisses fell clearly on my face, even though I felt his hand moving on my body, even though I knew perfectly that that first night, was really him!

But I still wanted more. The first time, I struggled deep inside my heart. He was a ghost, a being that should not exist on this world. Why could he touch me like this, and why would my heart start beating again after his touch, and why would my body also start getting excited because of a ghost!

I shut my eyes tightly and felt him. Like last time, his unique, faint, sweet smelling scent like the oceans floated into my nostrils. I felt his cold touch graze over my skin, but it was different than last time. He was…… very gentle.

Beside my ear, his breathing labored, and I arched my body in response to the strange excitement in my body. After a muffled humph, he stopped, then just lay on me, not moving.

I don’t know how to respond to this situation. The first time, I just thought I had a dream; but this time, I couldn’t use a dream to explain it anymore, because it really happened. And this time, I truly experienced it. My eyes were shut tightly; I had to keep my eyes shut, pretending that none of this had happened.

“For how long will you keep pretending?” He suddenly disappeared off me, and then his voice sounded by my ear. But my face was red and I immediately pulled the quilt up over my head.

“Go away! You go away!” I yelled. Right now, I was extremely conflicted. I have not yet decided what to do, so I didn’t want him pestering me.

Mo Xiaoya, are you crazy, how could you do this with a ghost, what about your life? After yelling, I didn’t hear his voice again. After a long time, I poked my head out from under the quilt, because if I continued like that, I might suffocate under the covers.

Looking around, he was finally gone. Before I can understand what happened to my body, I do not want to see him.

Wrapping the quilt around me, I walked into the bathroom. Looking at the bruises all over my body, my fists tightened. What happened to me, Stepmom, it must be Stepmom! Stepmom’s expression on the stairway floated into my mind……

“Stepmom must have done something to me!” Even though I was naive, I wasn’t stupid!

“Well, well, well, so you’re not idiot!”

“You!” Because of his sudden appearance, I abruptly sank my body into the tub, hugging myself nervously. I pretended that the blush on my face was because of the hot water in the tub.

He appeared on the sink top, his upper body leaning against the mirror. But from my perspective, it was very creepy, because there was nothing in the mirror he was leaning against, even though he was sitting right there. I controlled myself desperately, trying not to think about the mirror. But when my eyes met his, I found that his intent gaze made me even more frightened.

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked. I don’t know why, but I just felt he had the answer, that he knew something.

Crossing his long legs and swinging them, he smiled coldly, “On the day of the wedding, someone planted yin gu on you, and I am your antidote.”

“Yin gu?”

“That’s right!” He lifted his head slightly, and only now did I realize, he really was handsome! That face, complete able to steal the hearts of all girls. No wonder Huo Xiaojin, who looked so similar to him, could have different beauties in his arms every day. Regarding Huo Xiaojin, I have already heard numerous sayings about him just over the span of a few days.

Those who leapt into his arms, not only were working women who wanted to fly up the branch and become a phoenix, but also those young ladies from rich and prominent families. But he was known for his one night stand! Just one night; after one night, he would not have anything to do with any of them anymore. I didn’t understand why he would do this, but……

My gaze fell on Huo Xiaoran’s face. What about him? Was he also like that?

“Before you even came here, Yun Li had thought out how to dispose of you. Yin gu, if you don’t have the antidote for it, on each night of the full moon, you will be poisoned, until your life withered away. And then, medically, you died naturally!”

“What?” The night of the full moon? Thinking back, the two times I had a relationship with him were both on nights of the full moon! Then he! I looked at him. He wasn’t taking advantage of me, but keeping me alive?

“Why, why would she do this, I, I have said clearly, I don’t want want to be here, I don’t want to tangle up in the Huo businesses, I even stated my position in front of everyone at the company, despite their scoffing! Why would she do this?” Regarding Stepmom, I realized a serious problem. From the beginning, did Stepmom plan to not let me leave the Huo family alive?

“Why? Because she needs someone to inherit my will that even she herself doesn’t know about, and she wants to change the Huo Corporation to become the Yun Corporation!”

Hearing this, I really didn’t know whether to hate everyone in the Huo family, or to thank this already dead ghost in front of me!

1. Yin gu: a type of poisonous parasite, from the other side (like ghosts); only high level people are able to breed and control them.

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3 thoughts on “Ch.28 Should I Thank or Hate

  1. Thanks for the update…
    what a sizzling chapter well not much like empress with no virtue.
    im getting more curious about the families secret and how did HXR died.


  2. Wow I did not see that one. How cruel that step mother is. At least XR is trying to save her 😐😐

    Thank for the update ❤❤


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