Ch.30 The Creepy Wedding (II)

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Maybe because of my labored breathing, Huo Xiaojin bumped me with his elbow and asked, “What’s the matter?”

But I didn’t move my gaze, watching the bride move past me. On the long tail of her snowy white wedding dress, sat a black, human figure, but I couldn’t see its face. Suddenly, a blood-red eye showed through the charred, messy hair. Only one eye. And that eye started looking at me when the bride walked past me.

I sucked in a breath, feeling all my blood shooting up towards my eye. My eye felt like it would exploded. I want to close my eyes, but to no avail. I can even clearly feel my eyeball bulging out, and piercing pain came from my eye socket.

I could feel Huo Xiaojin shaking my body anxiously, I could hear the muffled conversation of some people nearby, but I couldn’t control my own body. When I felt blood was going to spray out my eye, a figure suddenly blocked my view.

An instant, it happened in an instant. Finally not staring at the black figure, my body could suddenly move. My eyes shut, I started panting heavily. Huo Xiaojin pulled me into his arms hastily, as if about to carry me away, but I hurriedly waved my hand, “I’m fine, I, I’m fine now!”

I leaned against Huo Xiaojin tiredly. Although I didn’t want this to happen, but my body was always more honest than my heart. I felt drained, so I could only lean on him temporarily.

“Are you a pig? Even though you knew it’s dangerous to do that, you still had to look for yourself!”

This voice couldn’t be more familiar, it was Huo Xiaoran! He hadn’t appeared since yesterday; why would he be here so in time? Looking at him, I knew, if not for him, I would definitely be dead this time!

Pushing away Huo Xiaojin, I stood up slowly, “I’m going to the restroom.” Just as I turned around to leave, he grabbed my hand.

“Are you okay? I’ll go with you!” Seeing the worry in his eyes, I was a little surprised, but still shook my head, “No need, I’ll be back very quickly!”

I didn’t dare look back at the bride, because I knew that black figure was still there. When I finally walked to a corner, I asked, “What’s going on? What was that?” I didn’t understand. I had thought that it was because the creepy old lady did something to me so I could see the ghost Huo Xiaoran, but why could I see that thing now.

Even though I didn’t want to admit that it was a ghost, but besides a ghost, what else could it be?

“Why would I know what’s going on? That thing is obviously the same as me!” Huo Xiaoran’s answer was very casual.

“Stop playing dumb in front of me. I should only be able to see you, why can I see others too?” Ghost, this word, I still couldn’t say out loud. Even though I knew clearly in my heart, that that was a ghost, and a ghost with a very deep resentment. Because in that gaze, I felt its hatred clearly!

Huo Xiaoran curved the edge of his lip, “As for why you can see it, I really don’t know. But I think it must have something to do with ghost marriage and yin gu!”

Finishing, he looked towards the stage. The newlyweds have already finished walking the red carpet. Although I was still a little scared, when I looked over, there was no trace of the black shadow anymore. If not for what just happened to me, looking at it right now, I would have thought I hallucinated.

The bride was very beautiful, her smile was very happy, and beside her, An Ming was also gazing at her with love. When the best man brought the ring up, the groom accepted it, slowly sliding it onto the bride’s finger, then started to say the vows.

Suddenly, just beside the bride, I saw that black figure again. But it was just for a fleeting second before it vanished once more. My heart skipped a beat, an ominous feeling rising.

“What is it trying to do?” I stared, because a black object shaped like a hand was caressing the ring the groom put on for the bride. It’s action was very gentle, like nostalgia! So was it because of that ring?

“How would I know!” Huo Xiaoran shot back, then turned to watch the stage intently.

But I was surprised: “You don’t know? Aren’t you a ghost? Is there anything a ghost doesn’t know?” In my knowledge, ghosts were invincible. Even taking someone’s life should be easy as moving your fingers!

“Who said ghosts were invincible? Every world has its own rules!”

Although I didn’t really understand what he was saying, I could guess part of it. He probably meant that even for ghosts, there were things that could and couldn’t be done, or shouldn’t be done.

I watched as An Ming held the bride’s hand, raising the cold fire torch high. Although I was worried, I was still attracted by the high tower of wine glasses. It was really pretty. I have seen ones like it before, but back then, the glass tower wasn’t so big, so high, and so pretty as this one.

Applauding sounded in the room, and An Ming held the hand of the bride as they slowly put the cold flame torch onto the wine glass tower……

“No!” I screamed, because I saw the black shadow suddenly appear beside the bride and the glass tower. Just when the bride was lighting up the wine glasses, the black figure seemed to move, and then the high tower fell down directly towards the bride, the burning flames tinted with blue all crashing towards the bride.

An Ming yelled and jumped out of the way, but because of the long wedding dress, the bride wasn’t able to get away in time, and fell down on the stage. The liquid in the glasses soaked the bride, and the blue flames rushed up swiftly. Very soon, the stage was on fire!

Everyone escaped out of the room, and a few people looking like servants rushed over with fire extinguishers. An Ming just stood there in a daze, his eyes wide open.

I tried to rush over, but was pulled by Huo Xiaojin. Beside my ears were the painful screams of the bride. I struggled desperately, wanting to go over and help, but unable to, because I was not just a bit shorter than Huo Xiaojin.

“Don’t meddle!”

He said into my ear quietly. I stopped struggling and looked towards him in confusion. I couldn’t understand, there wasn’t any astonishment on his face, as if this was bound to happen. I looked at the woman rolling around the stage, my heart hurting. Although I didn’t know her, it was a human life!

Very soon, the fire was extinguished, but the woman on the ground scorched black. No one could tell it was a wedding dress anymore; looking over now, the most you could know was that it was a person. The ambulance drove right in and stopped beside me. Watching the nurses carry the bride hastily into the ambulance, I let out a small breath. At least she was still alive!

I was pulled away by Huo Xiaojin. In the car, I couldn’t keep silent anymore: “Tell me, what is going on?”

Huo Xiaojin sighed lowly, took out a cigarette and lit it, leaning his head against the headrest.

“An Ming’s first wedding was during the first year An Qiang married into the Huo family. It was a summer. His wedding was near the ocean, because the bride really liked the sea. But like today, after An Ming made the vows, the bride actually jumped into the sea from the rocks in front of everyone. We wanted to rush over and rescue her, but after a few waves, where was she to be seen?”

I watched him fearfully. He took a deep breath, then slowly spit out green smoke.

“From that time on, this is the sixth time. An Ming’s bride will have an accident after he makes the vows! And it’s impossible to prevent!”

“Ring! Did he use the same ring every wedding?” I asked.

Huo Xiaojin looked at me in puzzlement, then shook his head, “Of course not, the first ring fell into the sea along with the bride!”

He threw the cigarette out the window and started the car.

“It’s so late now, are we still going home?” I asked. The sky was already dark by now! The shadow I just saw still made me nervous, so I was even more afraid of the darkness of the night.

“No, but we can’t stay here for the night either. Let’s go find a hotel! Now that such a thing happend to the An family, most likely we won’t be able to go home for a while. Yun Li cares very much about the stock in the hands of the An family, so she probably hopes we can do something, to put her in favor of the old man of the An family.”

I shook my head. To everything Huo Xiaojin said, I agreed deeply. Yun Li was a person like that. To gain control of the Huo Coporation, she would do anything she can, not to mention that she didn’t have a good relationship with the An family. Last time An Qiang shamed her publically during the board meeting, and yet the stocks the An family held were important, so of course she would want the favor of the An family.

The most happy thing about marrying into a rich family was to be able to spend money without worrying it might run out, just like the room in front of me. It was already very lavish, but I heard Huo Xiaojin complaining it was too ordinary just now. To me, this was already extremely luxurious.

Without thinking much, I threw myself onto the bed. I needed a good rest after the turmoil of the day. But before I could close my eyes, my cellphone rang. The cellphone was brought to me by Matron Wang from Yun Li before I left, telling me to bring it along, so that if something happened, I could contact her in time.

But I knew, that she was afraid I might disappear from the Huo family. Leaving something with me, one, to remind me, and two, of course to easier control me!

I pressed the answer button: “Yes?”

“I heard that an accident happened to the An family?”

Sure enough, it was Yun Li. But she got the information fast enough. Even if it was printed on newspaper, it shouldn’t be out yet, but she knew so quickly. So she does care about the An family very much.


“Tomorrow, visit An Ming’s newly wed wife for me. I heard she’s not dead yet, still in the hospital. I will tell Huo Xiaojin to go with you.”

Yun Li didn’t bother being nice at all. I only answered yes after she finished instructing everything. Just as I was going to hang up, her voice sounded in the phone again: “Remember, this is your chance. If you can let that old man in the An Family trust me more, I will agree to let you leave the Huo family!”

Hanging up, I smiled coldly. Leave? Just don’t know if I was going to walk out of the Huo house, or I would be carried out the Huo House!

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  1. Thanks for the update, i really like the story. But i can’t like the FL. She’s so stupid, go go go FL trust Yun Li again and again so we can read another chapter of her evil plan on how to kill the mc.


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