Ch.31 Fright in the Hospital

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Actually, ever since that day when I found that Yun Li did something to me, I started to plan. Even though I was naive, now I also started to devise ways to escape the Huo house, escape Yun Li. To me, she was a siren, seemingly harmless but actually deadly.

Even after I knew she didn’t want me alive, she actually still used my leaving as an excuse to control me! But this time visiting the An family was my chance.

“You’re so stupid, so why are you trying to get water out of a dry well!”

I didn’t need to open my eyes to know it was Huo Xiaoran. Every time he appears, the temperature in my room would lower a few degrees. And now staying with him alone, don’t know when it started, but I felt much more natural, no longer anxious or fearful.

“Well, if you know I’m stupid, then why are you still trying to use me?”

“Don’t put it so harshly. Even if I really am using you, at least I’ll let you leave alive!”

I glanced at him, not wanting to discuss this stagnant topic with him anymore. Everyone said they’ll let me leave alive, but my body was still tampered on by others, I still lost my most precious thing, I was still imprisoned in this invisible cage!

“Woman! My patience is limited. Don’t take a yard when I give you an inch!”

“Ha! So funny. Then kill me! Perfect, does my life have anymore meaning? I am a live human being, I have my life, but what about you? The living buys me with money and uses me as a pawn! And wants to take my life.”

“Even dead people like you won’t leave me alone. You’re already dead; why can’t you just put everything down and leave? And you’re trying so hard to use me. Although I don’t know how much hate is between you two, I am a living person! A living person! Is it okay for you to take other’s people’s lives as a joke?” I spilled out everything in my mind.

Only when I stopped did I realize his expression was icy enough to numb people. But I already said it, and I’m not afraid. The worse that could happen was death!

“Not knowing what’s good for you!”

He suddenly vanished after throwing down this sentence. I sighed in a low voice, starting to be relieved I went through this unscathed, because his expression just now looked like he might actually really kill me. In my mind, the scene of the wedding appeared. To a ghost, killing a person was probably as easy as breathing!

“Remember, An Ming’s situation, don’t meddle! This is for your own good!”

The unexpected voice scared me so much that I screamed. After looking all around and making sure he didn’t reappear, I relaxed. But I still didn’t understand his words. Was he worrying for me?

Early the next morning, I was woken by Huo Xiaojin knocking on the door. Recalling Yun Li’s phone call yesterday, I could guess what Huo Xiaojin wanted to do.

“Okay, I know! I know!” After cleaning myself up, I walked out the door. Huo Xiaojin was leaning against the door frame, making passersby take second and third glances.

Can’t help it, who told him have an enchanting face like Huo Xiaoran!

“Let’s go!”

“You know where we’re going?” He followed behind me and asked.

“Where else, Stepmom also called you yesterday right? Today, we must go to the hospital to visit An Ming’s wife, correct?” Actually, I was very curious. If Yun Li could order me around, that was because there were things that limited me. But what about Huo Xiaojin? I didn’t understand. Why did Huo Xiaojin seem to listen to her every order; even if he was upset, he never got mad at her.

“I say, does Stepmom know some secret of yours that you don’t want told?” I asked.

He looked at me, puzzled. I laughed and said, “Or else, based on your attitude, you don’t look like a person who would obey her orders!” I expected him to get angry, or shout at me, but instead he fell quiet. Even when we walked into the hospital, he still didn’t say anything.

Looking at his expression, I guessed that my words made him awkward! In the hospital, Huo Xiaojin and I went directly to the top floor. The hospital wasn’t public, so there weren’t many people.

“An Ming!” Huo Xiaojin patted the man standing at the door of the ward.

Seeing An Ming’s haggard complexion, I felt sad for him. His wife was now lying in the ICU, completely wrapped in white gauze. I couldn’t even see her eyes. The monitors beside the bed beeped continuously. I couldn’t believe, that the person so beautiful yesterday, was now in such a state.

“Thank you for coming to visit her.” An Ming didn’t say much, only thanking Huo Xiaojin.

“What does the doctor say?” I asked in a small voice, my eyes searching the ward. I was a little worried. Huo Xiaojin just told me yesterday that every girl who married An Ming will die, but now she’s still alive, that thing, will probably appear again!

“Severe burns, still unconscious, I…… ” Before finishing, An Ming started sobbing.

Huo Xiaojin patted his shoulder, and supported him to a chair nearby to sit down, comforting him. Looking at him, I also felt sad. They got to the marriage part; that means they must love each other very much! Now that such a thing happened, it’s no wonder why he is so sorrowful.

Not long after, the old man I saw on the wedding came. But he didn’t come to this ward, instead going directly to the doctor’s office. Huo Xiaojin looked at me, then followed the old man away.

“I heard, that this happens every time you marry?” I asked in a low voice. Even though I knew this was not the time to say this, I still hoped I could help that poor woman in the ward.

An Ming looked blankly at me, tears in his eyes. I was just about to explain when he spoke: “Maybe, maybe this is my fate, that I shouldn’t fall in love with anyone!”

“Please don’t think me meddlesome, I just want to help her!” I pointed at the ward, then continued, “Before you got married the first time, have you hurt, hurt anyone?”

As soon as I finished, An Ming, whose head was hung low, suddenly lifted his head, his eyes full of fear. After a short pause, he stood up abruptly and left! I watched his leaving figure in confusion. So, was that ghost because of him? Can it be that he had some girfriend who committed suicide? Or why else would it always kill the women who were going to marry him!

After his figure disappeared, I turned to look inside the ward. Under the white gauze, I could barely see some blood and charred black. This reminded me of that black figure I saw on the wedding. It was also like this, black as char!

Just as my thoughts were wandering away, I saw her barely moving chest suddenly start moving in bigger motions, and heard the beeping from the electrocardiogram heart monitor representing her heartbeats getting faster. I looked towards the nurse station anxiously, but there was no one there. I rushed towards the doctor’s office.

Pushing open the door, it was empty inside. Sweat started beading on my forehead, and I rushed back to the ward. When I glanced in from the window, the bed was empty! There was no one on it! My face pressed on the glass, I started searching the ward frantically, but there was nothing.

Bang! A hand wrapped in gauze suddenly slapped on the window in front of me. I was really scared, jumping back a few steps. I watched the hand as it clawed on the glass window, making creaking noises. I was trembling, the sweat on my forehead already dripping down.

A head, a head covered in gauze slowly rose up from the bottom of the window. Blood-red eyes! There was a pair of blood-red eyes before me, staring straight at me. An icy feeling started crawling up from my feet……

“If you continue to meddle! The person dying will be you!” She didn’t say it; it was her slowly moving lips which told me.

“Don’t take a yard when given an inch!”

It was him! It was Huo Xiaoran. I scuttered behind him, wanting to escape that pair of blood-red eyes. Touching him, my tense heart immediately became calm. He was here, what a relief that he was here.

The person in the window only stared at us for a long time, then slowly disappeared down the window edge.

Huo Xiaoran turned around, threw away my hand and yelled, “I told you not to meddle! Can you not understand?!”

“I…… ”

“Don’t you understand that each pays his own debt? What did you think you could do? Look at yourself! You know nothing! What do you think you can do just with that little pity of yours?”

Looking at his cold and pale face, except for using tears to relieve my fear, I didn’t know what else to do or to say.

Only until I was crying so much I was out of breath, did he touch my face, his tone much gentler, “There are things humans can’t do, and there are also things ghosts can’t do. She did these, so she will be punished. And you must know, some things, even if you interfere, the results might not change.”

I nodded, crying. Although I didn’t understand what he meant, I was still alive, I didn’t want to die!

“Mo Xiaoya! Mo Xiaoya!” Suddenly, my vision went dark, and I felt someone patting my face. I felt like as if I had been faint for a long time, my body almost numb with stiffness.

Slowly, images began to appear before my eyes. When I finally got used to the light, I saw Huo Xiaojin looking at me worriedly.

Moving my head, I tried to look at my surroundings. When I realized I was lying in a ward, I asked in confusion, “Where, where am I?” I searched around in the room, where was Huo Xiaoran? He was right beside me a minute ago!

“Where? In the hospital! How could you suddenly faint when you were perfectly fine? How do you feel now, is anything making you uncomfortable?” He patted my hands and feet gently. I shook my head, telling him there’s nothing wrong with me.

The door to the ward was pushed open, and a doctor walked in with his stuff. He came to my bed and said to Huo Xiaojin solemnly: “What kind of husband are you? How could you still let your wife be so busy and tired when she’s pregnant! Really!”

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8 thoughts on “Ch.31 Fright in the Hospital

  1. oh my god, she’s pregnant? what kind of child will be born when the father not even a human. i bet the stepmom will use this as a reason to blame her. saying she’s not faithful to the company board member so she can kick her out from her position


  2. Gasp!!! (I didn’t think it was possible for Huo Xiaoran to get anyone pregnant in the state he is in now…)Thanks for the chapter! 😀


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