Ch.32 Still In Fright

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My gaze blank, the doctor’s words floating beside my ear. I was already pregnant for two weeks!

“Mo Xiaoya!” Huo Xiaojin picked up a chair furiously and slammed it onto the ground, and the chair instantly splintered. I only glanced at him before continuing to stare at the white wall in front of me, my mind blank!

Impossible! Impossible! He was a ghost! How could I be pregnant with his child! My thoughts buzzed. I felt the doctor must have gotten something wrong. But besides demanding a second exam desperately, there was nothing else I could say.

“Two weeks! That means, you got pregnant after you married into the Huo family! Although my brother already left, I still refuse to let you stomp on his dignity like this!”

Looking at Huo Xiaojin, who looked like he wanted to kill me, I didn’t know what say. I just shook my head and mumbled, “I really don’t know, why this happened!”

“You don’t know?” He suddenly started laughing, but except for mocking, I couldn’t hear anything else from it.

“What do you think our Huo family is? Idiots? For you to cheat on like this!”

“I don’t want to argue with you!” Putting on my shoes, I wanted to take a walk alone. Right now, I really needed to calm down and think about it.

Huo Xiaojin’s furious roars sounded behind me, but I didn’t stop, walking directly out the door. On the way to the restroom, I passed by where An Ming’s wife was. I couldn’t help taking a second glance. Now, not only was An Ming standing at the door, but also the old man from the An family whom Yun Li told me to favor.

“An Ming, what did you do? Why would all these happen?” Old man An asked in a low voice.

An Ming didn’t reply, hitting his head with his hands and shaking his head. I could see tears dropping to the ground by his feet, dropping onto his shoes.

Old man An suddenly slapped An Ming’s back and stood up, pointing at the window of the ward, “She has your child in her belly, my grandchild! No matter what you did, I want her to give birth to the child successfully!”

“Dad! Did you think I did all of this? Even the fiercest tiger won’t eat its own cubs! How could I do this?”

My gaze swept over the woman inside. She was also pregnant! I thought back to the happenings that felt like a dream. Even though others might think it was just a dream, I myself knew, that was real. Just, the child in her belly……

Sighing, I shook my head, and walked to the end of the hallway without stopping. I gazed into the distance, my hand subconsciously moving to my abdomen. There was already a life starting there.

I don’t know how long I stood there. Only when night came, did I notice I couldn’t see anything anymore. And I also made a decision!

I will keep this child, for no other reason, just because it was my child, and had nothing to do with others! No matter who the father was, as long as the child is in my belly, that meant the child was normal!

I won’t even tell Huo Xiaoran. For the child in my belly, I must leave the Huo house even faster. This child was not wished for. If someone knew about his existence, both the child and I would be in danger.

A wind blew past, bringing coldness with it. I pulled my clothes tighter, ready to go back to my ward, because there was another person I needed to explain to. If I wanted to keep this child, I must make Huo Xioajin keep silent.

Passing by the ward of An Ming’s wife, there was already nobody in front of the door. But when I glanced inside the ward, my feet stopped abruptly. Because the person that was supposed to lie on the bed was sitting up slowly! Her movements looked very unnatural, I don’t know how to describe it.

When I saw her pull off the wires from the monitor from her body, I covered my mouth and sucked in a deep breath. Did I faint again? I pinched myself on my arm, hard. The pain told me this was real!

When the woman wrapped in blood-soaked gauze stood up slowly and walked towards the window, I suddenly had a feeling that she would jump down from there. Without thinking, I pushed open the door and rushed inside. When I stopped, the woman nearing the window also stopped, turning her head around to look at me.

Bang! Along with her movements, the door behind me suddenly closed, the curtains over the glass window also pulled down tight.

She just stood their quietly. When she saw I didn’t make another move, she turned her head back around, and started walking awkwardly to the open window……

“You!” I shouted, “I don’t care who you are! But this woman is innocent!” Even I didn’t know where I got the courage. But after my yelling, she suddenly stopped moving.

“Do you know, there’s a child in her belly! A child! No matter what adults did wrong, the child is innocent.” I have never even talked to that woman, but when I heard she was also pregnant today, I suddenly felt close to her.

No matter what, I want to try and save the child in her belly!

Seeing that she stopped, I felt that she was hesitating, and couldn’t help be a little joyous. Maybe because of this hesitation, I believed in more that this ghost might be An Ming’s ex-girlfriend.

But this pause only lasted for less than three minutes before she started walking towards the window again. No matter what I shouted, she didn’t stop. When she climbed on top of the railing of the balcony, I rushed over, and grabbed her hand tightly.

“An Ming! An Ming made you die, right?” I tried shouting.

But she only looked at me and smiled creepily. The white gauze on her head started getting soaked in blood because of her smile. But I didn’t dare think of anything else, didn’t dare to let go of her hand, because I knew, once I let go, the last hope for her child would be gone.

“If it’s because of An Ming, then why don’t you go find him? You know this woman is innocent too!”

“Let, go!”

She shocked me by suddenly talking. But her voice made people frightened from the inside of their bones. It was shrill and sharp, and very ethereal.

“No! I won’t let go! Your death is not her fault. If it’s because of hate, then can you please stop hurting innocent people. Go find the person who harmed you directly, make him kneel down in front of you, apologize for his mistakes, or just kill him, anything, but you can’t hurt innocent people! Not to mention that there’s a child in her belly!”

Because of our close distance, by the moonlight, I saw, that in that pair of eyes almost completely covered in gauze, were a few drops of shining tears……

“Don’t think that because he’s here to protect you, you can do anything you want. If we really start fighting, he wouldn’t get any benefits! Those unhappy spirits who haven’t touched blood; he doesn’t even count as a ghost!”

I was surprised. I didn’t expect for her to turn the conversation to Huo Xiaoran. Because I my momentary stun I let go a bit. But I saw her mouth curve even more upward, the gauze on her face already soaked in blood, but the tears in her eyes even more obvious!

“No!” I screamed, leaning down. At the last second, I grabbed her hand tightly, watching her body sway in the air.

“Grab tight, don’t let go!” I said with difficulty. I knew this woman could hear it, or why else would there be tears in her eyes!

I originally thought that the female ghost wouldn’t do anything else, but in front of my eyes, a black shadow disentangled itself from her body. My heart started thumping around wildly in my chest. On her back, a black shadow started uncurling itself, and I saw a scorched black face with only one blood-red eye.

“The fault is not on her! Just why can’t you let go? Go find whoever harmed you! Innocent people can’t disperse the hatred in your heart!” This time, I wasn’t afraid. Because in my slightly numb hand, I was holding onto two human lives!

The hand the black figure was reaching towards me suddenly stopped in mid-air, then slowly retracted. I watched nervously, using my whole strength to not let go. Outside the door, noises sounded, then someone banged the door open. I glanced back, then pulled on her hand even more tightly.

“Next time! If you dare stop me again, you! I won’t let you go either!”

When I turned back around because of her voice, the black figure had already disappeared from her back! And she started crying and screaming.

“What are you doing?” Huo Xiaojin was the first person to rush to my side, and seeing the person I was pulling on, reached out and helped me get her up.

Watching Huo Xiaojin pull her up, I let out a long breath. When Huo Xiaojin finally got the woman back up, An Ming rushed inside, hugging the woman and started to cry.

“Why are you so stupid? We still have a child! A child! How could you be so selfish and want to take away our child!”

I know, in their eyes, they would think she wanted to commit suicide because of the severe burns on her body. But I knew how brave she was! Even if the female ghost controlled her body, she still wanted to live.

“Mu Ni, the An family will treat your wounds even if we have to go bankrupt. Don’t fret, rest well. Anyway, no matter how you look, I, An Tingren, will only accept you as the wife of our An family!”

Only now, did I know the old man of the An family was called An Tingren!

“Are you okay?” Huo Xiaojin patted my shoulder and asked.

I shook my head calmly. I didn’t expect for him to come look for me; I thought that after he was sure I cheated on Huo Xiaoran, he would leave angrily, and then go home and tell Yun Li everything that happened here.

Looking the nervous faces of people of the An family, I felt a little sour. I knew that Mu Ni was still able to get such attention and care — not to mention if An Ming really loved her — was mostly because she was pregnant with the child of An Ming.

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  1. This is probably my favourite story you’re translating x_x)9 I’ve only ever read about 1 other ghost romance I liked and it was an English novel 😩

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