Ch.35 What Did Happen In the An Family

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The morning sunlight is always the most beautiful, because it is pure without a fleck of dust! I didn’t sleep for the whole night, because till the end, Huo Xiaoran still didn’t tell me what happened to him yesterday. My hand touched my chest. This place, after seeing the almost transparent him last night, actually hurt!

Counting carefully, if I counted nights of the full moon of the Yin gu, he had already saved me four times! And when I saw his weak figure yesterday, I was suddenly afraid that he might die like this! No, he is already dead. I was afraid that he might disappear.

“Why are you absent-minded in the morning? Get up and eat something!” Huo Xiaojin walked in and set the things in his hand on the table.

I looked at him, but began to think about how Huo Xiaoran would look like when he was alive! He should also be slender and tall like Huo Xiaojin……

“Get up. Don’t think I’m going to feed you!” Huo Xiaojin got impatient. I came back to realization and slapped my forehead. I really feel I’m going crazy these days! Why think about those! After scolding myself internally, I saw the bowl of hot porridge beside my bed, but it didn’t look like it was bought!

Although the porridge was thick, I saw things like rice kernels inside!

“Huo Xiaojin, don’t tell me you made this yourself!” I pointed at the thing in front of me, then picked up a large lobster from it. The dead eyes of the lobster stared at me, but I threw it back into the bowl and laughed till I was breathless. I knew he wanted to make a seafood congee, but who will put these big, hardshell lobsters in a porridge?

Huo Xiaojin’s face went white then red, and he snatched away the bowl from in front me, yelling: “What are you laughing at? This is the first time I wanted to make something for you to eat!”

I patted my chest, trying to regulate my breathing, “Sir, this is not the first time you wanted to make something for me to eat; it’s the first time you actually cooked something! For seafood congee, just use those smaller, cheaper farmed shrimps. If you really want to use lobsters, at least take off their shells!”

“If you don’t want to eat it, fine!” He pursed his lips and covered the bowl, about to put it back in the bag.

Looking at how cute he was, my face started burning a little. I didn’t say anything more, but took the bowl back from him, then started eating solemnly, even though…… it smelled of raw fish, and it didn’t have salt! But I still swallowed everything down.

“Does it taste okay?”

Looking at his nervous expression, I nodded my head with some effort. Truly, this feeling was very warm.

“Huo Xiaojin?” I could call his name naturally now. He rested his chin on his hand and stared at me through his dark eyes, and I smiled, “Your brother; what was he like?”

This was the thing I thought about all last night after Huo Xiaoran left. After being with him for so long, although he was cold and aloof, he did save me, a useless stranger, multiple times. I just realized I knew nothing about him, except what I heard about in school: he was responsible and decisive, a business genius, the golden bachelor all girls dreamed for.

Huo Xiaojin’s expression changed abruptly, his eyes filling with sorrow. After some time, he spoke quietly: “My brother, is the best elder brother in the world! Although he’s stubborn and seemingly aloof, he has the warmest heart!”

Stubborn? Aloof? I twitched my lips. These two points couldn’t be more correct! But that warm heart……

“Why do suddenly ask this?” Huo Xiaojin’s voice interrupted my thoughts, and I shook my head: “As his legal wife, wouldn’t it be normal to be curious about him?”

Huo Xiaojin wanted to ask something else, but someone knocked on the door. I answered, and the door was pushed open. It was An Qiang. She didn’t look happy.

“Huo Xiaojin, help me ask the doctor when I can leave the hospital!”

He looked at An Qiang then at me. Although he was puzzled, he still nodded and walked out.

“What happened? You look upset!” I asked.

An Qiang walked to my bedside and sat down, shaking her head, “I talked to Father yesterday, but he didn’t say anything. I tried again today, and he still didn’t give any answer!” An Qiang looked discouraged, but I chuckled.

“He’s waiting!” I replied simply. Seeing the confusion on her face, I explained, “Yesterday, I saved Mu Ni, but he doesn’t believe me. He probably thinks it was an unsuccessful murder!”

“Murder…… ”

I nodded, “Yes! It’s very simple. He knows I’m with Yun Li! And he said yesterday, he only trusts Yun Li thirty percent.”

“An Tingren doesn’t even trust me, not to mention Yun Li!” Huo Xiaoran’s voice suddenly appeared besides my ear. I only glanced at him. This fellow was getting bolder and bolder. Before, he only came at night, but now, it doesn’t matter whether day or night. Whenever he wants, he hops out and butts in.

But seeing that his color returned to normal, I let out a long breath inside. He was okay!

“Don’t worry! There shouldn’t be any problems with Mr. An! But what about after? How are you planning on ruining Yun Li?” I asked.

She glanced at me, then lowered her head, her voice even darker than usual.

“I will wrestle over the control of the Huo Corporation from her, then dig out all her black history, letting the world see who this haughty Miss Yun really is! I will make her live in the spit of people, until she loses the will to live!”

I shuddered, suddenly suspecting that if the poor, pitiful An Qiang was really the true her? I never thought that this was An Qiang’s plan. I assumed she would just chase Yun Li away.

“You should be careful of An Qiang! She’s hidden very deep!” Huo Xiaoran had moved to the window at some time. The sunlight shone on him, looking sparkly, very pretty. Blankly, I stupidly forgot to take back my gaze. Only when An Qiang called my name repeatedly did I realize I blanked out.

“What? Yes, that’s what we’ll do!” I lowered my head awkwardly, my heart beating fast. I was a little worried that An Qiang might find something abnormal, so I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. The good thing was that although she looked at the window puzzledly, she only asked me if I felt okay.

“I’m fine, I…… ” Before I could finish asking her to leave, a wave of nausea washed over me, and I ran out the door with Olympic speed into the restroom. I vomited that whole bowl of porridge I just ate.

Huo Xiaojin, Huo Xiaojin! Your porridge is so lethal! I wiped my mouth and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pale. I was about to open the faucet when I heard two voices from outside the restroom.

“Sis, it must be Weiwei, it must be her! All these years, everything that happened to me must be because of her!”

The voice was very familiar, like I’ve heard it before. But I shook my head; eavesdropping was not my hobby. I reached for the faucet again when An Qiang’s voice floated into my ear.

“Little Ming, don’t overthink it! How’s it possible? These are just coincidences. You’re thinking too much.”

“Sis! I’m sure. Mu Ni woke up for a few minutes just now, and although she couldn’t talk yet, I heard her whispering ‘ghost’ over and over. Just that one word, I’m sure! It must be Weiwei.”

Then I heard An Ming’s sobbing, and then bangs, as if someone was slapping something.

“Little Ming, stop hitting, this is not your fault. It’s Weiwei’s own doing, and that event was only an accident! After all these years, do you still feel guilty? She’s already dead, dead for many years. Forget about her!”

I only realized now that might the female ghost who wanted to kill Mu Ni be the Weiwei they were talking about? Did An Ming accidently killed his girlfriend?

“An Ming, don’t think about it anymore. How could there be ghosts in this world? You’re overthinking this!” An Qiang’s voice started fading away.

I walked out slowly from the restroom. As soon as I was out, I saw Huo Xiaoran leaning on the wall beside the door, his gaze also on two figures down the hallway: An Qiang and An Ming.

“Who’s that Weiwei?” I muttered. I didn’t expect for Huo Xiaoran to answer: “An Qiang’s younger sister! An Wei!”

I was suddenly rooted there, staring at the Huo Xiaoran beside me. An Qiang’s younger sister? In other words, An Ming’s older or younger sister? How could that be? A closest family member actually becoming an unhappy spirit and wouldn’t leave, only wanting revenge? What did happen in the An family?

Coming back to my senses, I walked to the window and stood there, facing outside, asking in a small voice, “An Wei? An Ming’s younger sister?” Of course I was asking Huo Xiaoran. The reason I chose this direction was to avoid anyone seeing me talking to a wall.

Huo Xiaoran moved closer to me, then shook his head and answered, “Not younger sister, but older sister! She’s An Ming’s older sister, An Qiang’s younger sister. An Qiang and An Wei were twins!”

“What, what happened to her?” My heart was jumping around nervously. I couldn’t understand; if they were siblings, why would An Wei become an unhappy spirit, and want to seek revenge from her own brother? Because after facing off with that female ghost, I was sure it had nothing to do with Mu Ni; it was An Ming.

Huo Xiaoran shook his head: “I don’t know what happened. I only remember that that year, the An family said An Wei died of an accident, and it was shortly before An Wei and Uncle’s wedding. But soon after, just at the end of the year, Uncle married and brought An Qiang into the Huo family!”

I was completely baffled! What does An Wei’s death have to do with An Qiang? An Qiang, An Wei, An Ming; and now Huo Ningen!?

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