Ch.36 She Came

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In the afternoon, Mu Ni awoke. Although she was still wrapped in white gauze, she was clear-minded. But when An Tingren questioned her, she only screamed about ghosts fearfully.

An Tingren was first surprised, then confused. Standing to the side, An Qiang and An Ming looked uncomfortable. One pale and frightened, the other’s expression heavy and puzzled. Of course, me, who directly faced off with the female ghost, was not interested about the ghost Mu Ni kept shouting, but An Ming and An Qiang’s behavior……

Huo Xiaoran was beside me the whole time, warning me not to meddle in the An family’s affairs. To be honest, after thinking about it, I think he’s right. Even if I needed the An family’s backing, I already talked it over with An Tingren; after making sure that I saved Mu Ni  instead of trying to harm her under someone’s orders, An Tingren will then stand on my side.

After Mu Ni described what happened that day, An Tingren talked to me, admitting that the An family was in debt to me. And I directly told him that I wanted to overturn Yun Li. Still, aged ginger is more prudent; with An Tingren, I couldn’t guess how he viewed this matter.

Only when An Qiang fanned the fire worriedly from the side, An Tingren allowed, “I never bet sizes.”

“Mr. An?” I started thinking. This answer wasn’t good for me! His meaning was very clear: if he could only bet on one of us, me or Yun Li, he would not bet. Thinking here, I chuckled, “Mr. An, what if I give half of the Huo Corporation to Mr. An Ming if I win?”

Light immediately glinted in An Tingren’s eyes, and I didn’t say anything else. I trust that with this offer attached, he would definitely agree. The reason, simple: An Tingren was a businessman!

“Since Miss Mo has shown sincerity, I should also make my stand. Even if Yun Li married into the Huo family, you, as the wife of Huo Xiaoran, should be the legal heir. So, I will stand behind you. But remember, only behind you.”

I was a little dumbfounded, looking at An Tingren, so sly! This was obviously because he didn’t want to conflict with Yun Li head on!

“Tell him, he must appear on the board meeting. You must make Yun Li and the others know, that the An family is behind you!” Huo Xiaoran’s voice appeared suddenly. Like before, I didn’t dare look at him. With so many people present, if I suddenly turned and face the air beside me, people would think I’m mad!

Looking at An Tingren, I replied lightly, “Mr. An, at the board meeting, I hope you can attend. After all, if you, the large tree, isn’t there, what should I do?”

A flicker of confliction appeared in An Tingren’s eyes, then his gaze focused on me. But I chuckled coldly in my heart. I understood what Huo Xiaoran meant, but now this old fox might suddenly realize that I’m not as simple as I seemed.

Of course, before, I didn’t know how to face all these. But after Huo Xiaoran’s reminder I understood. I attended one board meeting, so if An Tingren’s an old fox, then I’m at least a young fox! Without a strong and powerful backing, how would they all stand on my side.

If the situation favored Yun Li, then all I planned to do would be nothing.

“I understand!” An Tingren stood up and left, only leaving this one reply. When walking out the door, An Tingren suddenly stopped and turned to look at me. I could feel him suspecting something, but I smiled confidently, and he shook his head: “An Qiang, I need to leave home a few days. Today, you and An Ming take Mu Ni home, it’ll be easier there. Miss Mo, you should stay at my house for a few days also. If you return now, you probably won’t get any benefits from Yun Li.”

I nodded. An Tingren really is an old fox. Just today Yun Li had called, telling me to get An Tingren’s favor, make him appear on the next stockholder’s meeting and support her.

Sometimes, I really didn’t know what Yun Li was thinking, letting me do all these. If to say she trusted me, that was impossible. I glanced at Huo Xiaojin, who was standing outside the door. So it seems that Yun Li didn’t trust me, but him! So Yun Li thought of Huo Xiaojin as her supporter, and I was only a pair of hands she could remote-control.

Not staying for long at the hospital, An Qiang and An Ming took Mu Ni home as An Tingren ordered. Now why did they say having money was everything? As they left the hospital, the hospital director came out and said they would arrange for doctors to go to the An house everyday until Mu Ni recovered, and told An Tingren not to worry!

Walking into the An house, it wasn’t any less better than the Huo house! The yard where the accident happened was already cleaned up. The servants made some dinner, and An Tingren left as soon as he ate. The only difference between the An house and Huo house was that the servants never stayed overnight in the An house, but left after their work was done.

Night came. Ever since Mu Ni woke up and said there was a ghost, An Ming had been pale and frightened, yet An Qiang seemed to be happy. So she was already tasting the victory. Huo Xiaojin cared for me very carefully, even helping me hide the fact I was pregnant.

About this, I really was very grateful towards him!

Midnight, Huo Xiaoran was again in my room, sitting in the air lazily, telling me some of the business philosophies and simple advertising methods of the Huo Corporation. This was an agreement between me and him; to successfully snatch the Huo Corporation from Yun Li, he was tutoring me. Suddenly, I felt the floor under me trembling, and I sat up abruptly.

“This is?” I asked in a small voice.

In the air, Huo Xiaoran looked towards the window. After some time, he squinted and answered, “She came!”

“Who?” I frowned, not knowing who the “she” Huo Xiaoran was talking about. Only when Huo Xiaoran waved his hand, and the door locked itself, did I realize that was it An Wei! That female ghost!

The temperature in the room slowly decreased. Huo Xiaoran only moved his fingers, and the quilt wrapped around me tightly. He looked at me and shook his head. I understood, he was reminding me once again not to meddle.

I kept my hands over my belly. Now, I can’t go and do things rashly anymore, because he was in my belly! I nodded. For the first time in my life, I forcefully wrapped up my kind heart, repeating to myself, yesterday’s debt, pay today!

An Wei was unable to rest must be because An Ming did something, and that was An Ming’s debt!

An Ming’s room was right above me. The hanging light in my room started shaking furiously, and some dust fell down.

“No! No! You’re not real, not real!” An Ming’s voice was exceptionally sharp, his footsteps frantic, as if he was running around in the room, trying to hide from something.

I was staring at the ceiling, my heart beating even faster, because An Ming’s sharp voice seemed tragic. Huo Xiaoran, still floating in the air, had on an expression of indifference, as if nothing was happening.

“An Wei! I’m sorry, please let me go, let me go, I don’t want to die, don’t want to die, I…… ” Before An Ming could finish, I heard a crack, extremely piercing in the night. It sounded like a bone breaking, and An Ming immediately screamed. I covered my ears in fright.

An Ming screamed for a long time, until his voice was very weak. But the creepy laughter in his room made all my hairs stand on end, and my body trembled. I’ve never heard a sound like that in my whole life. It wasn’t possible for a human to make that sound; it sounded like a cat, but like a crow too!

“Return me my life!” A woman’s voice floated through the air, very unreal, but I knew it was An Wei.

“It wasn’t me! Really, it wasn’t because of me. It’s An Qiang, it’s An Qiang!” An Ming yelled desperately. The sound of nails scraping on the floor sounded from my ceiling.

A woman’s crazy laughter cut off An Ming’s yell, then fast banging sounds came from above, like something was being picked up by someone and thrown around. With the sound, my eyes moved over the ceiling. Every time the banging sounded, I could feel the wall or the floor shake.

The sound of bones breaking and An Ming’s screams and cries for help sounded. I closed my eyes in panic. I really wanted to go and persuade An Wei to let him go, but I knew that would be useless. Last time, when she wanted to kill Mu Ni, I already touched her bottom line. This time, I really couldn’t do anything!

Not long after, the room above me quieted. I stared at the ceiling curiously.

“Six times, I made you lose a person you deeply loved. But what about you? Do you not have any sorrow or regret? Did your heart even hurt? When I wasn’t able to be with the person I loved, that pain was enough to kill me. But you? What about you? Haha…… ”

The dark laughter sounded ghostly. And then, bang! Another sound of something slamming onto the wall, along with the cracking sounds of bone breaking.

“No, it’s not, not me!” An Ming’s voice was already extremely weak, just these few words took him a long time to finish. Then I heard sounds of someone hitting the floor…… and An Ming’s plea, “An, Qiang, save, me.”

Bang! I heard noise of the door opening next to my room, then a series of hurried footsteps. I was surprised; An Qiang’s room was right next to me! Was she going to save An Ming? Originally, I wanted to follow and look, but before I could get off the bed, Huo Xiaoran stopped me. To fight a ghost, you had to be a skilled daoshi1 to win!

Then An Qiang’s voice sounded above me, “An Wei! Is that you? Your death, has nothing to do with us!”

“Hahahaha…… ” Creepy laughter sounded once again. I swallowed, truly admiring An Qiang’s courage.

1. Daoshi: a person who fights and expels ghosts.

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