Ch.38 Showdown

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On the way home, Yun Li called, and I told her that An Tingren agreed to attend the next shareholders’ meeting. Hearing Yun Li repeat “this is good, very good” in the phone, I shook my head wordlessly, really looking forward to the expression on her face when that day comes.

Returning back to the Huo house, Yun Li seemed very busy these days; I only got to see her once or twice. But I liked it this way, since previously I was worried about how to face the sly Yun Li. I wanted to go back to college, but when I remembered Yan Bei, I gave up. I should wait a few more days, and when everyone forgot what happened between Yan Bei and me, I might return.

Uncle Huo Ningen also leaves early and returns late everyday, doing something. And except for walks in the yard, I stayed inside the house almost the whole time. Huo Xiaojin brought back bags of clothes everyday. Only when the clothes in my closet which I never wore were completely switched out by him, did he stopped his insane shopping spree.

“I say! Why are you buying all these?” I wasn’t staying at the Huo house for long; two days later was the date for the board meeting. On that day, after overthrowing Yun Li, and persuading that old fox An Tingren to let Huo Xiaojin take over the Huo Corporation, I could leave the Huo family.

Stuffing the clothes into my closet and packing up the ones Yun Li prepared for me, Huo Xiaojin behaved like he didn’t hear my question, the words out of his mouth completely unrelated to the question.

“How are you these days? Are you feeling unwell? Uh, if you need to go to the hospital, I’ll go with you!” He said this awkwardly, but I laughed and shook my head. I had calculated the time; only after leaving the Huo house and getting rid of Huo Xiaojin, will I go to the hospital.

If I go now, Huo Xiaoran will definitely be suspicious.

“You’re not feeling well?” As expected, Huo Xiaoran popped out of nowhere.

“Of course not! I’m perfectly fine. Huo Xiaojin, don’t you need to work? So much leisure time every day?” My words were intended for both of them. Taking advantage of Huo Xiaojin focusing on my closet, I glanced at Huo Xiaoran, afraid that he might discover something. But the good thing was,he didn’t seem to notice anything.

Huo Xiaojin packed my old clothes into a box, and said while he was leaving, “Does the young master of the Huo family need to work?” Walking out the door, Huo Xiaojin kept raising his brows and winking at me. I pulled a straight face and glared at him, then slammed the door shut.

This freaking fellow was always so crazy, sometimes acting like a sweet guy, so caring and considerate, speaking soft and kind words; and sometimes he was crazy enough to go die!

Closing the door, I turned and saw a faint smile on Huo Xiaoran’s face. It was one of those sincere smiles that came from the bottom of one’s heart.

“Thank you!” Huo Xiaoran said.

I was completely baffled, and asked in confusion, “Are you ill? Why are you thanking me?”

“Huo Xiaojin hasn’t been as gentle as this for a long time. I can feel, that his injured heart is slowly healing. And it’s you who made a difference.”

I looked at him in confusion, but I did wonder in my heart. Really, these days, Huo Xiaojin is so different from when I first came to the Huo house. Even though sometimes he would still do things that annoyed me, at least I didn’t dislike him anymore.

“How about telling me about his injured heart?” I purposefully changed the conversation topic.

Huo Xiaoran looked at me for a long time. When I was about to give up, he spoke: “Little Jin’s smile is still in my memory. It was so beautiful, so warm, like the sunshine; no matter what difficulties I faced, as long as I saw that smiling face, I was confident that I could make it through.”

When Huo Xiaoran spoke, his gaze seemed distant, but his expression was warm and loving. I even felt that at that moment, he didn’t give off that cold air anymore, instead replaced by a warmth, a warmth that could make you feel warm even through a lightning storm.

At the end, I even forgot to breathe, sinking deeply into his expression. Only when I couldn’t hold my breath anymore did I come back to my senses, and asked in a small voice, “Then what?”

I really was very curious. If Huo Xiaojin was such a warm, kind person before, then why, during my early days at the Huo house, he would return drunk every night; those days, I could read in the entertainment section of the newspapers everyday that he broke up with who, fell in love with who; and he even came to my room every night to throw a tantrum, sometimes even being too intimate with me. Could such a person, really be the sunshine boy Huo Xiaoran said he was?

“Then what?” I pursued. What did happen to Huo Xiaojin? I suddenly remembered that night, when Huo Xiaojin was in a fever, Huo Xiaoran had mentioned Yun Li. Could it be……

“Is it Yun Li? Does it have something to do with Yun Li?” I asked in surprise.

Huo Xiaoran’s expression went dark. After looking at me, he didn’t speak, just nodded: “Yun Li was little Jin’s first love, and the person little Jin truly loved!”

My eyes wide, Huo Xiaoran’s words echoed beside my ears. First love, Yun Li was actually the person Huo Xiaojin truly loved! Then why? Why was Yun Li now Huo Xiaojin’s stepmom?

“How…… ” I just started when I noticed that Huo Xiaoran had vanished. I stared out the window blankly, recalling that when I first came to the Huo family, I saw Huo Xiaojin looking at Yun Li secretly from far away. Did that mean, that after all this time, he still loved her in his heart?

That night, Huo Xiaoran didn’t appear again. And I don’t know if it’s because of the questions in my heart or if it was because I was overexcited about getting rid of Yun Li tomorrow, I couldn’t sleep. Before dawn broke I was up, getting ready through my black eye circles. Today, was the day with Yun Li.

Yun Li didn’t come back last night. I could almost guess that she was at the home of that wrinkly, old man Chen, who attended the board meeting last time. Because counting that old man in, plus those who already support Yun Li, and the An family’s backing, Yun Li would almost definitely win.

In the morning, I called and told Huo Xiaojin to pick me up, going straight to the company. Clicking on my high heels, I walked into the company with my head raised.

Outside the door of the conference room, Yun Li was wearing a tight low-neckline, bright red dress with a low-neckline, and stood on a pair of high heels that were ten centimeters high. She twisted her snake-like waist and had on a confident smile. After glancing at me, she walked in first. I shook my head. Contempt? Then enjoy this moment as best as you can!

I touched my belly. Child, Mother will not give up. This time, let us try hard together!

“Elder An? Long time no see!” Everyone started getting excited over An Tingren, who just appeared at the door. An Tingren had no expression on as he walked in and sat down. Yun Li stood up slowly.

“Everyone! I know that everyone has their own opinions on the Huo Corporation, and there’s nothing worth hiding about the will Huo Xiaoran left anymore. Even though the heir he stated was Miss Mo, but I believe you have also seen, that if the Huo Corporation is handed into her hands, it won’t take long for us to lose all our stock and money.”

“Correct! Regarding this matter, I disagree!” That old man Chen answered Yun Li. In my eyes, they were so obviously cooperating. The smile on Yun Li’s face was extremely smug.

“That’s what I thought, too. She didn’t even graduate from college; how could she take this position!”

“Wouldn’t this be burying the future of the Huo Corporation?”

“That’s right, I agree too!”

Some people started discussing, and I couldn’t hear all that they said in the chaos. But seeing them pointing at me, I knew it wasn’t anything nice.

“It’s your turn! If you wait too long, that old fox will lose his patience!” Huo Xiaoran appeared suddenly, speaking into my ear. I glanced at An Tingren, who was sitting not far from me. Even though he was still expressionless, I could see the puzzlement in his eyes.

“Everyone!” I stood up. As soon as I started talking, they all silenced, the room getting quiet enough that I could hear my own breathing. I smiled, and continued: “I understand that you all do not trust me yet, but I want everyone to know here, that the future of the Huo Corporation is not just this.”

I paused. Instantly, the conference room exploded. Everyone started whispering, while Yun Li and old man Chen, who were sitting in the top seats, stared at me in disbelief.

“Say what I taught you before. I feel so satisfied seeing that woman go pale!” Huo Xiaoran continued.

As expected, when I looked towards Yun Li, her face really was a bit pale, but now I didn’t have a choice anymore! For my future, for him!

My hand flitting over my belly, I gave a confident smile: “Everyone, does the Huo Corporation today satisfy you? It’s future is not just so. As the leader of the make-up market, if we only continue as now, being overtaken will only be a matter of time. He who does not advance loses ground; I believe everyone here understands that!”

Bang! Yun Li’s hand slammed onto the conference desk heavily, the cup in front of her bouncing off and smashing on the floor. She stood up, glared at me, but after surveying the rest of the people, only said, “Xiaoya, you come out, let’s talk in private.”

But I just smiled at her: “Why do we need to go out; wouldn’t talking here be the same?”

“You!” Yun Li slammed her hand down on the table again.

“Now that things have come to this, let us see, who is more fit to sit in that seat!” When An Tingren, who had been quiet the whole time, spoke, everyone except old man Chen nodded their agreement.

Yun Li’s body went weak and she fell into her chair, breathing heavily. But I lifted my head, and pretty much recited Huo Xiaoran’s speech. I also took out the recent market plans for Hotday I created with Huo Xiaoran’s help, and let them look it over.

“Tell them, what the Huo Corporation needs is growth, not conventionalism!” Huo Xiaoran said with a smile.

Before sitting down, I repeated Huo Xiaoran’s exact words, and An Tingren led the applauding. After smiling, I sat down.

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