Ch. 40 Murder; Who Wants To Frame Me

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Looking around, I started carefully backing out. I just made it out the bedroom when a noise beside me made me scream!

Wanting to escape, I banged into the table in the living room, knocking all the things on it to the floor. Only now did I look toward the source of the sound.

A woman was standing there, her hair messy and let down. The reason why I said it was a woman was because she was wearing a knee-length dress and her stomach was slightly bulging. My heart skipped a beat. This was a pregnant woman! No, my eyes grew wide, she wasn’t human, she was a ghost!

A female ghost, with multiple holes in her chest, bright red liquid gushing out from her chest and splashing onto her bare feet, but on the ground she stood, the blood didn’t make any stain at all!

She reached out her hand, starting to walk, her mouth opening and closing, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I opened my mouth, wanting to shout for help, but when I could only whimper, cold sweat dripped down my forehead……

Couldn’t speak, I actually couldn’t speak! I stared at her, sitting on the ground defenseless, trying my best to move my body backwards, yes! I didn’t want to be touched by her. Just when her hand almost touched me, I was woken up from my trance by a piercing scream! Only now did I notice an attendant-dressed person standing in the doorway of the room.

“Murder! Murder! Aah…… ” She screamed, her face white.

I only glanced at her, my gaze still focused on the woman covered in blood! She was standing right beside the attendant.

I sat there with no strength to move. Not long after, because of the screams of the attendant, many people crowded around the doorway. The first to come in was a man wearing a manager tag. After rushing in, he looked around, then picked up his interphone and told the front desk to call the police.

A lot of people crowded outside, and someone yelled: “Isn’t that Mo Xiaoya?”


“Mo Xiaoya! That woman who married Huo Xiaoran! Oh God, she actually killed someone!”

The noise outside the room suddenly quieted. Don’t know if it’s because there were a lot of people here, my body temperature rose, and I shouted weakly, “I didn’t kill anyone!”

The manager directed the guards to break up the crowd, and I was also controlled by guards. The manager was very professional, telling me politely to wait here until the police came. Suddenly, I felt like I was immersed in a huge, deep plot.

Inside the room, the woman covered in blood had disappeared. Very soon, police came, and after checking the room, one police officer called, “Tell the coroner to come over!”

Then, the guards were ordered away, and many officers started searching the room. A man in his thirties started questioning me, and I told him when I came here, the door was open, so I walked in. Then I found someone had died, which scared me, so that’s why I was sitting here.

“Captain! We found the murder weapon! It’s this fruit knife!” A knife contained in a plastic bag fell into my view. My head buzzed. This knife; I seem to have seen it before.

I watched, scared, as the attendant who was screaming was also was also being questioned. She kept looking towards me, and the police officer writing it down also glanced at me frequently, so I felt even more nervous.

“No! It wasn’t me! Wasn’t me!” I screamed, until the man questioning me asked, “Why did you come here?”

I looked at him, opening my mouth then closing it, but unable to say anything. Yes! What should I say? Because yin gu was planted on me and I heard that the dragon lady was here, so I came to find the dragon lady? Obviously the female ghost I saw before was the person dead on the bed and not the dragon lady, not the creepy old lady who baptised me on the day of my wedding.

I must keep silent! I know, I will become the prime suspect, but I still couldn’t say the real reason why I came here, because I didn’t want to be locked up in an asylum yet!

After a few minutes, I was still shaking. The police officer who questioned me put handcuffs on me: “Please cooperate with our investigation!” Without any extra words, he waved his hand, and someone came over and hauled me out the door.

Forced out the room, my mind was blank. Lights on cameras flashed, and questions bombarded me: “Miss Mo! Please tell us about the situation inside!”

The voices, one after another, made their ways into my ears. Tears fell down the corners of my eyes, and I repeated weakly, “No! It wasn’t me, wasn’t me…… ” I struggled desperately, wanting to escape!

But I was stuffed into a police car and watched as the hotel got further and further away!

In a pitch black room, there was only one table. My hand chained to the table, I stared dumbly at the only light source on the desk, many questions rising in my heart.

Who was that woman? Because I didn’t get to see her face clearly in the room!

I was framed! So who framed me? The first name that appeared in my mind was of course Yun Li, the reason very simple: because I took away the position of the Huo Corporation president from her!

Thinking to her, Matron Wang’s kindly face surfaced in my mind. How to explain Matron Wang then? Unless from the start, she was with Yun Li?

Thud! The door made a loud clang, and I squinted to see two people walk in. One of them was the man who questioned me at the hotel.

“Mo Zhaodi! Two years ago, you changed your name to Mo Xiaoya. Currently a college student. Married into the Huo family three months ago! About killing Chen Ningxin, what do you have to say?”

But to such a question, my mind froze. Chen Ningxin, that large-bellied woman who made a commotion the Huo house! I remembered her, but I didn’t expect for it to be her! The words I planned to say to the police were all useless now that it was her.

“No! It wasn’t me! It really wasn’t me!” I roared in explanation.

The younger man among the two was holding a notebook, striking his pen against it. The constant pit-pat made me nervous and annoyed.

“Not you? At the scene, we already found the weapon, and did fingerprint analysis! The blood on the weapon is of the dead person, Chen Ningxin, and from the wound analysis on the coroner’s report, we are sure that that fruit knife was the murder weapon. And the fingerprints on that weapon is yours, Mo Xiaoya. What do you have to say to this?”

I was dumbfounded, my gaze wandering. How should I explain this, I really didn’t do it, but all this, all this, who did it?

“What about motivation? I have no motivation for committing the murder. And the time, when I entered the room, she was already dead. You can compare her death time with the time I entered! And the video from the surveillance cameras, the hotel should have the video of me entering the hotel! That, that can prove I didn’t kill her.”

I stared, hoping what I said could remind them. I can definitely prove I didn’t do it. Seeing them not answering, I felt slightly better. Maybe they hadn’t had time yet to look into all this, I guessed.

“Regarding motivation!” The man glanced at me, then continued coldly, “Chen Ningxin once said that she was pregnant with Huo Xiaoran’s child, so you’re afraid once the child is born, it will be a threat to you!” His tone was as if I was already a murderer!

“No!” I slammed my hands onto table, shouting furiously, “I’ve said before, I didn’t kill her! What does her being pregnant with Huo Xiaoran’s child have to do with me! I don’t care!” My heart hurt a bit, but I ignored it and yelled, “What about the time! I just went in a few minutes before the attendant came! Have you checked the video tape yet?”

“About the time!” The man frowned slightly, “We didn’t find record of you checking into the hotel, so that means you came in the morning. And we also found the driver who you said brought you to the hotel this morning, but he denies having taken you!”

Realization hit me. This! This must be planned!

“Yun Li, it’s Yun Li who is framing me! I beg you, beg you to find the truth, I really didn’t kill her, it really wasn’t me!” I stood up, wanting to grab his hand, but a sharp pain from my wrist reminded me of that cold handcuff, and I fell back into my seat, defeated.

“It, it wasn’t me, it really wasn’t me!” I repeated, but who would believe me?

“Now, we are going to arrest you. If you have any objections, you can appeal to the court!” After saying this, the man stood up, and mentioned for the younger man to collect all their things and leave.

But I started screaming furiously, it wasn’t me! I didn’t do it, but why, why did everything point to me! Murder, what a great crime, you pay with your life!

“No…… ” My vision went black and I don’t remember anything else!

“Mama! Mama!” A voice as sweet as honey sounded by my ear. I slowly opened my eyes, and found myself floating in darkness. There was nothing around me, except the cries of “Mama”.

Raising my hand, I tried to pull the voice closer to me, but instead, a small hand grabbed my hand.

“Mama! Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to Mama!”

I saw, in my palm, a tiny, glowing light giving off a soft brilliance. It’s a girl! That’s what I heard from the voice. I smiled faintly. I must be dying; that why I’m hallucinating about the poor child in my belly.

“Mama is sorry, it’s Mama who couldn’t protect you! Sorry, darling, sorry, Mama is sorry!” My eyes wetted and I cried, because of this tiny life that probably won’t see the world. Originally, I had thought that I would be able to give her a wonderful future, but never expecte that she wouldn’t even get the chance to see this world.

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