Ch.42 So Everything Was Fake

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After being taken away from there, the prison guard took me to the doctor’s office. Originally crying from the fright, I got much better under the comfort of the doctor, and I told her everything that happened in the cell, even though thinking about it made me shudder with fear. After listening to me, the doctor went out and talked to the prison guard.

I didn’t expect, that my naiveness, made my future days in prison like hell.

When I was brought back to my cell, Hong Ning and that fat woman were gone. On the bunk below the fat woman’s was a small figure, her short hair and tired face standing out. She looked sickly. When I came in before, I only glanced at her; I didn’t even see her face clearly.

I was afraid of everyone here, including her. I sat back on my bed nervously, watching her fearfully. Although I was already very tired, I was afraid that once I fell asleep, I would be harassed by some other person.

She glanced at me, but didn’t say anything. After a very long time, she got up, and handed me a plastic cup, asking quietly, “Are you okay?”

I noticed, that while talking to me, she seemed to be listening to the happening outside the cell alertly, as if afraid. I didn’t dare accept the cup in her hand, only nodding as a response.

“How could you tell on them; no matter what they did, you shouldn’t have done that!” She said.

I looked at her in confusion. Only when I saw a emotion in her eyes different than the others did I try to talk with her: “I, I didn’t tell on them.” I didn’t tell the prison guard everything that happened. Suddenly, I remembered that after listening to me, the doctor had left and said something to the prison guard.

I realized, I was in big trouble!

“Bear with it! You must bear with it! After the hardest first month, everything will be okay! Remember, in the future, no matter what they do, don’t tell anyone! That is the only way to stay alive.” After telling me this, she quickly walked back to her own bed, lying there and drinking the water she had offered to me.

The door opened, and the fat woman and Hong Ning returned together. Walking in the door, they glared at me, and I shivered and lowered my head, not daring to look at them. The prison guard left after warning them. Hong Ning stood in front of my bunk, unmoving, until the fat woman said, “Now’s not the time!” did Hong Ning climb back onto her bunk. But her movements were huge, making the whole bed shake.

When the prison bell rang, the door was opened, and the fat woman walked out first, followed by Hong Ning and then the weak woman who wanted to give me water. I went out last, because I didn’t know where we were going.

I followed the others to a large hall, where people were waiting in lines. I poked my head out, and found that we were in line for breakfast. Moving slowly, I also got a plate, but I couldn’t find anywhere to sit.

Finally finding an empty seat, it was taken before I could walk there. Seeing another one, I hurried over, set my tray on the table and sat down. But before I could start eating, the three people beside me suddenly stood up, and left with their trays. I raised my head, only to see the fat woman standing beside me.

She sat down. Frightened, I wanted to stand up, but she kept a hand on my shoulder.

“You better sit obediently!”

Meeting her gaze, those murderous eyes, I didn’t dare move again, sitting there waiting. She picked up a steamed bun and started eating, one foot on the bench, mumbling with food in her mouth, “Daring to tell on me! If I don’t give you some warning, how will I be able to continue to live here!”

“No food for a week!” She whispered, but because of this sentence, I forced myself to put the steamed bun back onto the tray. Beside my ears were the weak woman’s words, bear with it! Because I wanted to live!

After she finished her breakfast, she took away the food on my tray. The prison guard glanced at us, but because I didn’t say anything, ignored us. Watching her finish my breakfast, my stomach growled with hunger.

After breakfast was work time. Because my case was still ongoing, from time to time someone would come and ask me questions. I sat there, and after finishing answering the police’s questions, demanded, “I want to file a lawsuit!”

“What’s the hurry, your case isn’t even brought to court yet, and you want to file a lawsuit?” The man returned coldly.

I lost my last hope, until that familiar voice sounded beside me: “Tell him, you want to see Huo Xiaojin!” I was shocked, looking at him dumbly. He didn’t leave, he was still here. My heart, which had turned cold, began warming up again, and my tears fell uncontrollably.

Only when the police officer was leaving and his chair creaked did I return to my senses. I grabbed his hand and blurted, “I, I want to see my family member, I want to see Huo Xiaojin!”

After a slight surprisement, he took back his hand and agreed, saying that it would be this afternoon, the precondition that Huo Xiaojin was willing to come after they tell him.

I nodded. I trusted that he would come!

At noon, just like in the morning, the fat woman finished the food in my plate. Before leaving, she also reminded me to pay what I need to pay before dinner.

In the afternoon, during the visiting time, my name was called. I was excited, but when I saw it was Yun Li that appeared outside the glass, I was dumbfounded!

“Who do you think you are, that you want to see Huo Xiaojin?”

Yun Li was again in all red, the low-cut neckline showing off her deep career line. On her face, that haughty and disdainful gaze announced to the world that she was the winner.

“Where’s Huo Xiaojin? Where is he?” I asked. But only Yun Li’s scorning laugh answered me.

“You won’t see him! As long as I don’t want him to come see you, he will not come no matter what!”

“It’s you! You framed me!” I couldn’t control my temper anymore! My body tense, I slapped the glass in front of me.

Yun Li sat on the chair, looking at me as if I was a pitiful pet abandoned by my owner. Clucking, she replied, “Mo Xiaoya, you need evidence for everything!”

“Wanting to fight with me, you’ll still too young! Also, don’t think about the An family anymore. An Tingren wanted me to tell you, your matters have nothing to do with him!” Yun Li patted the glass and stood up, tugged on her extremely short dress, then walked away twisting her snake-like waist. In front of me, she just left haughtily.

I collapsed onto the ground, watching that red figure disappear from my vision. This time, no tears fell. But in my heart, I heard dripping sounds: I knew, my heart was torn open, and it was bleeding.

I started screaming in anger, pulling on my hair. Fake, everything was fake. The friendliness Huo Xiaojin showed before was fake; An Tingren promised he owed me, I even rescued his grandson, yet his promise was fake; and Matron Wang’s kindly face was also fake!

When I woke up from my muddled thoughts, I was again in the doctor’s office. An IV was connected to my wrist, and I stared at the ceiling. I was going to die here, I will never be able to leave this place again……

“Mo Xiaoya!” Beside my ear, Huo Xiaoran was calling my name, but I didn’t want to see him. I really wished that on that day, I didn’t stupidly promise my father to marry into the Huo family. I wish that all this never happened.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let anyone harm you, I’ll get you out.” Huo Xiaoran’s voice was a little worried.

But I only smiled faintly and shook my head. I really wanted to say, no need, just let me die here. Anyway, I don’t have anything worth living for, so maybe leaving was my best release.

Worth living for! My hand suddenly went to my abdomen. This unborn child. My bleeding heart started beating again. What should I do? Child, Mama will probably have to live here the rest of her life. What would happen to you?

Suddenly, I felt something touch me in my palm. I stared, astonished. Was it her? That girl who appeared in my dreams? My child?

Warmth, started spreading from that point throughout my whole body. My originally frozen heart started beating again, and a voice shouted continuously, you can’t die! Can’t die!

I sat up abruptly, saying to the doctor: “I’m fine!”

The doctor looked at me curiously, then turned around to continue her business, answering softly, “You have slight anemia, so at least finish this IV!”

I nodded. This would probably be the last silent time I can get; after I walk of here, I could already guess what terrible things will happen: I didn’t get to see Huo Xiaojin, so I didn’t have money to pay the fat woman. I glanced at Huo Xiaoran’s cold expression, biting my lip.

I needed his help. Even though I feel myself shameful, thinking about cutting the connection with him a few days ago, but now wanting to use him to keep myself safe.

After some thought, I made a decision. When the doctor left the room, I lifted my head to look at him, saying calmly, “Huo Xiaoran, I’m pregnant with your child!”

Facing his shocked eyes, I smiled: “Very surprised, huh? I was shocked too, but she is in my belly, growing up every day. And you, as her father, I hope that you can make sure she is forever safe!”

“How come?” He still wasn’t back to his senses. He just looked at me, repeating the words.

I reached out, took his hand, and gently, placed it on my abdomen. Lowering my head, I asked softly, “Can you feel her? I felt her touch my hand just now!”

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3 thoughts on “Ch.42 So Everything Was Fake

  1. This is the most frustrating novel I’ve ever read! The suspense is killing me!!!! Somebody please please PLEASE SPOIL ME!!!!! I want to know what would happen between MXY and HXR relationship in the end! I have some speculations, like HXR really isn’t dead and his body is simply somewhere… I badly want to know. It probably will break my heart if they really won’t be together in the end, still I want spoilers. This novel will kill me long before I even find out anything.

    Btw, thanks again for the chapter! You’re so awesome!!!!!! I read all your translation works and I really love your choices!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. if huo xiaojin really loves yun li ang against mo xiaoya, then its better for him to die and let huo xiao ran takes over his body. that is if xiaoran really died of course, if not then it would be the best for xiaoya and xiaoran and their child.


  3. I hope she learns from this experience,I hope that she becomes more creuler and smarter and stop being so naive. Seriously she’s really naive.Any ways thank you for the chapter!


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