Ch.47 He Killed Someone For Me

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I was doomed to live a life in prison, so it’s a good thing I adapt to situations quickly, and that that fatty and Hong Ning died. Everyone would steer far away from me as if I were a plague. Even though they would still gossip amongst themselves, I didn’t care anymore.

Everyday, I would write many papers and hand them in. I behaved my best to get out of here, even if it was just a chance for a visit! Even though I knew there wasn’t much possibility, I decided to try to scale the apparent cliff.

When it was finally time for the visit, the prison guard came to get me. I dressed up a bit and walked to visiting room. I stared at the man outside the window, not knowing what to say.

The man’s hair was turning white, and although he wasn’t dressed as shabbily as before, his face already appeared strange to me!

“Are you doing well?” I finally asked.

He looked at me, his eyes a little red, but the redness disappeared quickly, and he said peacefully, “I  never thought you would be here today. If I knew, I probably wouldn’t done that.”

I laughed, because this was so funny: “Father! This is the last time I’ll ever call you like this. You appearing here has surprised me.”

“Tell me! What cares do you have to tell before I leave?” He asked directly.

Looking at his face, I really wanted to laugh. I remembered when I was young, he always hit me after drinking, and my mother would protect me; and immediately after my mother left, he sold me, and now he made it look like he’s helping me! How would I have ended up here if he hadn’t sold me in the first place?

Resisting my anger, I replied coldly, “I haven’t decided to die yet, and I didn’t kill that person! I wish for you to help me find the chauffeur of the Huo family. I need that chauffeur’s truthful statement!”

“You!” He suddenly stood up, and pointed at me, “Do you want me to go mad with anger? After doing a thing like this, you still have the guts to ask me to go to the Huo family?”

He sneered, shook his head, and walked away!

Even though I knew he wouldn’t agree, I hadn’t predicted that the only familial ties I wanted to keep would be cut by my father himself.

I stood up, looked at his back, and realized that I had no regrets! I turned around and left without hesitation.

I went back to the washing room, and, like usual, I started sorting the dirty clothes and putting them into the washing machine.

“Monster! Go away!”

Someone yelled behind me. I continued my work without flinching. I have heard these things numerous times. Because of the death of Fatty and Hong Ning, most people stayed away from me, but there’s a small percent who would stand afar and bully me.

A sharp pain came from my head, and I saw a shoe land beside me. Behind me, that person yelled again: “Monster! Go away!”

This time, it wasn’t just one person’s voice. I turned around and saw that there were at least ten people standing there. The other people working with me ran away.

“Go away, monster!” The crowd yelled.

Faced with such a scene, even I was a little surprised. I blanked for a second and stood there, until someone shouted: “Kill her, or we will all die here!”

The crowd immediately ran towards me. They were much faster than I thought, and before I could move, I was already knocked to the ground. Frightened, I could only curl myself up and protect my stomach. I can’t let anything happen to my child!

At first, I could feel hands and feet strike me, but after a few minutes, my body became numb, and I couldn’t feel the pain anymore.

I thought I was about to die, when, suddenly, someone in the crowd started screaming. Squinting, I saw that someone was floating in the air and screaming madly. The people surrounding me instantly dispersed. Panting, I opened my eyes fully, and saw Huo Xiaoran standing besides me.

When I saw his hand curling up, I remembered what he did to the fatty that night, no! He can’t kill people randomly. I met his eyes and shook my head, no, this was what I wanted to tell him.

“What are you doing! Move, move!” Dong Li ran over with the prison guard. Bam! The woman floating in the air suddenly fell to the floor. It looked like she fell, but I saw clearly, she was thrown to the ground by Huo Xiaoran.

The moment she hit the floor, I even heard the sound of bones cracking. The person on the ground convulsed, then spat out a mouthful of blood, making the ground red. After she breathed shallowly for a few seconds, her chest stopped moving! Dead; he killed someone!

I looked at him, my vision blurry……

“Ghosts! Ghosts! She’s a monster, a monster!” The crowd ran out of the washing room screaming, only leaving Dong Li and the prison guard.

“Oh my goodness!” Dong Li’s eyes were wide with fright as she looked at me and exclaimed. Only then did I notice my lower body felt sticky. When I saw the blood beneath me, I screamed and fell unconscious.

I was floating in blackness. Not far away, a tiny light was floating over to me slowly. Suddenly, I remembered the blood underneath me.

“My child! My child!” My hand moved to my abdomen. But for a long time, the warmth that came whenever I touched it did not appear. I was in a panic. Did this mean that my child is gone?

My tears fell, full of disappointment and guilt. I hated myself for not protecting her.

“Mama, don’t cry, baby is fine!” The childish voice sounded very weak. I touched my belly hastily, wanting to feel her, but my abdomen seemed empty; I was unable to feel her little hand like before.

My mind was jumbled. Her voice sounded again, and this time I found that the sound didn’t come from my stomach, but from that dot of light floating towards me. I reached out and caught it gently in my hands. It was soft and warm, and it moved a bit in my hands.

“Mama! Baby couldn’t help you just now. I’m sorry!” Her voice sounded disappointed.

I laughed happily. This was the first time I was face to face with her. Now that I could see her, I realized how silly my fears had been, thinking that such a cutie was a monster.

“It’s Mama who is sorry. Next time, Mama won’t let anyone hurt you!” I swore in my heart.

“Baby opened the Abyss of Nothingness and acted as the guide for unhappy spirits, so I can’t stay in Mama’s tummy anymore. I have to stay here until I get the strength to return to Mama’s tummy, Mama, you must wait for baby!” She floated over and snuggled up against my face. I felt very delighted. This must be the feeling of being a mother! I started to get excited for when she would be born.

“Xiaoya! Mo Xiaoya!” Huo Xiaoran’s voice suddenly sounded in my ear. It was like I was in water while listening to his calls.

She left my face and said, “Mama, you should return! Tell that unhappy spirit, if he can’t even protect you, I won’t admit him.”

I stared at that spot of light in surprise, wanting to laugh, that unhappy spirit?

“That’s your papa!” I corrected.

She humphed coldly: “Only an unhappy spirit. If he can’t even protect you, I won’t admit him.”

Okay, I can only say she is as stubborn as Huo Xiaoran!

When Huo Xiaoran’s voice sounded again, I could see bits of white light. My body started floating up. When I saw that that white light was the ceiling of the doctor’s office, I heard Huo Xiaoran’s calling again.

“I’m not dead yet, stop yelling!” I answered.

Hearing him let out a long breath, I was a little touched. He was worrying for me!

“I really admire you, able to sleep with your eyes open!”

I put my hand onto my stomach, then realized his hand was there too, icy! I drew my hand back abruptly, my face burning a little.

“Take away your hand! Are you shameless?” I rebuked.

He finally moved his hand away. Expressionless, his voice without emotion, he said, “I was just making sure, my child is still there!”

“The child is fine!” I didn’t want him to worry either. Suddenly, I remembered the woman he threw onto the ground. I turned to look at him, “That woman died?”

“Died!” His answer was crisp. But when he ran his hand through his hair, I saw that his originally pale hands had turned grey, grey like lime!

“Your hand…… ”

His expression lightened and he stuffed his hand into his pocket, saying softly, “It’s fine! My hand is fine!”

In my mind, I slowly remembered what he said, what my child said, and what that unhappy spirit, An Wei, said. Was this what they meant by saying that ghosts can’t randomly kill people? If they killed someone with no connection to them, their body would change? First grey, then what? Black? Because I remembered An Wei!

And after turning black? Their conscious would be devoured by the hatred in the bottom of their hearts? And then become like those black shadows on fatty that night?

Turning my face away, I couldn’t meet his gaze. Glancing at that slender figure, tears dropped. Before this today, his body was normal. Just like An Wei said, his hands never touched blood. But today, for me……

“Thank you! Huo Xiaoran, thank you!” Thank you for still rescuing me even though you know what terrible thing will happen to you.

“Don’t think too much, I wasn’t there to save you, I was saving my child!” His voice was a little tired, but I smiled inside. This father and daughter are so similar!

“Mo Xiaoya!” The doctor pushed open the door and walked in. Seeing me awake, she asked confusedly, “You’re pregnant?”

I froze. Should I tell?

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