Ch.48 Huo Xiaoran You Jerk

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Looking at the doctor’s puzzled gaze, I dumbfoundedly answered, “I, I don’t know!”

“I also think it’s very strange!” The doctor leafed through the laboratory reports, frowning, “It looks like a miscarriage, but upon examining you there were no traces of an embryo sac or fetus.”

The doctor’s words reminded me of my dream. My child had said  it herself. For some reason, she couldn’t stay inside my body anymore, so it was reasonable for the doctor not to find anything. I was a little worried Huo Xiaoran would get anxious, but when I looked at him, he didn’t appear nervous at all. But that was expected, since he had had his hand on my stomach just now.

Maybe he had some way of knowing where my child is!

“Has your period stopped?” The doctor’s voice pulled my thoughts back to reality.

I shook my head. Not that I didn’t want to tell him, but I couldn’t!

“What about now? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” The doctor finally set down her lab reports and looked at me.

I smiled lightly: “No, I’m fine!”

To recuperate, I was sent back to my cell, and told not to go back to the workplace. The prison guard said I couldn’t come out until dinner; I was happy to enjoy the peace. Huo Xiaoran followed me into my cell. Of course, only I could see him, as usual.

“So it seems like you aren’t so dumb!” He didn’t just float in the air anymore. From quite some time, I noticed that he tended to sit on the edge of my bed, and his expression wasn’t as cold as before, but changing and becoming warmer.

I pulled the quilts and put them under myself, so I could rest better. My back still hurt from where they hit me.

“She can manipulate my case to make the judge break the rules, not to mention that I’m already so defenseless in prison. If she knew I was pregnant, I’d probably just die sooner. Before this one year in jail ends, I’ll die by ‘accident’ probably. With the Huo family’s power, it couldn’t be easier to kill someone like me.”

Huo Xiaoran nodded, and I pulled up a corner of my mouth, “I know, she wants me to keep suffering until the last minute of my life, because I made her lose the biggest face in her life. But, I will show her; I will make her regret she didn’t kill me immediately!”

“With you saying this, I’m not worried anymore! If someone doesn’t even have to will to fight, what different is that from dying?”

I know he meant the me two days ago. Because of the betrayal of those people that were friends and family before, I didn’t even have the will to live. But that wouldn’t ever happen again. I still had faith, I still had my child, I still had him!

When I looked towards Huo Xiaoran, I was surprised by my thoughts. When did this start? I actually trusted him the most, and deep in my heart, I even put him at the same place as my child. Family, to me, it was only for the people closest to me.

My thoughts were suddenly jumbled, and I lowered my head.

“Little Jin didn’t betray you, but was sent away by Yun Li!” Huo Xiaoran said.

I lifted my head abruptly, looking at him in confusion, “Sent away? What do you mean?”

“I haven’t spent a lot of time with you these days because I went to find little Jin.”

I nodded, and he continued, “Right after you were arrested, Yun Li faked a clue about my death and sent little Jin out of the country, so that you won’t see him. And that child is not what you think; I can tell, he really sees you as a true friend, even though I don’t know what happened between you two.”

Yun Li! Yun Li again!

“But, because I went to the Huo house so many times, I noticed something strange!” Huo Xiaoran frowned.

Seeing him was his head lowered and brows knit, I realized, that this was the first time I looked at him so up close. Thinking back, the first time I saw Huo Xiaoran, was looking at that black and white photo.

But looking at him like this, I found that he was much more handsome than in the picture! Even more handsome than Yan Bei. His slender fingers were, although pale, but their pallor did not reduce their beauty in the slightest; his features were sculpted carefully, each line appeared as if God meticulously chiseled them Himself.

Only until my face started heating up did I notice how heavily I was blushing.

“Are you absent-minded? Did you hear what I just said?” He turned his face slightly towards me.

Looking into his eyes, I found that his eyes were full of wisdom, his irises beautiful as crystals, and I lost myself in them.

“Mo Xiaoya!” He yelled. I started, the lowered my head and swallowed. Was it because I hadn’t seen a man in so long? How could I lost myself while looking at him! What’s happening to me?

“I’m asking you! Can you act normally?” He was getting impatient.

I lifted up my head, my expression innocent. I really wanted to say, how wasn’t I acting normally? Faced with a man like him, which woman would not lose herself?

Of course, I didn’t dare say that, so I twitched my lip and replied, “I was thinking about other stuff, so I wasn’t listening.” I didn’t like telling lies, even if they were white lies.

“I was saying, the day you were arrested, I returned to the Huo house, and saw An Qiang!”

I was shocked: “An Qiang? She’s back at the Huo house so quickly? Then why, after I got into jail, she didn’t even appear, didn’t even go to the trial! That doesn’t make sense! Can it be she doesn’t know?” I felt that the possibility of her not knowing was almost zero!

“So, I also think it’s strange! And…… ” He stopped and looked at me.


Huo Xiaoran sighed, and said, “Remember what you told me? About what Yun Li said to you?”

I nodded: “Yu Li told me, to not go find An Tingren anymore, because he wouldn’t want see me. But I don’t believe it!”

“It’s true!”

Huo Xiaoran’s answer dumbfounded me. It’s true? Why would An Tingren do this? He was obviously grateful to me for saving his daughter-in-law and grandson! Why would he change his attitude so quickly? From what I remember, he wasn’t this type of person; although he had a merchant’s mind, but my analysis of him wasn’t just that, he should also be a person who repays kindness.

Or, he wouldn’t silently leave the stage when Huo Xiaoran could manage by himself!

“Impossible!” I argued. I might have misjudged Matron Wang, but about the elderly man, it was impossible!

“It’s true! And An Qiang requested it! I don’t understand!” After saying this, Huo Xiaoran fell silent into thought again, and didn’t say anything for a long time.

I was also caught in my jumbled thoughts. To be able to live, I must have a sharper brain. But after endless thinking, I still couldn’t come up with any sort of reason.

It’s a fact that An Qiang hated Yun Li, and I was An Qiang’s dream weapon. If I were her, I definitely wouln’t let go of such a good weapon! Behind me was Huo Xiaoran’s will and An Tingren’s support. If she protected me, taking away the Huo Corporation from under Yun Li would be inevitable sooner or later. Not to mention the good deal I gave her.

There must be something fishy!

“What was worth giving me up?”

“What was worth giving you up?”

Huo Xiaoran and I mumbled at the same time. The next instant, because of this creepy synchronization, we caught each other’s gazes. My heart started beating crazily under his gaze, and an emotion I couldn’t understand flashed through his eyes……

“So it seems like we must come to a consensus on some things!” His voice suddenly became cold, and because of that coldness, my heartbeat returned to normal.

I nodded: “Don’t worry! No matter how ignorant I am, I still know what ‘man and ghost have different roads’ mean.”

“That’s right! At least, children like you who don’t have either beauty or figure, I’m not interested! Even if I’m a ghost, I’m a ghost with principles!”

“Of course! I’m not interested in uncles like you! I’m still waiting for after I get out, to go see Yan Bei!” I pursed my lips, and looked elsewhere!

Unexpectedly, piercing coldness came from my chin. His hand turned my face towards him to meet his gaze.

“I warn you! I don’t care where you go, but my child can only have the last name of Huo!”

I reached out and slapped away his hand, not answering but yelling grumpily, “What do you mean, your child? Is she in your body? Are you giving birth to her? I tell you, her last name will be Mo! My child, Mo Xiaoya’s child!”

“You! Impossible!”

“You’re…… ” Before I could finish, he vanished in front of my eyes. Biting my lip, staring at the space where he was, I shouted madly, “Huo Xiaoran! You jerk!”

Did he think suddenly vanishing was cool?

Leaning against the wall, I calmed down my slightly angry heart, then started thinking. What was the problem? An Qiang should have been the person who supported me the most!

So many confusions filled my brain, but I found that I couldn’t think right now, because my head was full of that cold, handsome face……

“Get out!” I slapped my head, wanting to chase away that face that made me lose myself, but the more I wanted to chase him out, the more his features and expressions carved themselves into my mind.

“Did we…… bother you?”

Sister Liu’s voice sounded from the foot of my bed. Only then did I realize that don’t know since when, Sister Liu and the others came back. Huo Xiaoran! All this is your fault, making me lose all my senses. You jerk!

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  1. Whoa
    I wonder why did he disappear all of a sudden..
    Those two should be loving each other instead of fighting -_-
    Great chapter. Thank you ❤


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