Ch.49 Surprised One After Another; I Remembered Your Favor

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For many days in a row, I kept turning in appeals, so many that the police officer responsible for taking them shook her head at my pile of handwritten pages. “Mo Xiaoya, the ones you turned in earlier haven’t been replied to yet, and you’re still turning more in?”

“Yes! I was framed, and I can’t die like this.” I sealed my papers and handed them to her.

She shook her head, and seeing her, I sighed internally. How much use would these be? I’m wasn’t dumb I knew that for sure! But other than this, what else could I do?I couldn’t just patiently wait for death and not do anything! My time was quickly running out.

“Number 21005, visitor!”

I stared in surprise at the prison guard standing at the door. A visitor? Because of my sentence, chances for visitors were very limited–only once in awhile if I behaved really well. And also, I was shocked at the fact that someone actually wanted to visit me!

I followed the prison guard to the visiting room. When I saw the person outside, I was so shocked I couldn’t speak. Grandfather! It was Huo Xiaoran’s grandfather!

I sat down, stiff as a piece of wood. Grandfather’s gazed around with unfocused eyes, and after some time, spoke, “Xiaoya! Is Huo Xiaoran…… okay?”

I swallowed, nodding involuntarily, then shook my head. “Grandfather, how come you’re here? Is no one with you? How come you came out by yourself?”

At the Huo house, Grandfather never talked. To think about it, this was the first time I talked to Grandfather since I married into the Huo family. And didn’t Grandfather have alzheimer’s disease? How could Yun Li just let Grandfather out like this? Wasn’t she afraid that something might happen?

“Sigh! I just hope he is fine. Same for you, why did you fight!”

I didn’t fully understand what Grandfather was saying, but I didn’t think too much about it, since he was old. But I still wanted him to know, that I never fought with Yun Li, I just wanted to stay alive!

“Grandfather, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but everything I’ve done was just to give myself a way out. Ever since she bought me, Yun Li never planned to let me live, but…… ” I was debating whether to tell him the reason. If I didn’t tell him the reason, how could I make him believe?

I looked at his elderly face. Even though his gaze was a little unfocused, I could see a similar light to Huo Xiaoran’s in his eyes. It was  just that that light was covered by a thin layer of fog.

“Grandfather, no matter whether you believe me or not, I have your granddaughter inside my belly, so I must live! I can’t let my child be motherless from birth!”

From what I think, he won’t understand, so I just told him everything: “That’s why I allied with the An family, to take over the Huo Corporation. That way, I will have a chance to live. As for those supposed riches, I never even thought about them! The Huo Corporation was founded by you, yet right now, aren’t you also free of everything? Those are just clouds and smoke!”

Grandfather looked at me. For a moment, I felt that the fog blocking the wisdom in his eyes suddenly dispersed, and his eyes glinted energetically, but when I blinked, I doubted myself. Did I hallucinate? I shook my head, “Grandfather, can you find the way back?”

I was a little worried for him. The prison was pretty far away from downtown. Was he safe by himself?

“Time doesn’t wait! Instead of waiting, it’s better to take action early!”

“Grandfather?” I looked at him confusedly. What was this?

“Do you know about Lin Mao Town? My family house is there, but no one in the Huo family knows! Remember, Lin Mao Town!” Grandfather put one finger on his lip, shushing, then added mysteriously, “They don’t know! Don’t know! There is a lot of stuff there!”

Before I could react, he stood up, and like usual, hunched over with his two hands behind his back,and walked out!

“Lin Mao Town?” He came here to tell me his? Looking at the disappearing figure, I frowned: “What’s with Grandfather?”

Later, when I should have been working, I kept replaying the scene of Grandfather coming to visit me again and again. I kept feeling something was off! But even after thinking about it, I couldn’t tell what.

Huo Xiaoran hadn’t returned for days. Before he left, he told me, he will try to get Huo Xiaojin to come. He had analyzed that the only person we could trust is Huo Xiaojin. He also said that there was a barrier in Huo Xiaojin’s heart. The only hard part would be to see if Huo Xiaojin could cross that barrier!

I knew he meant Huo Xiaojin’s love towards Yun Li. Until now, Huo Xiaojin still loved Yun Li deeply. But his love meant giving Yun Li what she wanted. Yun Li wanted to marry his father, so he hid, softly rubbing the deep wound in his chest, watching her marrying into the Huo family and becoming his stepmom.

Yun Li wanted the Huo Corporation, so he hid, using wine and a flippant appearance, becoming the playboy everyone knew. He watched her hold her head up high and become the chairman of the Huo Corporation; this was Huo Xiaojin’s definition of love! Giving up everything!

Every time I thought about this, my heart hurt. This man like was like a warm spring, but who truly knew his wounds? And how much did Yun Li know?

“Xiaoya!” Dong Li patted me on the back.

“What?” Her face told me something happened. I looked at her,  puzzled.

Dong Li glanced around carefully, moved towards my side, her hands not stopping her work. Her head was lowered, but I could hear her quiet voice, “Be careful, they seem to be planning something again!” After she said this, still squatting, still doing her work, she moved away, keeping some distance from me.

I was so surprised I forgot to keep working. They? The people who hit me last time? Planning? Are they still not planning to let me go? I touched my abdomen worriedly. No! I nearly had a miscarriage last time, and Dong Li helped by bringing over the prison guard. If this time, those people planned it all out, I probably won’t have the luck I did last time!

Calculating the time in my heart, I realized there were still a few more days before Huo Xiaoran came back! What should I do? What should I do? I looked around, scared, as if I was surrounded by monsters planning to take my life away any minute. When I saw that not far away, the woman who kept glaring at me, I squinted!

Instead of giving them time to plan, it would be better to thwart their plan. I threw down the clothes in my hand and ran over. I saw her eyes widen, and I smiled……

Lifting my foot, I kicked her right onto the ground. Before she could realize what was happening, I sat on her, balled my hands into fists, and punched her in the face. One punch after another, I used all my strength, making my knuckles hurt!

When she came back to her senses and started struggling, trying to roll over and push me to the ground, my smile got bigger. How did that saying go? The person who is prepared always has the better chance!

The reason I chose her was mostly because she was smaller than me! Keeping her under me wasn’t that hard! I didn’t stop my fists. People started gathering around, and I heard someone yell excitedly, “Hit her! Hit her to death! Hit her to death!”

I used every ounce of strength in my body, sitting on top of her and punching her. When the whistle of the prison guard sounded, all the other people squatted down obediently, but I was pulled up.

I knew, from now on, I would spend my time in the little dark room! But this was what I wanted! The prison guard dragged me on. When I passed by Dong Li, I mouthed to her: thanks!

Even though the little dark room was not for humans, but it was better than putting my child in danger. I couldn’t take any risk of losing her!

Seeing Dong Li’s shocked expression, I laughed. I would remember this favor!

Sure enough, without any explanation, I was dragged into the little dark room. It was dark and wet. I sat on the cold bed, touched my belly, and started passing the time.

“Baby, are you back? Mama misses you!”

There was no response; it was as if she didn’t exist. But I knew that she was just gone for a while and would be back soon.

Reminiscing everything, I suddenly remembered, it had been two months since I had discovered I was pregnant! But my stomach was still flat, with no sign of pregnancy at all. Why?

I thought that once I got in here, I would be out of danger. But when night came, what happened was much more scary than anything I had imagined!

I didn’t know the time. I just felt a pair a cold hands touching my face, and when I woke up groggily, what I saw nearly frightened me death!

Besides my pillow was a pale face, with one eyeball hanging outside its socket. And the hand touching my face only had three fingers, two fingers broken, only hanging there by the skin, swinging back and forth……

I screamed and curled up in the corner. Holding out the hand with only three fingers, she looked at me with her unfocused eyes.

I was so scared it was difficult to breathe!

She looked at me and slowly straightened her back. She was wearing the same uniform as the prison guards! But there were holes in her chest……

“Who! Who are you!” I shouted. This was purely to give myself courage! The good things was, after shouting, it was no longer difficult to breathe.

She didn’t answer me, but tilted her head left, then tilted her head right, staring right at me!

I was thankful she just stood there and didn’t come any closer towards me. I wanted to see her expression, but because of that eyeball hanging from its socket, I couldn’t muster up the courage to look at her terrifying face!

I swallowed, and shouted again, “Who are you!”

But, she just stood there, not replying……

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