Ch.5 Little Strawberries

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I don’t know how long I cried, but not until my body was stiff and I wanted to turn over did I realize that it was soft where I lay, like I was sleeping in clouds, soft and fluffy. I was very tired, and not just physically. This exhaustion came from inside of me. I only wanted to find a place free of anyone and sleep like this peacefully.

I wish everything that happened in these three days was a dream, a nightmare, and when I wake up I’ll be back in school, my mother still alive, and I’m not married. That everything had not happened.

And then a series of cold touches landed on my face, like snowflakes, like…… kisses! It felt as if someone was kissing me! Surprised, I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids felt like mountains, and even though I tried my hardest I could not open them.

The feeling was distinct. The kisses started on my forehead, and when they moved down to my brows, I could smell a sweet fragrance like the sea. Was this a dream or real?

When the kisses came to the tip of my nose, it felt soft, and I could feel his breathing clearly. His breath had that sweet fragrance of the sea, but also with a hint of coldness, cold as the bottomless hell.

When his kisses came to my lips, I almost cried out, because it felt way too real. I could feel his slightly opened mouth, his delicate tongue tracing my lips, again and again, almost like he was tasting a delicious dessert.

Suddenly, I felt like something covered me, because the cold touch on my body no longer felt like kisses, instead as if someone was on top of me. I couldn’t feel any weight, but I couldn’t explain the cold feeling either.

Fingers! His long fingers flitted over my face, and then came an aggressive kiss. There was something in my mouth, entangling with me, sucking fiercely, as if it wanted to suck me dry.

I wanted to defend myself, but my body acted as if it weren’t mine, as if I could only feel, but unable to defend, letting that plunder wash over me like a wave……


Knock, knock, knock!

I was wakened by the knocking. I opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings confusedly. I was sleeping on the only bed in the room.

“Mistress! Are you awake? Madame wants me to tell you it’s time for breakfast!”

“Oh!” I answered, sitting up on the bed quickly. Coolness swept over me. I stared, because on my body, there weren’t any clothes! Completely naked, and as I threw away the quilt and saw the uncovered skin, I started screaming.

“Mistress! Are you okay?” The person outside the door asked quietly, sounding worried.

I stared, frightened, looking at the slightly red-purple marks on my body. Although I haven’t yet been in a relationship, I knew what these were — hickeys! At school, my classmates called these “little strawberries”!

“No! It’s impossible!” I yelled, dragging my thin quilt after me and rushing into the bathroom, completely ignoring the pain from my feet when I stepped on the broken pieces of china. Last night was a dream, it wasn’t real! I repeated again and again……

Until I saw myself in the mirror, and those countless “little strawberries”. Not only that, but my lips also looked red and puffy. The aggressive and fierce kiss reappeared in my mind!

I raised my hand and started rubbing the mirror vigorously. There must be something wrong with the mirror, I was sure last night was only a dream! Why did this happen, why!

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