Ch.6 Family Members (I)

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The shouting outside the door cleared my mind somewhat, and with my eyes closed, I answered, “Okay, I know! I’m coming right now.”

There must be something wrong, there must be, these marks can’t be from the dream. Most likely someone sneaked into my room while I was asleep. I won’t forgive him, just watch, I will find you!

Bang! My hand hit the mirror, hard. Watching the mirror tremble, I stared fiercely at myself. The saying goes that even the rabbit bites when it’s pressured. Did this family think that I, Mo Xiaoya, was easy to bully? First devising ways to scare me, and then playing such dirty tricks in the night!

I threw away the quilt and washed myself from head to toe. But that was only on the surface; in my heart, my body, what’s there will always be there.

Walking out of the bathroom, I didn’t even glance at myself in the mirror, also ignoring that spot of bright red on the bed. The only thing worth mentioning is the wardrobe here — I’m only calling it a wardrobe because it has clothes in it — it is almost as large as a room! Since my birth, I had never seen such a huge wardrobe.

Everything I could think of was in there! Very complete! Randomly, I picked something that fit me and left the room. No matter how much you think about it, things that already happened can’t be reversed. What I need to do now is to reveal this family’s dirty side.

As I walked downstairs, I realized that just like my father said, this place was a rich place! From the second floor and down, everywhere was refined and elaborate; even the banister on the stairs felt like jade, smooth and beautiful.

“Mistress!” A middle-aged woman in an apron stood at the foot of the stairs respectfully. She bowed to me, “This way please, Madame is waiting for you.”

Madame? I knitted my brows in confusion, following her into a side hallway. Only when she pushed open the door and indicated for me to go inside did I understand. I walked inside slowly. Luxurious! That was the first impression I had when I saw the room. It’s roof was European style, and the decorations on the walls were similar to that of a palace.

A long table took up almost all the space in the room, but only a few people sat at the table. From their proper clothing I could tell that they were very particular. Sitting at the head of the table was a woman that looked to be about the same age as me, her long hair curled into waves.

Only her makeup was not for her age. Although red lips should be very glaring, on her face it seemed very sexy. A tight-fitting scarlet dress showed off her curvy figure.

The woman looked me over disdainfully, and after a long time said coldly, “From now on, you must be dressed properly before coming down. Look at you, these are sports clothes for your morning excersises. So disgusting!” After saying this, she put down the milk she just picked up, as if I really did spoil her appetite.

“That’s right! You must dress like Stepmom, hot and attractive, to be called proper!”

The voice came from behind me. Before I could turn around, that person walked past me into the room, pulled out a chair and sat down. A servant set down a glass of juice in front of that man, then retreated back the the wall and stood there with her head lowered.

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