Ch.8 I’ve Actually Married into the Huo Family

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Not only was An Qiang’s eyes fierce, the glaring red at the corner of her eye pulsed, only on one eye, but frightened, I hurriedly moved my gaze back to uncle Huo Ningen. I tried to smile naturally. After all, he was the only person friendly towards me since I came to this “home” yesterday.

He also smiled, then pointed across from him: “That’s my father and also your grandfather, Huo Jiancheng! He’s pretty old, so sometimes…… ” He stopped, pointing at his temples, and curled his lips.

I knew what he meant. Grandfather’s gaze was unfocused, but when he looked towards me, his kindly face still relaxed me.

“And the brat besides you is Xiaoran’s younger brother, Xiaojin.”

I looked at Xiaojin and nodded, but what I didn’t expect was him suddenly leaning over. His face was almost on mine, and I could even feel his breaths, smelling faintly of sandalwood.

“How was it, marrying my dead older brother. I can’t believe that you women would do anything for money!” As he was finishing his double-meaninged sentence, he looked towards my stepmom Yun Li. I kept on feeling that something had happened between them!

I saw An Qiang smile and heard Yun Li’s furious voice, “Huo Xiaojin, you’d better behave yourself more, or don’t think about using that credit card in your hands.” Not only her voice, but when I looked at Yun Li, her face was also white and green.

“Haha, not afraid to do but afraid of people talking about it! Whatever, I’m leaving, in case I bother someone.” Finishing his sentence, Huo Xiaojin stood up and left handsomely, but his careless and casual look irritated me. No matter how I looked at him he seemed like a playboy, a rich guy that was born holding a golden spoon1 and never knew what work was.

“Don’t get angry, don’t get angry!” This time, Huo Ningen’s hand was directly on top of Stepmom’s hand, but Stepmom didn’t look the least bit uncomfortable. My eyeballs almost fell to the floor. Being ambiguous wasn’t strange; what was strange was that wasn’t aunt An Qiang right besides him?

My head lowered, I glanced at An Qiang nervously. What I saw was that her bloodshot eyes were filled with hatred……

“Please keep on eating! I’m done.” I almost ran from the room without waiting for them to answer. I had never been in such turbulent waters2 before, I could only escape.

For a whole day, I tried to stay as far away as I could from that house, not even returning for lunch. This was the first time I saw a house so stylish. It had four floors, built in an European manner, the four red pillars in front very eye-catching. Outside of the house, the grass was soft and everything was green. I found the most remote corner I could and did nothing for almost the whole day.

Because of yesterday night, my hand moved up to my neck unconsciously. There, that cool feeling was still present throughout the whole day. Huo Xiaoran! The Huo family! My eyes opened wide and I stared at that house faraway. This was the Huo house? The richest family in the city!

The Huo family! In my school, almost everyone knew about it, for all the seniors wanted to work there when they graduated! Not only because there were golden bachelors3 , but also because it had a promising future!

It can’t be! Huo Xiaoran is dead? When I left school, I saw a senior running excitedly in the hallway, waving an interview note and yelling, she could finally see the real Huo Xiaoran in person! But now……

“Mistress!” Far away, someone shouted and waved at me. I let out a long breath, not wanting to acknowledge, but still standing up.

“Mistress, Madame wants to see you. She said please be there before dinner!” The servant explained hurriedly, then looked at me, her face red and panting.

I nodded, but when I thought about Yun Li, I still felt uncomfortable.

1. Born holding a golden spoon mean born into a very rich family.
2. Complex relationships and under-the-surface motives.
3. Rich single men.

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