Ch.9 Stepmom’s Teaching

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“What’s your name?” I stopped and asked quietly.

The servant first looked at me, conflicted, but at last answered, “My surname is Wang, the others all call me Matron Wang.”

I smiled at her. Matron Wang had a kindly face, and she also smiled faintly. Before I could say anything else, she started hurrying me, “Go soon, for if Madam gets angry, you will be in trouble.” I nodded and followed her.

On the way there, I asked Matron Wang all about this family, but until the end, the only useful piece of information I got was that Stepmom was only three years older than me. But Matron Wang didn’t say anything regarding how Stepmom married in, or how Huo Xiaoran died. Whenever she got close to those topics she just stopped talking.

“Madame!” Matron Wang knocked on the door, “Mistress is here.

“Come in!” Yun Li’s voice sounded from inside. I smiled at Matron Wang and pushed the door. In the study, there were two men sitting across from Yun Li. Yun Li glanced at me and stood up, and the two men also stood.

“Okay, lawyer Chen, let’s pause here today!” Yun Li shook hands with one of the men. The two men left without speaking or even looking at me.

Yun Li sat down again and waved me over. When I walked over, she didn’t tell me to sit down, so I could only stand there. I couldn’t bring myself to say the word “stepmom”. She was only three years older than me, only twenty four, and now she’s my stepmom!

“Since you married into the Huo family, some things still need to be said.” Yun Li picked up her tea from the table and sipped it, glancing at me.

I didn’t say anything, waiting with my head down.

She set down her teacup and folded her arms across her chest. She cleared her throat: “I only wanted to warn you on one thing, don’t leave the Huo house without my permission. As you should know, the Huo family is not to be trifled with! Don’t try to escape or anything. If I had to waste my precious time searching for you, the consequence wouldn’t be something you or I want to see!”

Her tone was cold. I pressed my lips, not daring to look at her, lowering my head even more. I had thought of escaping, but now it looks like this plan was ruined.

“Very good!” She looked at me approvingly and nodded. After letting out a low sigh, she started talking again, “Actually, I don’t want you to be widow at such a young age either. If you really want to blame someone, blame it on your horoscope. I looked at a lot of people’s horoscopes and none of them matched Xiaoran’s, but yours did! Maybe this is your fate.” Her voice wasn’t as cold as before; softer.

“There’s nothing bad about marrying into the Huo family; there’s food and there’s drink! I heard your father say that you liked studying, so after this week, I’ll send you back to school. Only one thing, you must come home for the night. Don’t worry, there’ll be someone to send and pick you up.” Her hand covered my hand and squeezed it affectionately, then let go.

I raised my head slightly, still not daring to say anything, only nodding.

“The Huo family is so big, and I have to lead it and support it. It’s very tiring, but what can I do? From now on, if you need anything, just tell me, Stepmom is a reasonable person, as long as the request is not too unreasonable, Stepmom will satisfy you!”

I didn’t think she would speak so nicely, and I found a little more courage. I sniffled and said, “Step, Stepmom!” I still wasn’t used to it. She looked at me, and biting my teeth I still said it, “Why would you find a bride for a dead person?”

After saying it, I lowered my head. I knew her face would become extremely ugly, but I still wanted to know. If possible, I wish she would let me leave!

Bang! Her hand slammed onto the table heavily, her gentleness all gone. “Is marrying into the Huo family not good enough for you? Being nicer towards you and you think you’re the head! Remember this, although you married into the Huo family, although you’re now the Mistress, don’t forget, I am running the Huo family! You’ll get what’s yours, but don’t even think about what’s not yours!”

I didn’t understand! What did she mean by that?

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