GI Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Wedding on the Day of the Ghost Festival
Chapter 2: The Frightening Baptism
Chapter 3: The Strange Bride-picking-up Party
Chapter 4: I Married a Dead Person
Chapter 5: Little Strawberries
Chapter 6: Family Members (I)
Chapter 7: Family Members (II)
Chapter 8: I’ve Actually Married into the Huo Family
Chapter 9: Stepmom’s Teaching
Chapter 10: Uncle’s Stand
Chapter 11: He Came at Twelve O’clock Midnight
Chapter 12: The Brother-in-Law Who Came at Midnight
Chapter 13: Ghost Invasion
Chapter 14: Can We Please Talk?
Chapter 15: Striking a Deal
Chapter 16: Why Can’t I
Chapter 17: The Will
Chapter 18: The Large Belly of a Lover
Chapter 19: The Rightful Heir
Chapter 20: Self-destruction
Chapter 21: Could He See
Chapter 22: The Freedom Longed For So Long
Chapter 23: His Woman
Chapter 24: Used As a Pawn
Chapter 25: Unexpected
Chapter 26: Family Scandal
Chapter 27: Showing Who’s Boss
Chapter 28: Should I Thank of Hate
Chapter 29: The Creepy Wedding (I)
Chapter 30: The Creepy Wedding (II)
Chapter 31: Fright in the Hospital
Chapter 32: Still in Fright
Chapter 33: My Choice
Chapter 34: Huo Xiaoran’s Hatred
Chapter 35: What Did Happen In the An Family
Chapter 36: She Came
Chapter 37: To Love and Be Loved
Chapter 38: Showdown
Chapter 39: Unforeseen Trouble
Chapter 40: Murder; Who Wants To Frame Me
Chapter 41: Tears Are Bitter
Chapter 42: So Everything Was Fake
Chapter 43: Is She A Monster
Chapter 44: Unhappy Spirits
Chapter 45: Frightening Legend
Chapter 46: My Case Is Opened

10 thoughts on “GI Table of Contents

  1. hi…i think i’ve ask about this somewhere, but i cannot find where? I’m sorry if you have reply the question, but i hope u would mind answer it again…how many chapters of GI is there?


  2. Dear admin…
    Usually, every week there would be new update on ghost invasion but it has been sometime now…
    I wonder about it. are you on hiatus? Or is the translator taking a break? Or is the translator decided to stop translating?
    It would be nice if you can put an update about GI status..


  3. Oh my god
    This novel is just awesome!
    It’s the first novel I’m reading and freaking out with the characters and plot 😍
    Thank you for translating this beatiful thing 💙
    Please update more chapters ❤


  4. how long is that break?… i love the novel… it is so amazng and a bit out of this world…. Congratulations! to the translator and the writer of this story. ❤


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