Ch.1 A New Page In History (Part I)

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Feng Yixuan licked his dry lips, hesitating. Leng Lingyun also kept silent.

“Do you think I will do something stupid?!” Despite her words, Claire’s expression remained calm.

“I know you won’t. But…… ” Feng Yixuan stopped talking. He didn’t want to tell Claire such a cruel truth; this was obviously pouring salt on her wounds. But, if he didn’t tell her, Claire would still find out. And she would only hurt more then.

“Just like you said, I still have a lot of things I haven’t done yet. I will definitely make the Temple of Light pay for the deaths of Mother and Master.” Claire’s voice was calm, but extremely icy.

Feng Yixuan looked at Claire and bit his lip.

Claire didn’t say anything and waited quietly for Feng Yixuan to speak.

Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun glanced at each other briefly. Then Feng Yixuan finally told Claire about the arrest warrant from both Amparkland and the Temple of Light. His voice was very soft–very soft–and he watched Claire’s expression cautiously. But Claire remained expressionless throughout.

Feng Yixuan finished. He looked at Claire’s calm expression worriedly, his heart flooding with emotions.

Claire turned to look at the two and opened her mouth. They were instantly nervous. But Claire only said softly to Leng Lingyun, “Leng Lingyun, where’s Xuanxuan?” Leng Lingyun and Feng Yixuan were surprised,. “You staying with me and saving me; how could the Temple let that go? Have you not thought about Xuanxuan?” Claire was very perceptive, and seeing Leng Lingyun’s expression change slightly, a bad feeling rose in her heart. Leng Lingyun was silent. But the deep sorrow in the bottom of his eyes didn’t escape Claire’s gaze.

Feng Yixuan also didn’t know what to say.

Claire immediately understood. That cute, innocent girl, was probably……

“I’m sorry…… ” Claire said softly, full of sadness and self-accusation.

“No, this has nothing to do with you.” Leng Lingyun let out a breath, a faint smile on his face, “This was Xuanxuan’s wish. Her last wish was for me to leave the Temple of Light and live the life I want. I think I will fulfill her wish.”

Upon seeing Leng Lingyun’s faint smile, both Claire and Feng Yixuan were overwhelmed by a complex stirring of emotions. They dnever seen such a smile–so open, full of growth and hope.

“Where are we?” Claire looked around. There were no windows in this room–only a stone door, and a few small holes in the ceiling for air. The furniture in the room was simple, and a silver candle holder stood on the table.

“This is the secret room in my house,” Feng Yixuan said softly, “Lagark’s influence on the Temple of Light cannot be ignored, so……. ”

“Even though the Temple of Light and Amparkland sent out an arrest warrant, they won’t have a massive search, because Claire’s irises and hair have already turned black. The Temple of Light can’t publicly get a lot of people to search for Claire, because that will expose the hypocrisy and ruthlessness of the Temple. So, the people searching will only be top members in the Temple.” Leng Lingyun explained.

Naturally, Feng Yixuan and Claire also remembered the Temple of Light secretly killing those girls with supposedly black irises and black hair. Claire’s gaze darkened. Never thought that those girls were all her scapegoats.

“You, go out. I want to rest for a while.” Claire closed her eyes and said softly.

Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun glanced at each other, both seeing worry in the other’s eyes. They then glanced at Claire’s peaceful expression, and silently left.

When the door shut heavily, Claire leaned back against the headboard tiredly, and slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were filled with terrifying iciness!

The Temple of Light! Duke Gordon!

I will come back!

I will definitely come back!

Claire focused on the state of her body. After examining, even Claire herself was surprised. The Treasured Lotus Directory was working by itself in her body, and her injuries were mostly healed.

“Chirp chirp!”

“Tweet tweet!!”

White Emperor called out besides Claire’s pillow, and Black Feather, unwilling to lose, called out even louder.

Claire lowered her head, looked at the two fur balls, and smiled faintly. She held each with one hand, and said softly, “Thank you for saving me.”

“Tweet!” Black Feather flapped his wings, looking very proud.

“But, who are you? Why does the goddess of Light and the god of Darkness both know you?” Claire regarded the two little fur balls with puzzlement.

The two fur balls mutually kept silent.

Claire lied back down, looked at the ceiling, then closed her eyes.

The new chapter had just begun.

The history of the Ceylon continent flipped over to a brand new page this day.

Three days later, a very ordinary carriage slowly drove out the city gates of the capital of Lagark.

There wasn’t a single cloud in the blue sky. The trees on the road side were green and full of life, birds chirping and jumping about on the branches.

On the wide and flat road, a few carriages were moving along.

In that ordinary carriage, Claire leaned against the carriage wall calmly. Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun were also there.

“I can’t continue to stay here. First, I don’t want to burden your Feng clan, and second, I want revenge.” Two days ago, Claire declined Ann Lisa’s invitation to stay. Ann Lisa didn’t say anything, only giving Claire a hug and a smile. Right now, Lagark couldn’t yet contend with Amparkland, not to mention the existance of the Temple of Light. And of course Claire knew all of this. She didn’t even let the Li clan know she was at the Feng clan. She couldn’t burden the Feng clan or Li clan. Before she got stronger and more powerful, she couldn’t face Amparkland or the Temple of Light directly. Claire already had a plan in her heart.

This time, Feng Yixuan followed besides Claire. Claire didn’t refuse, and didn’t use any tricks to get him to leave.

Claire’s destination hadn’t changed.

Usari, the place where the Temple of Light had the least influence, also the poorest country on the Ceylon continent.

This country was made of large stretches of deserts and small areas of oases. The unmerciful geography and poor residents convinced the Temple of Light to not spend much effort on this place. Only a branch temple in the capital signified the Temple of Light.

The deserts were full of sand, making people dizzy. The flaring sun was above.

In the endless desert, three camels carried the people on their backs, slowly inching forward. Around them were huge cacti; except for these, there were no other living creatures. A wind blew past, lifting up the yellow sand, sometimes revealing frightening white bones underneath. This was a dangerous area.

Suddenly, in the distance, yellow sand flew up, the dust and wind coming closer. It was a band of people on horses, each one looking big and tough, holding machetes in their hands and wearing leather boots. Horse robbers!

“Hey boss, look, that middle person among those three is a girl. Even though I can’t see her face, but based on her figure, she’s definitely a beauty,” the vulgar man running at the front of the horse robbers said surely to the handsome man besides him. These three people were obviously not wealthy, but if that girl was a beauty, it would be worth it.

And no one could guess, that this handsome-looking man was the ruler of this desert, the true boss of the horse robbers.

Lansas nodded. He never doubted the vulgar man’s words. Even though this guy was very perverted, his eyes were unusually sharp. He never saw something wrong.

The horse robbers shrieked, waved their machetes, and galloped to in front of the three.

“Give us the girl in the middle, the other two, leave.” Lansas waved his machete and spoke coldly.

“You…… ” A sweet voice floated over, making the horse robbers’ heart tremble. A person with such a voice; how beautiful would she be?

“You, are the desert hurricane, Lansas?” The sweet voice sounded, pointing out Lansas’ name.

Lansas paused slightly, then laughed: “What, beauty already knows my name? If so, then come with me obediently.”

But the sweet voice’s next words were extremely harsh. “You fool, being framed and reduced to a horse robber, losing your home. What qualifications do you have for being arrogant?”

The expressions of the horse robbers around Lansas all changed greatly. They all knew this was their boss’s weakness, and could not be struck. If they mentioned this, their boss would go crazy, and the results would be unthinkable.

But surprisingly, Lansas didn’t go crazy, but pointed his knife cautiously at the person in the middle, demanding, “Who are you?”

“A person here to help you.” The sweet voice replied, then the person in the middle slowly took off her hood, revealing a stunningly beautiful face. With ebony black hair and deep black irises, the girl in front of them was already so beautiful at such a tender age; it was unthinkable to consider how beautiful she would be when she grew up!

The legend about the double black woman wasn’t known widely, so the horse robbers only exclaimed how beautiful the girl was, but didn’t think too much about it. “Help?” Lansas sneered, “Are you telling a joke?” But before the horse robbers around him could laugh, a person besides the young girl waved his hand lightly. Instantly, a gale sprung up, and a strong, invisible force shot towards the people behind Lansas. The horse robbers yelled in surprise, and everyone was thrown into the air and then slammed onto the ground.

The smile on Lansas’ face froze. The horse robbers quickly got up, their expressions also serious. They weren’t injured, so they immediately understood that the other side was only giving them a warning, but didn’t hurt them.

Magicians?! And such a powerful magician?

Lansas frowned, unconsciously licking his dry lips, watching the three people cautiously. These three people; what were their identities? What was their purpose?

“You, what do you want to do?” Lansas asked carefully. He understood one thing, and that was that his band definitely couldn’t match up to these three.

“To make you the owner of this desert.” A wicked smile appeared on the face of the girl with black hair and black irises. That smile was so enchanting, so fascinating.

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16 thoughts on “Ch.1 A New Page In History (Part I)

  1. Hou~ she’s planning on slowly making the Temple of hypocrisy crumble before striking them full force when they’re weakened, with an army she’ll slowly build while doing it… now, I’m interested.


  2. smell like minion gathering is in process..
    will we met the pirate again(the one claire capture when adventuring)??
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


  3. It’s sad that it took a great tragedy to get the old more ruthless Claire back but it’s good that she’s back. I’M SO HAPPY, ANZ SAD BUT THE BADASS OG CLAIRE IS BACK EVERYONE


  4. White Emperor called out besides Claire’s pillow, and Black Feather, unwilling to lose, called out even louder.

    they must have suffered a soul attack because they are competing in who can call out to Claire the loudest with the participants being White,Black and a pillow


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